Autoconer second-hand

1 pc. Autoconer SCHLAFHORST AC338 (Ref. No. 3206995).
40 spindles. Year of construction 1999. Type D.
Drum Ug 2gg as. 1 automatic changer.
3 preparation stations. Injection splicer. Propack.
Autotense. Parafin. With LOEPFE cleaner TK840N.

1 pc. Autoconer KARL MAYER (Ref. No. 3206431).
Auto cone winding machine for winding end creel (residual yarn) into full
size bobbins. Includes PEYER yarn clearer, auto doffing and auto air

1 pc. Autoconer 138 G-K-U-P-X (Ref. No. 3205807).
20 winding places, year of construction 1990, second-hand.
Wander knoter, cone changer, 6" sleeve.

1 pc. Autoconer SCHLAFHORST GKT-X (Ref. No. 3205616).
16 winding places, year of construction 1986, used.
Wander knoter for 8 places with electron. knot control.
8 places for air splicer with electron. knot control.
Round magazine for 3 places with autom. changer.
Sleeve take up 8" conical and cylindrical.
Dust suction, thread suction, 400 V.


Yarn winding machines


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