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1 pc. 3-floor-dryer SCHOTT + MEISSNER (Ref. No. 7137896).
2200 mm working width, year of construction 1998, second-hand.
The width of the belts is 2450 mm.
The machine has been used until 2010 in regular good production and has
been dismantled and stored for future use for another application. The
new project has changed and therefore the 3-floor-dryer is available on
the second hand machinery market today. The dismantling was done
professionally and dismantled parts are marked for easy re-erection. 
Total length 19,53 m, Total width 5,7 m. Total height 4,43 m. 
The 4 gas burners ABIG and the switch board are not available. 
The machine is heated by natural gas. The drying method is the suction of
hot air from top to bottom. Installed heating capacity 4 x 350 kW.
Max. temperature 180C. 
The cooling is done by suction from bottom to top. 2 x 23.000 qbm/h. 
Speed of the machine: approx. 1,5 - 15 m/min. 

1 pc. band oven SANTEX Santatherm 1 K / 280 GAS
(Ref. No. 7137456). 2800 mm working width, year of construction 1992.
Band oven with 2000 mm pass through, circulating air and jet adjustment.
Temperature range up to 250C. 
The machine is with re-newed textile mesh belts.
The machine is with automatic band control. The oven is gas heated.
3 x 380 V + N + E  220 V  50 Hz. 35 kW. 
Outside dimensions approx.:
5150 x 3650 x 3900 mm (height incl. ventilator). 
Infeed height approx. 1860 mm. 

1 pc. dryer BRUCKNER (Ref. No. 7137098).
2400 mm working width, year of construction 1998.
The machine has 4 chambers and is gas heated.
The speed is up to 40 m/min.
Production capacity approx. 10 to 12 tons in 24 hours.
The machine has been used for open and tubular warp knitted goods. 

1 pc. high pressure steam boiler LOOS GUNZENHAUSEN
(Ref. No. 8306969). 100 sqm, year of construction 1971.
Suitable for up to 13 atue.

1 pc. plisse oven RABOFSKY type R 3 KN (Ref. No. 8306878).
Year of construction 1974, second-hand.
3 x 380 Volt, power 11 kW.
Dimensions: 880 x 800 x 2280 mm LxWxH.
The machine is stored in dry ware house since the last 8 to 10 years.
It has been maintained regularly during the period of use. 

1 pc. circulating air dryer SANTEX Santatherm (Ref. No. 7136793).
2800 mm working width, year of construction 1991.
Band dryer with 2000 mm pass through, circulating air
and jet adjustment. Temperature range up to 250C. 

2 pcs. intermediate dryers CALMAT (Ref. No. 7136609).
Year of construction 2002/2003.
1 machine model QC 20 MW, drying area 460 x 700 mm.
1 machine model QC 50/50 MW, drying area 460 x 500 mm.
Both machine are made in approx. 2002 / 2003 and are equipped
with solid, moveable stand. 

1 pc. steam generator (Ref. No. 7136447).
The body of the machine is from approx. 1960, but the
technical equipment around is from 2002 and good. 

1 pc. textile band dryer VORTAIR CD 60/20 Model Hebbecker
(Ref. No. 7136385). 1600 mm band width, second-hand.
The machine is specially suitable for textile printing.
The dryer is stored in dry ware house and the total number of working
hours is low.
The total length including infeed and exit is 6000 mm.
Lifting of the upper section is done by hydraulic.
The machine is heated by gas. The energy consumption is low.
The drying is good, suitable for all colour systems. 

1 pc. finishing line with WUMAG dryer (Ref. No. 2112087).
3500 mm working width, NEW + never used, built in 1998.
The section available for sale is part of a nonwoven line which can work into two directions for different types of products. One side produced regularly but the other production side was never put into operation due to change in production requirements. This part of the nonwoven line is available for sale and is consisting of:
- 1 conveyor made in PVC width 3800 mm, length 1500 mm.
- 1 impregnation foulard with 2 cylinders nickel covered 445 mm diameter,
3600 mm width with a double foam distributor with variable speed.
- 1 conveyor made with non adherent material width 360 mm,
length 3000 mm.
- 1 cylinder dryer with 10 cylinders diameter 800 mm made by
WUMAG heated with steam, width 3500 mm complete with suction.
- 1 curing chamber (polymerization) width 3500 mm, capacity 27 meters,
complete with heating chamber and fan.
- 1 accumulator capacity 28 meters, 3.500 mm width.
- 1 longit. cutting group complete with 4 cutters,
working width pneumatic pressure complete with dancing for
the automat. regulation of the speed + controllable weight
and meter counter, 3500 mm width.
- 1 rolling unit with 2 rollers width 3500 mm + pressure cylinder.
One control cabinet for brushless motors with all accessories
and elements.
All machines are driven by brushless motors.
Speed of the line 0-10 m/min.
All machines are in conformity with CEE norms (of manufacturing year).

1 pc. drum oven FLEISSNER (Ref. No. 7135128).
2300 mm working width,  second-hand.
6 drums (one additional as spare) and 3 ROY burners.
Previously used for drying resins applicated by a foulard and for
thermo fibers.
The year of construction of the machine is 1972. It was
bought second-hand in 1998 and was reconstructed in 2000.
After 2000, the machine has not been used a lot.
It run once a week during these years.


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You will find pyrolysis ovens in the Extrusion lines category (if we have any for sale).


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