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1 pc. blow room line TRÜTZSCHLER (Ref. No. 1139267).
Year of construction 1989. 

1 pc. fiber blending line HDB HOUGET DUESBERG BOSSON
(Ref. No. 1139215). 

1 pc. fiber blending line TRÜTZSCHLER (Ref. No. 1139210).
1600 mm working width, year of construction 1987, second-hand.
The fiber blending line is composed of:
- Component scale KW.
- Bale opener GBC.
- Fine opener VFO.
- Condenser LVS.
- Material storage MSG.
- Fine opener SFO.
The offer includes the switch board. 

1 pc. fiber blending line DELL'ORCO + VILLANI (Ref. No. 1139184).
Year of construction 2014, second-hand. 

4 pcs. fiber blending chambers with 2 bin emptier
Year of construction 1991, used equipment in good condition.
Width 3700 mm.
Length 13000 mm.
Height 6000 mm, can be reduced to 5000 mm. 
Feeding by telescope cyclone, 1 cyclone for each blending chamber. 
1 electrical driven roll door per chamber. 
Dimensions of the 2 bin emptier:
Width ca. 3500 mm.
Length ca. 2800 mm.
Height ca. 4100 mm. 
The bin emptier are also made by HERGETH HOLLINGSWORTH,
construction year 1991. Fiber suction by telescope pipe. 
Switch board and electric drives, partially re-newed. 
Spare parts: 2 spiked conveyors.

1 pc. fiber blending machine TRÜTZSCHLER MCM6 (Ref. No. 1138998). 

1 pc. blow room line MARZOLI (Ref. No. 1139020).
Year of construction 2001, second-hand.
The blow room is composed of the following equipment: 
- Superblender B12SB, construction year 2001.
- Ventilator FAN-HP20, construction year 2001.
- 2 x Blender type B142, construction year 2001.
- 2 x opening chutes type B134, construction year 2001.
- 4 x condenser type B44, construction year 2001.
- 2 x motor fans type B151, construction year 2001. 

1 pc. fiber chamber / fiber silo (Ref. No. 1138938).
Year of construction 1988, second-hand.
Without electric panel. 
Dimensions ca. 11.000 x 3.650 x 4.000 mm LxWxH. 

1 pc. volumetric Syncro-Feeder blending line (bale opener)
FIBER CONTROLS M - 10 x 60" (Ref. No. 1138911).
The machine has not been used a lot and is therefore in a good condition.
The machine was produced in North Carolina. 

1 pc. Multimixer TRÜTZSCHLER MCM 6/1600 (Ref. No. 1138873).
Year of construction 1996, used machine.
The maximal production is depending on subsequent machine.
Material infeed max. 1000 kg/h. 

1 pc. multi mixer / blender with fine opener
TRÜTZSCHLER MCM 8-fold mixer (Ref. No. 1138335).
1600 mm working width, year of construction 1997. 1200 kg/h.
Together with:
1 pc. fine opener TRÜTZSCHLER Tuftomat TFV.
Year of construction 1997, 4 rollers incl. infeed.
The space requirement for installation is:
Approx. 800 x 2260 x 4400 mm L x W x H. 
A user manual and a technical manual are available. 

1 pc. bin emptier with 3 fibre chambers TEMAFA (Ref. No. 1135430).
2900 mm working width of bin emptier, year of construction 1979.
Motor details:
Bin emptier 380 V, 50 cycles, 2,2 kW.
Beater roller 380 V, 50 cycles, 1,1 kW.
Conveyor 380 V, 50 cycles, 0,75 kW.
Drive 380 V, 50 cycles, 0,75 kW.
3 chambers of 1000 kg PES made from sheet metal.
The front exit has a motor driven alloy roll door.
Feeding by cyclones, discharge by above mentioned bin emptier.
Accessories: electrical closed door and Plexi glass window.
Dimensions of chamber: 3.000 x 5.100 x 4.500 mm LxWxH.

1 pc. flock blending machine BL-FC (Ref. No. 1135337).
Year of construction 2005, second-hand.
With blending conveyor BL-FC belt from 2005.


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