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1 pc. hydraulic bale press HERGETH - HUNTER (Ref. No. 1157995).
40 tons pressure force. The year of construction is not known, but the
machine is renovated and in good running condition.
The pre press has a chain drive.
The bale size is: 1100 x 1400 x 750 mm.
The bale weight is depending on material, on wool it is about 310 kg.
Electric details: 230/400 V, 50 Hz.
The filters and pneumatic parts are included. 

1 pc. bale press GUALCHIERANI FTC 300 (Ref. No. 1157925).
300 tons pressing power. Pressure box 74 x 148. 

3 pcs. bale presses for waste materials BERGMANN PS 8100-29SCH
(Ref. No. 1157839). 
Rotating waste compactor. Compacting ratio: 9:1.
Dimensions 1210 x 1605 x 2200 mm. Weight 800 kg.
Bale volume 1 qbm. 

1 pc. bale press HSM KP 88.1 (Ref. No. 1157731).
90 kN pressing power, year of construction 1997.
Previously used for a blend of natural fibers.
The original manual is available.
Spec. pressing power: 36 N/qcm.
Pressing time incl. back stroke: 12 seconds.
Capacity: approx. 6 to 10 bales per hour.
Bale size: 500 x 500 x 400/600 mm.
Bale weight: 30 to 60 kg, depending on material. 
Nominal power of motor: 4,0 kW. 
Dimensions of machine: 1150 x 3310 x 1405 mm WxLxH. 
Total machines weight 850 kg. 
The machine is in good condition and ready to use. 

1 pc. bale press PAAL (Ref. No. 1157726).
Year of construction 1999. 

1 pc. bale press Chinese Brand (Ref. No. 1157299).
63 t pressing power, year of construction end of 2013, second-hand.
The machine is a hydraulically 2-chamber-press.
Bale sizes are approx. 740 x 340 mm - the height is variable depending on
pressing, smallest height is approx. 320 mm.
Bale weight up to 60 kg. Manual bale closing.
The machine weight is 4 tons. 

1 pc. bale press AUTEFA Non-Stop (Ref. No. 1157502).
70 tons pressing power, year of construction 1983.
The press size is 1100 x 640 mm.
Bale height min. 680 mm, max. 1050 mm.
Bale weight:  210 - 230 kg.
Capacity up to 800 kg/h. Cycle 5-6 min.
The machine was previously used for polypropylene fibers. 
The machine is in good function, professionally dismantled and stored in
dry ware house. 
The NONSTOP press is used in continuous production.
Materials to be pressed: Polypropylene staple fibers in different staple
lengths and titer ranges.
The press has a capacity of approx. 600 to 800 kg/h, depending on the
crimp of the material, a fiber bulk density of minimum 17 kg/qbm and
provided that packing of the bale, closing, pushing bale out and closing
the press is done within 5 to 6 minutes. 

1 pc. electric bale press (Ref. No. 1157646).
Carrousel type.

1 pc. hydraulic bale press (Ref. No. 1157648).
60 t pressing power. The offer includes a conveyor belt.

1 pc. electric bale press (Ref. No. 1157649).
With rolling bins. 

1 pc. bale press HSM type VK 1206 DR (Ref. No. 1157413).
160 kN pressure, year of construction 2010. Motor 9,2 kW. 

1 pc. bale press installation AUTEFA (Ref. No. 1157059).
Twin press with pre pressing and main pressing device.
Incl. fully automatic packing station for shrinking foil and hot air station.
Incl. fully automatic bale closing unit for PET belt with heat sealing.
Incl. fully automatic bale transport system with scale and labeling station.
Frequency controlled drives. Pressing power approx. 170/250 bar.
The line is suitable for bale sizes of approx. 1100 x 700 x 1100 mm.

1 pc. bale press for fibers HSM type VK 12/600 (Ref. No. 1157046).
16 tons pressing power, year of construction 1993, reconditioned in 2011.
The motor has a capacity of 7,5 kW.
The remaining stock of wire can be supplied with the machine. 

1 pc. bale closing machine CYCLOP (Ref. No. 1156639). 


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