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1 pc. embroidery machine TAJIMA (Ref. No. 8128862).
1 head, year of construction 2010.

1 pc. embroidery machine TAJIMA (Ref. No. 8128861).
6 heads, year of construction 2001.
6 heads for each 12 threads. 
The machine was taken into first operation in the year 2002.
In the first 10 years, it has been used to produce only samples.
After that, the machine has been used in a single shift production, not
regularly and depending on order situation. 
Regular maintenance by TAJIMA mechanics. 
Electrics 240 V. Capacity 540 W. 
Accessories: Frames in different sizes, one large frame, some frames for
Dimensions: ca. 2840 mm x 1235 mm x 1660 mm LxWxH.
The width can be reduced to 700 mm for transport.
Weight approx. 450 kg. 

1 pc. embroidery machine CTC (Ref. No. 8128817).
4 heads, year of construction 2012, second-hand. 

2 pcs. embroidery machines FORTRON 810/F8 (Ref. No. 8128794).
1 head 8 colours each, year of construction 1999, second-hand. 

1 pc. embroidery machine PFAFF / KSM (Ref. No. 8128726).
8 heads, year of construction 1995, second-hand.
8 needles, 8 drills and 2 border embroidery frames.
Single frames, various sizes. Disc drive.
The manual is in German language. 
The weight of the machine is approx. 1700 kg. 

1 pc. raschel machine KARL MAYER type HDR 12 EFSM
(Ref. No. 8148669).
Complete needles Z-12. Two separate motors. Sinker S-12. 

1 pc. knitting machine TERROT S3P 172 (Ref. No. 8138640).
Year of construction 1986, second-hand.
26 inches, E 28.
The machine is in good condition and well maintained. 

1 pc. raschel machine KARL MAYER Supertextronic MRSEF 53/124
(Ref. No. 8148590). 152 inches working width, year of construction 1995.
Gauge E 24. Needle rapport 168 needles.
Ground bar 1 + 2 (corder). Jacquard bar 1 split into 2.
Fall plate 1. Pattern bars 47 - 24 front and 24 rear. Lycra bar 1.
Voltage of main engine 380 V, 50 Hz. 

2 pcs. flat knitting machines STOLL CMS type 433 TC
(Ref. No. 8138533). 2440 mm nominal width.
Fineness E10.
The machines are in good condition and ready to be shipped. 

1 pc. circular knitting machine ORIZIO JH 30" (Ref. No. 8138518).
Year of construction 1995, reconditioned 2011.
90 systems, E 24.. 1 tray for single jersey. 

1 pc. raschel machine KARL MAYER (Ref. No. 8147480).
2660 mm (105") nominal width, year of construction 1990, second-hand.
Fineness E18. 1 needle bar. The winder is type 20/4.
Single needle bar, pusher bar, two laying bars (needled), beater comb
bar and down holder bar.
The machine is dismantled and packed into a wooden box for transport.
The machine is in good condition and very well maintained.  

1 pc. embroidery machine ZSK model ZBFA 5605 24/4D
(Ref. No. 8128376). Year of construction 2006, second-hand.
9100 mm length x 1500 mm width.
56 heads, each head for 6 colours. 
The machine is in a very good condition.
The total number of previous working hours is low.
The machine was used for special products for home textiles. 

2 pcs. warp knitting machines KARL MAYER RS4 EMS NE 18 130 Z
(Ref. No. 8148067). The machines are in a good condition. 

120 pcs. fournisseurs / constant tension feeders BTSR KTF 100 HPS
(Ref. No. 8138050). 

1 pc. knitting machine MAYER MV4 II (Ref. No. 8137554).
Year of construction not known. 26 inches, 20 gauge, 84 systems.
The machine is cleaned and the total number of previous working
hours is low. 

2 pcs. circular knitting machines HARRY LUCAS RSK-POY
(Ref. No. 8135635).
8 knitting heads each machine. Year of construction 2002 and 1995.
1st machine is made in 2002. With creel. 3 ½" cylinder diameter.
2 knitting heads gauge 14. 6 knitting heads gauge 28.
2800 mm length, 1400 mm width, 2800 mm creel length. 
2nd machine is made in 1995. The machine is with creel.
4 knitting heads gauge 18. 4 knitting heads gauge 14.
2800 mm length x 1000 mm width, 2700 mm creel length.


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