Shoulder pad production machine

Shoulder pad machines - used textile machinery
for shoulder pads

Gebrauchte Textilmaschinen für die Schulterpolster-Herstellung

1 pc. profile machine for foam shoulder pads (Ref. No. 2317434).
The machine makes a special cut into foam to get a profiled
foam pad. The machine is in an "as new" condition.

1 pc. foam bar cutting machine (Ref. No. 2317435).
 The machine is suitable to cut a foam bar for shoulder pad cutting
machines and is in a very good condition. 

5 pcs. foam cutting machines HUTTEMANN  (Ref. No. 2315885).

2 pcs. cutting machines for shoulder pad production HÜTTEMANN
(Ref. No. 5144768).
1 machine for fitted arm, 1 machine for Raglan, good condition.

1 pc. shoulder pad cutting machine HÜTTEMANN SRM-2R
(Ref. No. 2314685). Year of construction 1988, second-hand.

1 pc. shoulder pad cutting machine HÜTTEMANN SAM-03
(Ref. No. 2314686). Year of construction 1990, second-hand.

1 package of machines for shoulder pad production (Ref. No. 2314411).
The package is consisting of:
1.) Ironing machine for thermo forming - 3 pcs.
2.) Steam generator - 1 pc.
3.) FOMTEX cutting machine - 1 pc.
4.) FOMTEX special machine - 1 pc.
5.) Raglan cutting machine FOMTEX - 1 pc.
6.) Half-moon cutting machine FOMTEX - 1 pc.
7.) Block cutting machine KURIS - 1 pc.
8.) Overlock semi automatic machine UNION SPECIAL - 3 pcs.
9.) Coating machine for glue dot - 1 pc.
10.) Cylinder sewing machine ADLER - 3 pcs.
11.) Needle loom - 1 pc.

2 pcs. automated basting machines PFAFF Model 333 (Ref. No. 5213934).
With computerized automation for shoulder pads.
They hold the pad in place and stitch automatically.
An operator can use two machines at once and the operator needs
no special skills.

1 pc. auto pad filler machine FOMTEX HUTTEMANN KSM 1
(Ref. No. 231629-N). Year of construction 1998. In very good condition.


Special needle looms for shoulder pads like DILO SKE and similar


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