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1 pc. sample carding machine ENGLISH BRAND (Ref. No. 5238006).
600 mm working width, year of construction not known, older model in
good working condition. The machine is complete with hopper feeder and
grinding unit. The sample card was used for fine wool in the previous

1 pc. laboratory overflow jet dyeing machine MATHIS JFO
(Ref. No. 5237961). Year of construction 2008.
The machine has not been in operation since approx. 2012, so the total
number of working hours is relatively low. 

1 pc. laboratory needle felt line MEMMINGEN / DILO (Ref. No. 5237947).
Year of construction 1972. The line is consisting of:
- 1 pc. carding machine MEMMINGEN
- 1 pc. cross lapper F5/6, year of construction 1972. 650 mm width.
- 1 pc. sample needle loom DILO NFLP, year of construction 1972. 

1 pc. Xenontester ATLAS type CI 3000 (Ref. No. 5237945).
Year of construction 1994. 

1 pc. tester USTER 3 (Ref. No. 5237926). 

1 pc. lab dyeing machine THEN (Ref. No. 5237894).
For 2 cones of up to 2 kg. 

1 pc. discontinuous lab coating machine MATHIES SV-M
(Ref. No. 5237885). 230 V, 50 Hz, 0,2 kW.
The machine has a CE label. 

1 pc. horizontal padder for laboratory use MATHIS type VF 7177
(Ref. No. 5237650).
350 mm cylinder width, year of construction not known.
Equipped with winding and unwinding.

1 pc. stenter frame for laboratory MATHIS type LTF 1268
(Ref. No. 5237651).
With controls for temperature and timer.
The machine was originally equipped for coating applications but the two
supporting rollers are missing. 

5 pcs. colour sample testing cabins MACBETH Spectra Light II
(Ref. No. 5237617).
All cabins are of the same model and are ready to use, but are not
calibrate able and the usage time of the light is different, for example: 90
hours for the one cabin or 160 hours for another. 

1 pc. climate tester WEISS SB11 300 (Ref. No. 5237556).
Year of construction 1995. The machine is in very good condition. 

1 pc. residual moisture measure MAHLO Textometer RMSR - 7 K
(Ref. No. 5237519). Year of construction 1984, used.
220 V, 0,2 Amp, 50/60 Hz. 

1 pc. PEYER service tester type 70/78 (Ref. No. 5237486). 

1 pc. Spectrophotometer KONICA MINOLTA model CM-3600d
(Ref. No. 5237212). Never used.
Input 11 V. 1,5 A. Made in Japan.
Including software and technical literature. 

2 pcs. HCC  -Meter HONIGMANN (Ref. No. 5236917).
Year of construction 2001 + 2000.
Complete system with HONIGMANN Thermo- / Hygrometer.
The units are in good condition. 

1 pc. laboratory dyeing machine UGOLINI Sp 110 (Ref. No. 5236318).
Including AIGI 316 stainless steel tank, capacity 15 l.
Including digital control and dosage unit. The machine is steam heated. 

1 package of machines for staple fiber and BCF PP (Ref. No. 5235982).
- 1 pc. Texturmat ME TEXTECHNO, year of installation 1997.
230V, 50 Hz, cca 1 A, air 5 Bar, cca 1l/min, 600 mm width, 600 mm length, 1.670 mm height - SOLD.
140 kg, crimping test BCF without HW, SW.
- 1 pc. Drier TK/L TEXTECHNO, year of installation 1997.
380 V, 50 Hz, 18 A, 860 mm width, 600 mm length, 1.670 mm height.
120 kg, crimping test BCF without HW, SW.
- 1 pc. Vibromat ME TEXTECHNO, year of installation 1997.
230 V, 50 Hz, dtex test of fibres - SOLD.
- 1 pc. Fafegraph M TEXTECHNO, year of installation 1992.
220 V, 50 Hz, 0,2-200 mm/min., 2-8 Bar, 5-100 mm, 1cN-200N.
550 mm width, 620 mm length, 790 mm height, 95 kg.
Strength and elongation test of fibres with HW, SW.
- 1 pc. Statigraph M TEXTECHNO, year of installation 1992.
Strength and elongation test of BCF yarn with HW, SW - SOLD.

1 pc. spectrophotometer GRETAG MACBETH (Ref. No. 5236005).
Operation manually.

1 pc. laboratory needle loom / sample needle loom  HUNTER
(Ref. No. 2153687).
12 inches working width, year of construction unfortunately not known.
The machine has one needle board.
Motor 440 V / 60 cycles, 3 phases, machine ready to work.
Sample needle loom Sample needle loom HUNTER.

1 pc. laboratory extruder (Ref. No. 3233520).
Previously used for Polyethylene.
20 mm - 10 kg.
With motor, switch board etc.

3 pcs. testing machines (Ref. No. 5233062).
1.) ZELLWEGER Uster Spectrograph type SPG-26.
2.) ZELLWEGER Uster Integrator type ITG L-110.
3.) ZELLWEGER Uster Evenness Tester type GGP-B-29.


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