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1 pc. pressing device with float station SUCHY (Ref. No. 8329380).
3500 mm working width, year of construction 2017, used.
Roller surface width 3700 mm.
Suitable for 20 - 150 g/sqm.
Speed 5-80 m/min
Roller diameter embossed roller: 400 mm. 

1 pc. embossing calendar BOMBI MECCANICA (Ref. No. 7119155).
750 mm working width, year of construction 2010.
Capacity 20,0 kW. Diameter 300 mm.
Length 900 mm. Pressure 60 kN. Speed 16 - 160 m/min.
Control SIEMENS S7 PLC. 

1 pc. foulard with infeed system ERHARDT + LEIMER / KÜSTERS
(Ref. No. 7114248).
2800 mm working width, year of construction 1992 + 1995.
1. Infeed system with J-Box ERHARDT + LEIMER made from stainless steel
for separate feeding during roll change, construction year 1992.
2. Foulard KÜSTERS type 222.59.
Year of construction 1995, 2800 mm material width and with pressing
power up to 75 N/mm (!). Additionally with cleaning rakel CLOUTH
type CLOUTHFLEX, indirect steam heated heater.
Please consider the high pressing power of 75 N/mm! On your request
we would be pleased to send you an example calculation on the energy
saving and the line speed increase by using a 75 N/mm foulard compared
to a foulard with a linear pressure of only 50 N/mm.
The example calculation is based on 500 gr polyester needle felt.

1 pc. foulard / padder KUSTERS (Ref. No. 7115489).
4200 - 4300 mm working width, year of construction approx. 1990.
The roll length from end to end is 5190 mm.
The roll working width is 4330 mm. This relates to the rubber covered

1 pc. foulard SUCHY HBQ 02 2700 (Ref. No. 7115420).
2500 mm working width, year of construction 2003.
Speed approx. 100 m/min. Rollers horizontal.


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