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1 pc. airjet Jacquard weaving machine DORNIER AWSE 4/J
(Ref. No. 4148465). 2200 mm nominal width, year of construction 2003.
Jacquard STÄUBLI type LX 1600, yoc 2003.
Max. 3072 hooks. 6512 yarns. 30 yarns/cm.
3 weft accumulators.
4 color sensors.
Missing spare part on power system. 

1 pc. airjet weaving machine DORNIER AWSE 4/E 460
(Ref. No. 4148371). With Cam motion and batch winder.
4600 mm working width, year of construction 2002.

1 pc. Airjet weaving machine DORNIER type AWV 2/E (Ref. No. 4147041).
1500 mm nominal width, year of construction 2002, second-hand.
Max. infeed width 1480 mm. Min. infeed width 680 mm.
Max. 600 - 630 TpM.
Excenter machine STÄUBLI 1661. Max. 8 stroke units.
2 weft feeder ROJ ELECTROTEX Super Elf. 

1 pc. air jet weaving loom SOMET MYTHOS TEC (Ref. No. 4146612).
1900 mm working width, year of construction 2004/2005, second-hand.
Total number of working hours approx. 2000 only.
With dobby STÄUBLI type 2871, 16 shafts.
Installed shafts: 6 GROBEXTRA Alforfix.
Speed 536 to 994 per TpM.
Weft feeder: ROJ Super ELF. 4 colours.
Edge forming unit: ELD VOLLDREHER 2Fd.
Warp control: GROB 5800.
Standard warp beam with 800 mm disc.
Suitable for PES 167x48x1, 4728 threads.
Including 1 material beam plus 3 spares. 

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