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1 pc. needle felt line (Ref. No. 2118730).
2000 mm working width, year of construction mainly 2008.
The nonwoven line is composed of:
- Bale opener.
  1000 mm band width. Band 3000 mm.
- Pre opener.
  1600 mm working width.
- Feeding chute.
- Hopper feeder TRÜTZSCHLER.
  Incl. wander condenser. 2000 mm working width.
  Filter, self-constructed, with very good degree of efficiency.
- Band scale.
- Carding machine SPINNBAU.
  2000 mm working width.
- Cross lapper.
  2000 mm working width.
- Needle loom HEUER RS48DU.
  Construction year 1994. 2500 mm working width.
  Central lubrication MEYER.
- Longitudinal and cross cutting machine.
  Longitudinal cutter with 5 circular blades. 2000 mm working width.
- Winder.
  2000 mm working width.
The drives are AC-drives. Control SIEMENS SPS.
Frequency converter LENZE.
Edge trim opener.
Flat bed punching machine on line exit made by SCHÖN + SANDT.
Working area 2000 x 1000 mm. 

1 pc. carding line with cross lapper TEMAFA / SPINNBAU / AUTEFA
(Ref. No. 2118671). 2600 mm working width.
Year of construction mainly 1988, second-hand.
The line is composed of:
1. Feeding part made by TEMAFA. Construction year 1981.
2. Carding machine made by SPINNBAU.
Construction year 1988. 2500 mm working width.
Randomized, double doffer.
3. Cross lapper made by AUTEFA. Construction year 1988.
The infeed and the lay down width is 2600 mm. 

1 pc. carding machine with lapper (Ref. No. 2118604).
Year of construction 1979 and 1977, second-hand.
The offer is composed of:
- Hopper feeder. With filter sack.
- Carding machine.
  5 worker/stripper. Tambour 1500 mm.
  With infeed rollers. Take-off with hacker.
  Exit speed indicated to be approx. 45 m/min.
- Lapper with new control BEFAMA (control yoc 2013).
  2100 mm infeed width. 2600 mm lay down width.
  Lay down width adjustable electrically by gear motor.
  Chain drive, lattice. Partially dismantled. 
Dimensions of the line approx. 14600 x 5000 mm.
Capacity indicated to be approx. 220 - 300 kg/h. 
Originally the line was used to produce a nonwoven material for quilts and
duvets. The material was fed into a Mammut quilting machine after the
lapper. (The Mammut quilter is not included.) 

1 pc. carding machine with cross lapper OCTIR SAS1 (Ref. No. 2118155).
2500 mm working width, year of construction 1974, used.
Including cross lapper CNC/1V. 

1 pc. carding machine with lapper BEFAMA / HERGETH
(Ref. No. 2116202). 2000 mm working width, year of construction 80s.
Electrics were re-newed. Edge trimmers were also re-newed.
The machine has been used for natural fibers such like wool, camel hair
and similar for the production of fleece for the bedding industry.
Due to over capacity it has not been used since some time, so the total
number of working hours is relatively low.
The offer comprises the lapper made by HERGETH.
380 V / 50 cycles. 

1 pc. needle felt line (Ref. No. 2117932).
5600 mm working width. The line is consisting of: 
- Carding machine. Year of construction 1975. 1800 mm working width.
- Cross lapper AUTOMATEX. Year of construction 1985.
  Working width 6000 mm. 
- Needle loom BYWATER, 5600 mm working width.
  Year of construction 1980. Improvements done in 2005.
  Minimum length of felt: 5500 mm.   3600 needles per meter.
  Speed up to 400 - 500 rpm.   2-3 sets of needle board available. 
The line was previously used to produce felts for the paper industry. 

1 pc. laboratory needle punch line CMC / 2N (Ref. No. 2116555).
1200 mm working width, year of construction : Rebuild and installed
in 1996. The line is consisting of:
2 feed boxes with volumetric feeder.
1 CMC pre feeder.
1 CMC feed box EVENFEED.
1 Single cylinder card with 6 workers/strippers.
Single doffer card with high speed comb.
1 Down stroke needle punch machine, installed new in 1996.
The needle loom is manufactured by 2N Italy.
Electric control 575 V. 


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