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2 pcs. packing machines BECK (Ref. No. 5197559).
1 machine type SX 1850, construction year 2001.
1 machine type S 17-32.7.

1 pc. semi-automatic case sealer SIAT type SR 46 (Ref. No. 5197560).
Year of construction 2006.
1,08 A, 260 W, 380/415 V, 50 Hz. 3 phases. 

1 pc. foil packing machine for textile goods  type VP/A 3.6-USA 600
(Ref. No. 5197372). Year of construction 1993.
The weight of the machine is approx. 9935 kg. 

1 pc. roll packing machine for nonwovens ATF (Ref. No. 5197260).
1000 - 2800 mm working width,.
Min. diameter 600 mm. Max. diameter 1200 mm.
Max. weight: 30 kg.
The machine has two sealing units. The temperature, the sealing time
and the sealing pressure can be adjusted.
Capacity: approx. 40 to 50 rolls per hour. 

1 pc. packing line with foil welding unit HAGEMANN (Ref. No. 5197099).
3000 mm working width, year of construction 1993. 

1 pc. pallet stretcher ROBOPACK (Ref. No. 5197089).
3300 mm max. height.

1 pc. shrink wrap packing machine ITALDIBIPACK 080x100cms
(Ref. No. 5197090). Including various spare parts. 

1 pc. packing machine REINER DIEZ DIEZ Flexpacker (Ref. No. 5196857).
250 mm max. product width, year of construction 2000.
Control SIMATIC C7-623/P.
Max. product height approx. 110 mm.
Max. product length: Endless (until light control activates stopping).
Max. foil width: approx. 420 mm.
Foil roll diameter: max. 300 mm.
Cycles per minute: max. 30 (depending on products length).
Print mark control for upper foil available.
Euroloch: prepared 
Machine dimensions:
Length max. 2850 over infeed - exit conveyor.
Width: approx. 1200 mm.
Height approx. 1500 mm to 1620 mm. 
400 V/AC. 3 Phases, 50 cycles. 

1 pc. packing machine for nonwovens and paper table cloth
NEW MEC type ISMAG (Ref. No. 5196511).
950 mm working width, year of construction 2001, second-hand.
Max. length 950 mm. Speed 14 cycles per minute.

1 pc. manual strapping machine FORPLAST SAS V5532 STRAPEX
(Ref. No. 5196512). Year of construction 1998.

1 pc. carton packing machine COMAB (CORTESE) (Ref. No. 5196241).
Suitable for packing mini slips and similar material.
The machine has a low number of working hours. 

1 pc. four side sealing pouches packaging machine WENZ VH4-4
(Ref. No. 5196223). Year of construction 1987, second-hand.

1 pc. ETON line 2002 (Ref. No. 7195636).
Year of construction 1994, second-hand.
Loading station and storage computer controlled.
The line is installed in two buildings at present and connected to
each other.

1 pc. vacuum packing machine AKAB AK 106 (Ref. No. 5195761).

1 pc. complete material storage (Ref. No. 5195402).
With lift, very good condition.
Basic sizes:
19,3 m length + 35 m length.
12,9 m width.
5,2 m height (on 2 floors with lift).
Complete with conveyor system.

1 pc. paternoster for carpet rolls (Ref. No. 5194775).

1 pc. packing machine HÖRAUF TLM 21 (Ref. No. 5194249).
Year of construction 1988.
Spray and gluing system for carton boxes 160 x 240 mm or 160 x 120 mm.

1 pc. label printing machine KOPACK Model 180 (Ref. No. 5193147).
177 mm line width, year of construction approx. 1980.
4 colours, with UV drying.
Printing width 165 mm, with many printing cylinders.

1 pc. shrinking tunnel / packing machine BECK C 500
(Ref. No. 5193152). Shrinking tunnel 500 mm wide.

1 pc. label printing machine LABELMEN (Ref. No. 5193148).
2 colours, year of construction approx. 1990.

1 pc. packing machine IMAN PACK 5160 (Ref. No. 5192228).
Year of construction 1989, approx. 400 x 250 mm, variable.


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