Staple fibers produced on extrusion line

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1 pc. gravimetric dosage unit KOCH GK300 (Ref. No. 3239391).

2 pcs. volumetric dosage units KOCH V12 (Ref. No. 3239392). 

8 pcs. extruder RIETER type E1-120A-30D (Ref. No. 3239117).
Year of construction 1994, second-hand.
Extruder 1 - 6: Type E1-120A-30D.
120 mm cylinder diameter, 3615 mm cylinder length.
Screw compl. diameter 120 mm. Speed max ca. 92,5/min-1.
Cooling from the top. Weight ca. 4500 kp. 
Extruder 7: Type E1-120A-30D.
120 mm cylinder diameter, 3615 mm cylinder length.
Screw compl. diameter 120 mm. Speed max ca. 92,5/min-1.
Cooling from the top. Weight ca. 4500 kp. 
Extruder 8: Type E1.75A-30D.
75 mm cylinder diameter, 2280 mm cylinder length.
Screw compl. diameter 75 mm. Speed max ca. 100 /min-1.
Cooling from the top. Weight ca. 1700 kp. 

1 pc. turf line / extrusion line for artificial grass FIBRE EXTRUSION
TECHNOLOGY LIMITED (Ref. No. 3239125). Year of construction 2006.
Screw diameter 105 mm. Capacity ca. 300 kg/h.
4 spin pumps.
Low number of total working hours, total production approx. 2300 tons
only. The line is dismantled and stored in dry ware house. 

1 pc. foil winder machine (Ref. No. 3239107). 

2 pcs. chillers TRANE (Ref. No. 3238980).
Year of construction 2009.
The chillers are suitable in extrusion department for air conditioning
(quenching) for spinning fibres.
1 unit CCUH 250.
1 unit RTUB 220. 

1 pc. master batch extruder UNION (Ref. No. 3238334).
The extruder was used to produce PP Master Batch for production
of PP staple fiber. It includes a cutter, cooling bath and dryer.
2850 mm long, 150 mm diameter.
The production range was approx. 300 kg/h. 

1 pc. extrusion line (Ref. No. 3238047).
1870 mm working width, year of construction 2001, second-hand.
The scope of supply includes the following machines:
1 pc. dosage unit for 6 polymers.
1 pc. extruder screw 3000 mm.
3 pcs. cooling rollers.
2 pcs. unwinder with edge control.
1 pc. extrusion head and cleaning zone.
1 pc. accumulator.
2 pcs. axial winder
1 pc. guillotine cutter for plates.
The line is suitable for the extrusion of polymers to foil or similar. 
With newer cooling station GWK, container-type. With Shredder / milling
machine, American brand. Without Piovan dryer. 
The feeding for textile or nonwoven materials is available, but not in use
because if was not required for the product range. 
The line is suitable for coating as required for agriculture products or for
conveyors and similar. 

1 pc. extrusion line NEUMAG (Ref. No. 3237159).
Year of construction 1999.
The line is suitable for FDY (CF) / POY multifilament yarn based on
The machine is with 6 positions. Each position can be set up individually.
Air quench and diphyl can be adjusted for 3 positions.
It is possible to produce both FDY (CF) or POY yarn on any position.
6 ends per position.
Standard count (FDY): 300D/80F.
Standard count (POY): 240D/40F.
The speed depends on the concentration of the color.
Details on the extrusion equipment:
6 volumetric measuring devices with each 3 components
(PP, 2 x masterbatch).
6 extruders with a capacity of each 50 kg/hour - 30 L/D, AC,
inverter operated.
The diameter of the extruder is approx. 50 mm.
Drive power approx. 22 kW, heating power ca. 4 x 5 kW.
12 spinning pumps.
72 spinnerets 145 mm.
48 spinnerets 300/80 den, cross section : trilobal for FDY.
24 spinnerets 240/40 den, cross section : round for POY.
1 Vacuum station for the setup of the temperature for each diphyl line,
per 3 positions.
2 Diphylheaters.
6 Air quenches.
Yarn guides.
Jets - Heberlein and Temco.
2x2 heated godets, length 300 mm.
Temperature: 140 C.
1 cold godet = chrome.
6 winders with automatic doffing, yarn guided by wings.
Cones 170 mm - maximum diameter of the bobbins = 400 mm.
Fully equipped with a process control system with historical data. 

1 pc. air texturizing machine DIETZE + SCHELL D+S 200
(Ref. No. 3236434). Year of construction 2004, second-hand.
The machine includes automatic doffing station DS 350.
The DS 200 G air texturizing machine is used for air-texturizing of technical
yarns, e.g.: sewing yarns for container sacks, upholstery yarns or special
carpet yarns for simulating the "nature look" of wool yarns with taslan-
type texturizing.
The field of application of the version DS 200 G, is the texturizing of flat
plastics filaments for the production of artificial turf.
Generally you can handle bundled PES-, PP-,PE- and PA- flat
monofilaments, respectively fibrillated PE-fillets as well as CF or BCF yarns
of PP, PA or PET in a yarn count up approx. 14 000 tex, in special
applications up to 20.000 tex .
The machine was built in 2002 and put in operation in a laboratory in
2004. It has been used as a laboratory machine with very few working
hours. The line is in perfect condition.
The machine has 1 position.

1  pc. staple fibre crimper NEUMAG (Ref. No. 3235977).
80 mm entrance, second-hand.


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