Machines for spinning industry

Second-hand machines for spinning

1 pc. fully automatic humidifier for yarns WELKER
type HUMIVAC horizontal (Ref. No. 3308383).
Year of construction 1995, second-hand. Transport system "P.
The humidification unit is suitable for 3 palettes 1200 x 800 x 2200 mm
L x W x H. Capacity: 1200 kg per lot. 

3 pcs. shrinking machines RETRAZIONE VA -8" and VA2-8"
(Ref. No. 3308281). Year of construction 2013 + 2015, used.
One machine is type VA-8", made in 2013.
The other two machines are type VA2-8" made in 2015. 

1 pc. flyer ZINSER (Ref. No. 3308241).
96 spinning places, year of construction 1989, second-hand.
PK 1500, 16 x 6". Including 5000 flyer sleeves. 

1 pc. finisher SSR2 (Ref. No. 3197929).
20 heads, year of construction 1979. Automatic doffing. 

1 package of machines for hand knitting yarns (Ref. No. 3307840).
The scope of supply includes the following: 
- 3 pcs. ball winding machines CROON+LUCKE K 1600
  1 machine made in 1977, 2 machines made in 1983.
  The machine from 1977 has not been used the last years.
  Each machine with 16 stations, whereof 8 of each machine were used in
  production.  The other  8 of each machine have not been used because
  other machines in the line could not handle 16 ends. 
- 3 pcs. steamers.
  One machine is a CROON+LUCKE continuous steamer Model DF 401.
  The other two are SUPERBA steamers type WPF from construction
  year 1982. 
- Air compressor from construction year 2000.
- Air tank BOGE.
- Steam generator WIMA from construction year 1982.
- Various spare parts. 

1 pc. cutting machine tow to tops (Ref. No. 3307687).
The converter is modernized to produce up to 1700 / 2000 kg in 8 hours.
The output is 1000 x 1200.
Two types of knife available: One for cutting 90 mm and the other one for
cutting 110 mm. 

1 pc. colour yarn sampling machine WOLGACARD (Ref. No. 3307517).
The year of construction is not known, but the machine is in a very good
Optional: Paper for the samples. 

2 pcs. double reeling machines CROON + LUCKE type 5400
(Ref. No. 3306392). 2 x 2000 mm width, 6 axles, yarn holders with
double pneumatic yarn placer, complete.

1 pc. yarn steamer / autoclave WELKER  (Ref. No. 7186400)
Capacity approx. 9900 liters. Diameter 1500 mm.
With hydraulic lid, pump, control panel / switch board
and drying wagon, stainless steel water tank, conduct
piping etc. 


Ring spinning machines
Twisting machines
Yarn winding machines 


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