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1 pc. bale press for fibers HSM type VK 12/600 (Ref. No. 1157046).
16 tons pressing power, year of construction 1993, reconditioned in 2011.
The motor has a capacity of 7,5 kW.
The remaining stock of wire can be supplied with the machine. 

1 pc. baling press AUTEFA LIFT-BOX (Ref. No. 1154430).
80 -100 tons pressure (not known exactly), year of construction 1983.
Entry frequency controlled, closing of the bales to be done manually.
Bale size: 1.100 x 1.000 x 550 mm.
With filling condensor. 

1 pc. waste material press WELGER RV 641 (Ref. No. 1156888).
The year of construction is not known.
The machine was used to press waste foils in the past. 

1 pc. bale closing machine CYCLOP (Ref. No. 1156639). 

2 pcs. bale pressing installations PAAL type CELKO (Ref. No. 1155306).
Year of construction 1991, second-hand.
Dimensions of the pressure box:
950 mm length x 550 mm width x 500 mm height (adjustable).
With hydraulic unit and with HERGETH HOLLINGSWORTH condensers
type ATS, year of construction 1991.
With air filtration and dust collection from 1991.
Strapping of the bales done manually.
Former application: Pressing of staple fibers.
The machines were previously used for fully packed bales of
approximately 120 kg and up to 500 kg/h.
The capacity of the presses is strongly depending of the input material
and the packaging. For fully packed bales (we could send you a picture)
approximately 4 bales of 120 kg/h on two presses could be reached. The
packing of the bales took most of the time. So, with a more simple
packaging (only  top and bottom sheet) the capacity can be increased
The space requirements for one press, condenser and filter is approx.
5 x 6 x 6 meters.
Electric requirements: 400V, 35kW (press), 5 kW (fan filter), 0,5 kW


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