Carding machine for spinning

Carding machines second-hand for spinning industry, used cards

2 pcs. carding machines TRÜTZSCHLER TC 03 (Ref. No. 3138592).
Year of construction 2007, second-hand. In good running condition.
Two licker in. For cans 1000 x 1200 mm.

1 pc. carding machine TRÜTZSCHLER TC 7 (Ref. No. 3138593).
Year of construction 2011, second-hand. One licker in.
For cans 600 x 1200 mm. 

18 pcs. cards RIETER C50 (Ref. No. 3138338).
With card feeder, Aerofeed A7/C and can changer. 

1 pc. carding machine OCTIR Turbocard (Ref. No. 3138069).
1500 mm working width, year of construction 1988, used.
Doffer speed of slivers 80 - 300 m/min.
With metal detector on entrance of the cylinders.
Weight of the slivers: 10 - 18 gr/m for 1 sliver delivery.
Output: 80 - 180 kg/h. Volumetric feeder.
Exit: One sliver, automatic can coiler.
The drums are 600 mm diameter, automatic drum change.
Voltage: 220/380 V, 50 cycles.
The machine is electrically modernized with frequency variator, PLC with
touch screen with setting options for many parameters.
This is a good machine for use in combination with DREF spinning

1 pc. carding machine TRÜTZSCHLER DK 903 (Ref. No. 3138019).
Year of construction 2002. Incl. can filling station.
The machine was used as a lab machine only and the total number of
working hours is low. Previously it has produced less than 20 tons of


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