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Textile machines second hand | Further equipment used in textile industry

1 pc. decatizing machine SPEROTTO RIMAR Multidecat
(Ref. No. 7148443). Year of construction 1981, second-hand. 

1 pc. laying machine for fabric BULLMER EHV 15 (Ref. No. 8308430).
With cutting table. Length of the table approx. 6000 mm.
Width of the table approx. 1800 mm. The height is 880 mm and
adjustable. The total height of the laying machine is 2400 mm. 

1 pc. steaming table with integrated steam generator GHIDINI
type GB-MV/V (Ref. No. 8308410).
1800 mm ironing width. Ironing height: 900 mm. 

1 pc. cooling units TRANE type FWA ABSC 0200 (Ref. No. 8308394). 

1 pc. steam boiler LOOS UL-4000 (Ref. No. 7138382).
Year of construction 1991, second-hand.
Weight of the boiler when empty: approx. 13,7 tons.
Filling: approx. 7200 liters. Steam capacity approx. 4000 kg/h.
Safety pressure: 16 bar. Average pressure: 10 bar. 
Burner details: The burner is manufactured by WEISHAUPT.
Type GL9/1, design TMD, year of construction 1991.
The capacity is 830 - 35000 kW. Gas type: N. 

1 pc. shrinking machine MONFORTS TOP TEX / W (Ref. No. 8308349).
2000 mm working width, year of construction 1989.
The rubber is in a good condition and still can be used.
Technical literature is available. 
The scope of supply comprises:
- 1 pc. Toptex /W.
- 1 pc. infeed side CALATOR / unwinder.
- 1 pc. exit side CALATOR. 

1 pc. varnishing line VENJAKOB (Ref. No. 8308313).
Year of construction 2004, second-hand.
2000 x >6000 mm.
Total line length 30 meters.
The line is suitable for solvent, water and UV-varnishes.
With exhaust air and dry air channel, de-ionization, switch boards and
The line is suitable for wood, glass, sheet metal and plastic plates. 

1 pc. crash machine (Ref. No. 8308219). 

1 pc. round vacuum suction SUCHY TEXTILMASCHINEN GMBH
type SUVAC-CUT (Ref. No. 8308106).
600 - 1400 mm working width, year of construction 2005, second-hand.
The line is suitable for various application such as de-hydrating, cutting,
de-doubling and wet laying of tubular material. 
Tube width 600 - 1200 mm for opening, de-hydration, cutting and wet
Tube width 1200 - 1400 mm for opening, cutting and wet laying. 
Speed 6 - 60 m/min. 
The line is composed of:
- Turning device.
- Opener.
- Material infeed.
- Machine frame.
- Ring suction jet with jet inserts.
- Separator with pump.
- Rotary piston fan for vacuum.
- Cutting and de-doubling device.
- Exit.
- Switch board and control. 

1 pc. washing machine CIMI / GOLLER (Ref. No. 7228056).
1900 mm working width, year of construction 1991 / 1998, second-hand.
The line is consisting of:
- Impregnation unit GOLLER from 1998.
- 3 Washing sections, content approx. 20 meter per section.
- 4 Intermediate squeezers.
- 1 Finish squeezer.
- Sieve drum dryer with 2 sieve drums.
- DC motors with DC converters 

1 pc. steamer ARIOLI (Ref. No. 7188048).
The machine was used in a nonwoven production. 

1 pc. denitrification line according to ERC process manufactured by ERC
(Ref. No. 8308002). Year of construction 2007.

1 pc. laying table KURIS / WASTEMA Shuttle IIC (Ref. No. 8307900).
2130 mm working width. Laying speed 100 m/min.
Max. height of layers: 180 mm. 
1 lifting unit KURIS C-350. Capacity 350 kg. 

1 pc. zipper line (Ref. No. 8307879).
Semi manual unit. 8 mould 5 machine for all type of zippers - nylon, plastic,
metal. # 3-5-8 for C/e zipper. 

1 pc. steamer STORK HS III 215 / 3600 (Ref. No. 8307862).
3600 mm max. working width, year of construction 1990, second-hand.
Loop steamer with a max. content of 215 meters.
For steaming with normal temperature of about 101 C or HT-steaming at
high temperature at about f.e. 180C.
Polyester fixation, inlet with clamping piece.
BIANCO system for centering, 4 circulation fans.
2 steel drying cylinders on the outlet with temperature control.
The steamed goods are coming back over the roof to the entrance with
folding system. Double track steaming is possible in a width of 3600 mm,
steam heated with 3 bar and 20 bar for thermo fixation.

1 pc. open width washing machine SANTEX Actiwash (Ref. No. 7227863).
1800 mm working width, year of construction 1997, used.
The machine is an open width washing machine for washing after dyeing
for woven and knitted fabrics.
The machine is equipped with: ERHARDT + LEIMER unwinding unit,
threading elements, spreads hollow or compensating roller, spray bar,
center centering E& L, Tandematic, intake trough, 1 wash compartment
super Acti Wash-1,5 t. Crimping, 4 wash compartments Acti wash-out -
1.5 t. Crimping, immersion unit contents of 350 m, 2 wash compartments
Acti wash-out 1.5 t. Crimping, 1 neutralization compartment - 1.5 t.
Crimping, 1 wash compartment Acti wash-out - 10 t. Crimping, fold folder
and center rewinding stand, 6 steering metering pumps.

1 pc. open width washing machine SANTEX Actiwash (Ref. No. 7227865).
1800 mm working width, year of construction 1998
The machine is an open width washing machine for washing after dyeing
and suitable for woven and knitted goods.

1 pc. open width washing machine BABCOCK (Ref. No. 7227867).
1800 mm working width, year of construction 1987.
The machine is an open width washing machine with rollers for woven
fabrics and with a combined cylinder dryer. 

1 pc. clean steam generator VAPOPURE 100 D (Ref. No. 8307836).

1 pc. gauze bleaching line (Ref. No. 7157830).
Year of construction 1978, 1990, 1992, used equipment.
Capacity approx. 20000 meters bleached gauze of different density
(10/7, 12/8, 20/16, 28/16) in 4 hours. 
The line is composed of: 
- Rough gauge on perforated drums winding machine. SANTEX.
- Bleaching machine THIES, horizontal type.
- Crane for bleaching cylinder lifting. DEMAG.
- Unwinding machine SCHENK.
- Stenter frame dryer with foulard. TEXTIMA. 

(Ref. No. 8307558). Year of construction 2003.
Ironing presses for blazer and jackets for front part and shoulder parts.
1 machine type IPN-SC-03-12A-123.
Steam 5,5 bar, air 6,0 bar, 400 V, 50 Hz.
1 machine type IPT-SG-07-11A-112S. 400 V, 50 Hz, 6 bar. 

1 pc. foam carousel  type 138 (Ref. No. 8307481).
Year of construction 2002. The line is consisting of:
- 7000 mm carousel table (event. suitable for max. 20 tons, needs to
  be confirmed).
- 5 electric mould carriers.
- ABB robot IRB 6000.
- NORDSON glue equipment.
Kindly note: A PUR metering unit is not included. 

2 pcs. ironing tables with suction VEIT (Ref. No. 8307440).
Year of construction 1990 and 1983. Height 900 mm.

1 pc. ironing machine VEIT (Ref. No. 8307441).
Year of construction 1998. 

1 pc. steamer and conditioning system WELKER (Ref. No. 8306271).
Year of construction 2004 - NEVER USED.
Condibox multiphase 14/24/50 auto doffer.
Temperature range: 25 C up to 105 C.
Autoclave length: 5.000 mm.
Autoclave height: 2.400 mm.
Autoclave width:  1.450  mm.
Conditioning chamber: Stainless steel 1.4301.
Digital data logger: Included.
Digital graphic recorder: Included.
Intelligent Programming System IPS for 32 programs: Included. 
The machine is suitable for yarn and fabric. 

1 pc. industrial vacuum cleaner DELFIN (Italy) Filter CL
(Ref. No. 8307377). 25 kW, 37 HP, 50 Hz. 

1 pc. washing machine WET-TEX (Ref. No. 7227374).
3200 mm max. width.
The machine is suitable for PES woven fabric of approx.
100 to 250 gr/sqm. The roller width is 3400 mm.
Production speed approx. 30 m/min in the average.
Technical speed: 2,5 - 50 m/min.
The operator's side is on the right. The drive side is on the left.
The water connection and the steam connection are on the left
from below. Energy requirement 116 kW. Voltage 400 Volt, 50 Hz.
Control voltage 230 V, AC, 24 V DC. Air pressure 6 bar clean.
Steam max. 4,5 bar. 

1 pc. steaming line WELKER (Ref. No. 8307305).
 Year of construction 1981.
The line was stopped in approx. early 2014 and is already dismantled.
The whole can system is part of the scope of the supply.

2 pcs. air tables to handle carpets and rugs (Ref. No. 8307217). 

1 pc. finishing machine MAGEBA (Ref. No. 7117093).
400 mm working width, year of construction 2000.
The line is consisting of a foulard, a pre-dryer (methane infrared) and a
dryer (methane). The line has been used for Polyester before.
Various spare parts are available.

1 pc. finishing line for cotton MAGEBA  (Ref. No. 8307094)
200 mm width, year of construction 1983.
The line has been used for cotton. It consists of a foulard, a steaming unit
with an internal length of 60 meters (methane), 6 washing tanks and a
roll dryer. Spare parts are available. 

1 pc. welding machine (Ref. No. 8307071). 

1 pc. fixing press with cooling station MEYER C-Presse
(Ref. No. 8306932). Year of construction 1970/1975
The machine is suitable for automatic fixing and for cooling of various
23 / 24 kW electrical capacity. Hydraulic pressure max. 250 bar.
Max. temperature 200 Celsius. 

1 pc. flock bleaching line  (Ref. No. 7156821).
Year of construction: Various, please see description.
The line is consisting of:
Scale LENZE, yoc 1993.
Opener TRUTZSCHLER, yoc 1967.
Wet press AUTEFA.
Bleaching machine horizontal THIES, type 1600, yoc 1993.
Milling machine, yoc 1993.
Centrifuge ROUSSELET type SCPS 150 TE, yoc 1993.
Opener HERGETH, yoc 1967.
Drum dryer FLEISSNER, with 3 drums.
Hot air drying, with steam register.
Drum dryer 2nd step FLEISSNER, with 2 drums.
2 pcs. fine opener TRUTZSCHLER, type RK, yoc 1975 + 1988.
Bale press AUTEFA, type 287-3, yoc 1993.
Filter station TRUTZSCHLER, type SF-123, yoc 1992.

1 pc. bleaching line for gauze  (Ref. No. 7156820).
Year of construction: Various, please see below.
The bleaching line is consisting of:
- Beaming machine, 1200 mm working width.
Speed up to 100 m/min.
Bleaching beam diameter approx. 720 mm.
Winding height approx. 380 mm. 
- Bleaching pot THIES.
Year of construction 1976, 7750 l content.
Suitable for bleach beam diameters up to 1500 mm. 
- Stenter frame KRANTZ.
Year of construction 1988, heated by steam.
Speed up to 120 m/min.
Material width up to 2600 mm.
- Winder with humidity control MAHLO. 
- Re-winder and squeezer KUSTERS.
1600 mm material width. 

1 pc. steam ironing machine MALAVASI (Italy)
(Ref. No. 8306719). Year of construction 2005, but never used. 

1 pc. folding machine for nonwovens ELETTRO M. FLOGLI S.R.L.
model SAX 1200 (Ref. No. 8306510).
1200 mm working width, year of construction 2002, second-hand.
Suitable to fold nonwoven bed sheets and table cloth.
Capacity 13 pieces per minute.

1 pc. folding machine FORPLAST S.R.L. (Ref. No. 8306516).
200 mm working width, year of construction 2001.
Feeding of 2 rolls possible.
Speed approx. 25 folds per minute.
The machine is suitable to fold "false ceiling" material for the decoration
of building ceilings with non woven material.

1 pc. fixing press / thermo transfer paper sampling press LOTUS
Model LTS / 209 (Ref. No. 8306426).
Year of construction 1996.
Bonding / transfer area: 900 x 500 mm.
Heating element 3600 W.
Temperature 60-220C.
Pressing power 0-600 gr/sqm.
220 / 380 V.
Weight approx. 95 kg. 

1 pc. drafting unit NSC (Ref. No. 2304749).
Year of construction 2004. 4 trios, not moveable.
The working width is 3000 mm.

1 pc. steel wool machine EHT type RG (Ref. No. 8303809).

1 pc. machine to produce steel wool EHT (Ref. No. 8303766).
Year of construction approx. 1975/80.
3 bars with knife holder for wire 3,1 mm, dismantled,
Suitable for steal, metal, copper and similar, but not really suitable for
stainless steel. Dismantled, including: drive, wire unwinder, scrap winder,
suction and switch board.


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