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1 pc. nonwoven line with thermobonding oven (Ref. No. 2127757).
1650 mm working width, year of construction 1960s.
The line is consisting of:
- 1 Picker blend line with beater mixer.
- 1 pc. 60" wide Garnett P+S.
- 1 pc. cross lapper.
- 1 pc. tacker.
- 1st needle needle loom HUNTER model 9.
- 2nd needle  loom HUNTER model 9.
- 3rd needle loom HUNTER model 9.
- 1 pc. needle loom DILO Di-LOFT.
- 4th needle loom HUNTER model 9.
- Oven.
- 1 pc. cross cutting machine.
- 1 pc. edge trimmer. 

1 pc. nonwoven line (Ref. No. 2127673).
The line is consisting of:
- Carding machine with hopper made by HDB.
  Year of construction approx. 1970.
- Cross lapper. 3200 mm working width. Made by SICAM.
  The cross lapper has newer software.
- Oven. Electrically heated. Made by SICAM.
- Wind up. 
The capacity of the line is approx. 150 kg/h. 

1 pc. quilting line MASIAS / STUTZNAECKER (Ref. No. 2127652).
2700 mm working width, year of construction 2004, second-hand.
The line is consisting of: 
A) Feeder line MASIAS complete with:
- Hopper feeder CR 150.
- Fine opener AD-160-T.
- Fan V-35.
- Direct feeding system SAD TA-30.
Total installed power 35,59 kW.
Previously used for PES fleece in a square meter range
of approx. 150 grams/sqm to 1000 grams/sqm. 
B) Quilting machine STUTZNAECKER MAMMUT VMK/D-250/3NR-CNC.
Max. working and stitching width: 2700 mm.
The max. distance between the outer needles is 2375 mm.
The min. distance between two needles is 25 mm.
Max. lateral displacement: 360 mm.
The machine has 3 needle bars.
Spacing between the needle bars is 75 / 150 mm.
The max. speed is 1400 stitches/min.
With tack and jump option.
Total installed power: 7,5 kW. 
C) Mattress panel sewing unit NAEHTEC KL 222, complete with:
- Compensator for 5000 mm length and 2400 mm material width.
- Side seam sewing unit.
- Electric adjustment device for the positioning of the side seam by
- Cross sewing unit.
- Spare cross cutting unit.
- Conveyor.
- Electric adjustment unit for width measuring.
- Quilting contours recognition unit.
- Sewing unit control system
- Stacker.
Installed power 5 kW. 

1 pc. Nonwoven line (Ref. No. 2117025).
The line is consisting of:
1 pc. carding machine, 2500 mm working width.
1 pc. cross lapper HERGETH, 6000 mm working width.
1 pc. gas heated 3-floor oven MARIO BOMBI, 3400 mm width. 

1 pc. nonwoven line (Ref. No. 2126508).
Year of construction 1992 + 2007.
The line is suitable to open bales and to produce a web for
filling disposable bed sheets.
The line is consisting of: 
- Bale opening machine
Year of construction 1992. 
- Web forming machine BONINO.
Year of construction 2007. 
Width 1400 mm. Capacity 40 to 50 meters / min. 
- End section of carding machine TRAVERSI + ARMENTI.
Year of construction 2007.
Machine width 1500 mm.  
- Extractor fan. 

1 pc. Nonwoven line for woolen insulation material (Ref. No. 2126592).
Year of construction : Various, please see below.
The line is consisting of:
- Bale opener with carding willow.
- Metal separator made in approx. 2007.
- Pass through cleaner made in approx. 2007.
- Hopper feeder with fine opener, reconditioned equipment.
- 2 large blending bins with bin emptier, reconditioned in 2009.
- Complete suction and air filtration unit with drum filter and coarse fiber
  pre filter with fibre compactor as well as fine dust separator.
- Hopper feeder with reserve chute.
- Airlay line made in 2011. 2500 mm working width.
- Double band oven made in 2010, very efficient.
- Longitudinal cutting device with 6 driven upper and lower knives.
- Cross cutter with strong power, made in 2012.
- Various ventilators, condenser, pipes, pipe switches,
  eventually also including electro fork lift with bale clamp.
The line is suitable to process wool as well as other short and shortest
fibers, also recycled cotton. Capacity of the line: approx. 350 to 400 kg/h.

1 pc. complete line for disposable bed sheets (Ref. No. 2126507).
Year of construction: Please see individual positions.
The line is suitable to produce complete sets of disposable bedclothes
consisting of bed sheet, pillow case and quilts for wagon lit.
The scope of supply comprises the following: 
- Summer Kit bed sheet machine, complete with rewinder tower,
also used for manufacturing the pillow cases.
Brand name: FORPLAST, model PFS.
Year of construction 2000.
Max. width 1115 mm, max. length 2800 m.
Average capacity for pillow cases: 45 pieces per minute.
Average capacity for table cloth of 1000 x 1000 mm:
40 pieces per minute. 
- Folding machine for bed sheets SISCODATA type SMARTFF.
Year of construction 2000.
Capacity approx. 15 pcs. per minute. This is calculated for bed sheets of
1000 x 2000 mm with the before mentioned machine. 
- Wrapping machine SAC type SACMATIC 90
Year of construction 1996.
Machine width 500 mm, machine speed approx. 8 m/min.
This machine is on line with the before mentioned one.
- Vacuum for Kits
Manufactured by SAC, type BS90.
Year of construction 1996. 
- Machine to produce quilts and bed sheets MAGETRON
Year of construction 1991.
Max. width 1300 mm. Max. ot width: 2000 mm.
Output 8 pieces per minute. 
- Folding machine for bed sheets and quilts
Year of construction 1991. Machine width 1400 mm.
Max ot length 2100 mm.
Capacity 10 pieces per minute.
On line with the before mentioned machine. 
- 2 pcs. packing machines SAC
Year of construction 1989 + 2002.
Model SACMATIC 90 + BS 90.
Max. width 500 mm. Speed 9 pieces per minute.
On line with the before mentioned machine.


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