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2 pcs. packing machines SITMA type C80/305/716 (Ref. No. 5197042).
Year of construction 1980 + 1981, second-hand.
The control was re-newed in 2005. Safety technics also re-newed in 2005.
Max. mechanical speed 110 pulses per minute.
Max.  foil width approx. 700 mm.
Max. product height 35 mm.
Max. product width 300 mm.
Max. product length 450 mm.
Suitable for OPP or PE foil of 30 to 40 µm. Max. 400 mm foil diameter.
Euro whole, side welding, switch for rejects, collecting packer max.
150 mm height, type BVM COMPACTA 4010 from construction year 1996.
4 pcs. product feeder (2 pin and 2 suction feeder).
The second machine is identical, but with collecting packer
COMPACTA 5022 / 2005.  

1 pc. foil packing machine for textile goods  type VP/A 3.6-USA 600
(Ref. No. 5197372). Year of construction 1993.
The weight of the machine is approx. 9935 kg. 

1 pc. roll packing machine for nonwovens ATF (Ref. No. 5197260).
1000 - 2800 mm working width,.
Min. diameter 600 mm. Max. diameter 1200 mm.
Max. weight: 30 kg.
The machine has two sealing units. The temperature, the sealing time
and the sealing pressure can be adjusted.
Capacity: approx. 40 to 50 rolls per hour. 

1 pc. automatic packing machine NEW MEC (Ref. No. 5197248).
 Year of construction 2005 and 2006.
The line is consisting of the following components:
ST 103/05 model N 305 with
PG 104/05 model PG BETA and
CB 105/05 model N 400 as well as
ST 109/06 model N 305 T with
PG 110/06 model PG Beta and
CB 111/06 model N400.
The line is including the control, exit station, steam-, air- and other
piping etc.

1 pc. flat sorter conveyor system SDI (Ref. No. 5197249).  

1 pc. packing line with foil welding unit HAGEMANN (Ref. No. 5197099).
3000 mm working width, year of construction 1993. 

1 pc. pallet stretcher ROBOPACK (Ref. No. 5197089).
3300 mm max. height.

1 pc. shrink wrap packing machine ITALDIBIPACK 080x100cms
(Ref. No. 5197090). Including various spare parts. 

1 pc. packing machine REINER DIEZ DIEZ Flexpacker (Ref. No. 5196857).
250 mm max. product width, year of construction 2000.
Control SIMATIC C7-623/P.
Max. product height approx. 110 mm.
Max. product length: Endless (until light control activates stopping).
Max. foil width: approx. 420 mm.
Foil roll diameter: max. 300 mm.
Cycles per minute: max. 30 (depending on products length).
Print mark control for upper foil available.
Euroloch: prepared 
Machine dimensions:
Length max. 2850 over infeed - exit conveyor.
Width: approx. 1200 mm.
Height approx. 1500 mm to 1620 mm. 
400 V/AC. 3 Phases, 50 cycles. 

1 pc. packing machine HORAUF TLM 121 (Ref. No. 5196731).
The machine is suitable to pack underwear, T-Shirts, slips and similar.
The capacity is 15 to 16 pcs. per minute.
The machine is in a very good condition. 

1 pc. skin and blister packing machine ADOLF ILLIG SB180
(Ref. No. 5196526). Year of construction 1981.
Total length approx. 7300 mm.
Width max. 1600 mm / min. 1300 mm.
The manual for the machine is available. 

1 pc. packing machine for nonwovens and paper table cloth
NEW MEC type ISMAG (Ref. No. 5196511).
950 mm working width, year of construction 2001, second-hand.
Max. length 950 mm. Speed 14 cycles per minute.

1 pc. manual strapping machine FORPLAST SAS V5532 STRAPEX
(Ref. No. 5196512). Year of construction 1998.

1 pc. carton packing machine COMAB (CORTESE) (Ref. No. 5196241).
Suitable for packing mini slips and similar material.
The machine has a low number of working hours. 

1 pc. four side sealing pouches packaging machine WENZ VH4-4
(Ref. No. 5196223). Year of construction 1987, second-hand.

1 pc. ETON line 2002 (Ref. No. 7195636).
Year of construction 1994, second-hand.
Loading station and storage computer controlled.
The line is installed in two buildings at present and connected to
each other.

1 pc. vacuum packing machine AKAB AK 106 (Ref. No. 5195761).

1 pc. complete material storage (Ref. No. 5195402).
With lift, very good condition.
Basic sizes:
19,3 m length + 35 m length.
12,9 m width.
5,2 m height (on 2 floors with lift).
Complete with conveyor system.

1 pc. paternoster for carpet rolls (Ref. No. 5194775).

1 pc. packing machine HÖRAUF TLM 21 (Ref. No. 5194249).
Year of construction 1988.
Spray and gluing system for carton boxes 160 x 240 mm or 160 x 120 mm.

1 pc. label printing machine KOPACK Model 180 (Ref. No. 5193147).
177 mm line width, year of construction approx. 1980.
4 colours, with UV drying.
Printing width 165 mm, with many printing cylinders.

1 pc. shrinking tunnel / packing machine BECK C 500
(Ref. No. 5193152). Shrinking tunnel 500 mm wide.

1 pc. label printing machine LABELMEN (Ref. No. 5193148).
2 colours, year of construction approx. 1990.

1 pc. packing machine IMAN PACK 5160 (Ref. No. 5192228).
Year of construction 1989, approx. 400 x 250 mm, variable.


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