Used tufting machine for carpet production

Used tufting machines | Second-hand carpet tufting machines

1 pc. tufting machine TUFTCO (Ref. No. 6137659).
5000 mm working width, year of construction 1997, second-hand.
1/5" gauge. Loop pile.
Yarn feed rollers front and rear, 2 x 4.
Straight needle bar. Pile height 4 - 15 mm.
Non-locator needle bar. RH machine.
The sliding needle bar is fixed at present.

1 pc. tufting machine COBBLE ST 83 (Ref. No. 6137660).
5000 mm working width, year of construction 1983.
1/10" gauge, cut-pile. Straight needle bar.
Pile height 3 - 10 mm. LH machine.

1 pc. tufting machine ITS (Ref. No. 6137661).
5000 mm working width, year of construction 1987.
1/10" gauge, loop pile machine.
Staggered needle bar. RH machine.

1 pc. mending gun (Ref. No. 6141454).
NEVER USED. The machine is useable for different pile heights
and works with an air motor. 

1 pc. tufting creel (Ref. No. 6136633).
The creel is suitable for 5/32" for a 5000 mm wide machine. 

4 pcs. mending guns various brands (Ref. No. 6114151).


Second-hand tufting machines up to 3.999 mm working width
Second-hand carpet tufting machines wide width
Second-hand table tufting machines and used pass tufters  

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