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Multi needle quilting machines

1 pc. double lock chain stitch multi needle quilting machine
Year of construction 2014.
The machine has a low number of total working hours and is in very good

1 pc. multi needle quilting machine DAHMEN type Ecomat
(Ref. No. 5158234).
2380 mm working width, year of construction 2005. 2 needle rows.
188 possible needle positions and 188 large shuttles No. 11.
Computer control with LCD display in various languages.
Programming unit for modules. Motor and electrics 400 V, 50 cycles.
Longitudinal cutting unit with 20 circular blades.
The machine is in a very good condition. 

1 pc. mechanical shuttle quilting machine DAHMEN Steppomat
type G64/11 (Ref. No. 5157993). 1620 mm working width.
The machine has two rows of needles.
The machine comes with a table of 5000 mm length for inspection of
materials, tailoring and packaging. A long arm sewing machine ADLER for
repairing broken quilting lines is also included. Furthermore included:
Sewing machines ADLER for closing the edges with a band,
bobbin winder CARLO CASSATI and a machine for preparation, measuring
and rewinding of materials. 
The machine is available only together with machine Ref. No. 5157994.
The details are: 
1 pc. ultrasonic quilting machine CHINESE BRAND (Ref. No. 5157994).
1850 mm working width. Max. quilting speed 13 m/min.
For 3 different patterns (rollers.)

1 pc. quilting machine STEPPEX (Ref. No. 5157922).
65 inches working width, year of construction 1988, used.
The machine is in a good condition.

1 pc. quilting machine MECA (Ref. No. 5157924).
71 inches working width, year of construction 1981.
The machine is in good condition. 

1 pc. quilting machine PATHE type 7100 (Ref. No. 5157208).
Size of machine: 66. Needle spacing: 1 x 3.
Motor 220 V, 3 phases, 60 cycles. 

1 pc. multi needle straight lock stitch quilter VOTEX (Ref. No. 5157521).
2860 mm working width, year of construction 1970s.
Machine speed 2200 mm per minute.
The number of needles it can use depends on the number of
needle/shuttles fitted. Currently it is setup to stitch 7 Lines.
A needle/shuttle can be added every 1" so the machine can run with 112
needles or 112 lines. The machine can process working fabric widths up
to  2860mm. 
The machine is controlled by a variable speed drive, there is one drive
2.2 kW motor on the machine. 
It is a lock stitch machine, therefore it uses shuttles underneath and
thread cones on top. 
The machine can stitch straight lines and waves. 
Outside dimensions: 5000 x 1040 x 2730 mm LxWxH. 

1 pc. quilting machine STEPPEX (Ref. No. 5157101).
100 inches working width, year of construction approx. 1984.
2 needle bars. Mechanical machine. With roll system.

Single needle quilting machines

1 pc. quilting machine STUTZNAECKER MAMMUT CNC 503
(Ref. No. 5158369). Year of construction 1989.

1 pc. single needle quilting machine HAUSER / MAMMIUT SNA-K
(Ref. No. 5158362). Year of construction 1988, second-hand. 

1 pc. single needle long arm quilting machine STUTZNAECKER MAMMUT
CNC 503 (Ref. No. 5158291).
With computer, recently updated. 

2 pcs. quilting machines for mattress and comforter production BEYROUX
(Ref. No. 5157639). Year of construction 1980.
Single needle machines with accessories.
Work area 3000 x 3000 mm. 

1 pc. quilting machine DUEFFE SM 3000 (Ref. No. 5157102).
Year of construction ca. 2000. The computer must be changed.
2 frames. Ca. 3000 x 3000 mm.

1 pc. quilting machine STUTZN─CKER MAMMUT (Ref. No. 5155045).
Incl. tables, frames etc., fully workable.
- STUTZNAECKER Mammut long arm N 7-5 fast speed.
- Pass through width 2500 mm.
- Guided manually (can be modified to automatic).
- Frame 80/80, 120/200, 140/200, 150/200, 160/200, 170/200 cm.
- Bedspread table: 230/240 cm.
- Incl. table unit.
The machine has been used from time to time only, so the total number
of working hours is relatively low. The machine is ready to use and can be
tested during the inspection.

1 pc. quilting machine STUTZN─CKER MAMMUT E7S22
(Ref. No. 5154807).
2500 mm pass through, year of construction around 1970, second-hand.
Including tables, including frames, including drive.
The machine is manually controlled with railway and wagon.
The machine is suitable for straight stitch. The stitch length is variable.
So far it has been used for duvets only.
By using another sewing head, the machine can be made suitable for
zig-zag quilting.
The max. filling thickness, for example wool fleece, is approx. 60 mm.
Optionally and against extra costs we could offer a HAUSER control with
table and switch board. Some additional motors would need to be added.
In the switch board one monitor is defective.

1 pc. punched stripe reader SIEMENS (Ref. No. 5154156).
Suitable for MAMMUT LNA.


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