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1 pc. shearing machine VOLLENWEIDER TSD-1 (Ref. No. 5247241).
1600 mm working width, year of construction 1971.
The machine is including the suction.
The machine is still in production at present. 

1 pc. shearing machine SUCKER-MÜLLER-HACOBA type MG-5
(Ref. No. 5247229). 2400 mm roller width, year of construction 2000.
400 V, 50 Hz, 182 A. Control voltage 230 / 24 V. 

2 pcs. carpet shearing machines SELLARS and HENRI PAULUS
(Ref. No. 5247226). 

1 pc. shearing machine for polar fleece GEMATEX (Ref. No. 5247200).
Year of construction 1981. The knife is made by HEUSCH.

1 pc. raising machine for polar fleece XETMA (GEMATEX) Optisystem 6725
(Ref. No. 5247201). Year of construction 1999. 

1 pc. raising machine SUCKER MUELLER type Polyfleece TRI 30
(Ref. No. 7217194).
2000 mm working width, year of construction 1996. 

1 pc. raising machine FRANZ MUELLER type TRI S 45 (Ref. No. 7217151).
2000 mm nominal width, year of construction 1980.
28 Rollers. Speed up to 20 m/min.
The machine is available at a low price. 

1 pc. shearing machine MENSCHNER (Ref. No. 5247128).
3000 mm working width, year of construction 1961.
The machine has two shearing rollers, 2 vertical brushing rollers and
1 horizontal brushing roller.  The shearing cylinders are 3200 mm wide.

1 pc. shearing machine A. HUNKEMOLLER MASCHINENBAU Switzerland
(Ref. No. 5246998). The offer includes a lot of accessories such a bars,
a suction line etc.
The machine is suitable for shearing and cleaning of cloth, cotton, silk,
embroidered goods, plush, velvet, jute, carpet, coir mats, skins and furs. 

1 pc. raising line SUCKER-MULLER-HACOBA (Ref. No. 7216875).
3200 mm nominal width, year of construction 2000.
2 x TWIN-TRI with totally 4 x 24 rollers.
2 x POLIFLEECE TRI-30 with totally 2 x 30 rollers.
Space requirement: approx. 27,5 m x 6,5 m + space to open the doors.
Electrics: 230/400 V, 50 Hz.
The real working width is 3000 mm.
The technical literature of the machine is available, also various spare
parts such like belts etc.
The suction or air supply unit is not available for sale.

1 pc. Set of raising machines consisting of 4 machines SUCKER-MÜLLER
(Ref. No. 7216876). 3200 mm nominal width.
1st raising machine FRANZ MÜLLER TRI-S 45, year of construction 1976.
2nd raising machine SUCKER F. MÜLLER TRI-424, year of construction
3rd and 4th raising machine SUCKER F. MÜLLER TRI-424, year of
construction 1984.
The required space for installation is approx. 17,0 x 5,2 m plus space for
opening the doors.
Electrics 230/400 V, 50 cycles.
The technical documentation is partially available.
The real working width is 3000 mm.
Speed as displayed: 10 to 30 m/min.
The suction unit is not part of the supply. 

1 pc. contour shearing machine / carving machine  (Ref. No. 5246858).
Driven by compressed air. The machine has never been used. 

1 pc. raising machine SUCKER-MULLER TRI 30 (Ref. No. 7216524).
1800 mm working width, year of construction 1996.
The roller surface width is 2000 mm. 

3 pcs. shearing machines for carpet CURTIS + MARBLE
(Ref. No. 5246346). 4000 mm working width.

1 pc. raising machine SUCKER MÜLLER TRI 30 (Ref. No. 7216322).
2000 mm roller width, year of construction 1996, second-hand.
Working width 1800 mm. 

1 pc. fabric raising machine LAMPERTI (Ref. No. 7216260).
3600 mm working width, year of construction not known, reconditioned
in 1994, used.
The machine operates with sets of rotaring and counter rotating cylinders
covered with flexible wire. The speed control is done by PIV drives.
The machine comes with a folder for fabric at the exit.
The scope of supply includes a dust extractor fan, duct work for filter is
not included. 

2 pcs. raising machines SUCKER+MÜLLER TRI-S-45
(Ref. No. 7216090).
2000 mm working width, year of construction 1986+1992, second-hand.
2200 mm nominal width. The machine from 1986 has 28 raising rollers,
the machine from 1992 is equipped with 24 raising rollers. 

180 pcs. shearing blades 40 mm for contour cutting machine
OSTER USA  (Ref. No. 6116045).
Never used. The blades were purchased in error in approx. 2008/2009,
therefore these new blades are for sale on the second-hand market.

1 pc. raising machine SUCKER MÜLLER TRI 24 (Ref. No. 7216019).
2200 mm roller width,  second-hand. Infeed and exit on the same side.

1 pc. raising line MARIO CROSTA (Ref. No. 7215923).
The line is consisting of:
-4 pcs. raising machines MARIO CROSTA MC 10/36.
1800 mm width, inverters, 36 cylinders reversible.
The year of construction is end of 1989.
-1 pc. shearing machine MARIO CROSTA CMB/D inverters,
2000 mm cylinder width, construction year end of 1990.
With 2 cylinder, also with spare parts and shearing accessories.
-1 pc. butt-end sewing machine DOHLE.
-1 pc. butt-end sewing machine MERRO CL 70 mounted by 
MONTO CUCITRICI TA18-2-Y rail, 1800 mm width. Electrical system
included, 1 needle, 1 sewing-thread complete with accessories. 
The year of construction is 1989.
-1 pc. EFFEDUE dust suction compound plant of construction year 1989.

1 pc. brushing machine for textiles HOLTHAUSEN type GR 89-4
(Ref. No. 5245717)
2000 mm working width, year of construction 1992, second-hand.
4 brushes.
Incl. suction (3 x front side / 1 x back side).
Incl. infeed frame with drive and trough.

1 set of spare rollers for raising machine MÜLLER TRI 24
(Ref. No. 7212077).

1 pc. shearing machine BROMA (Ref. No. 524702-N).
3300 mm working width. 220/380 V, good condition
Unfortunately no year of manufacturing is visible on the machine.


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