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1 package fibre opening and blending machines TRÜTZSCHLER
(Ref. No. 1139074). Year of construction 1989/1990, used equipment.
1 pc. bale opener TRÜTZSCHLER Blendomat BDT 019, year 1990.
1 pc. TRÜTZSCHLER Gbral 1000, construction year 1990.
1 pc. TRÜTZSCHLER RN, construction year 1989.
1 pc. blender TRÜTZSCHLER MPM4 plus opener RSK, year 1989.
1 pc. TRÜTZSCHLER Dustex, construction year 1989. 

1 pc. fiber blending machine TRÜTZSCHLER MCM6 (Ref. No. 1138998). 

1 pc. blow room line MARZOLI (Ref. No. 1139020).
Year of construction 2001, second-hand.
The blow room is composed of the following equipment: 
- Superblender B12SB, construction year 2001.
- Ventilator FAN-HP20, construction year 2001.
- 2 x Blender type B142, construction year 2001.
- 2 x opening chutes type B134, construction year 2001.
- 4 x condenser type B44, construction year 2001.
- 2 x motor fans type B151, construction year 2001. 

1 pc. fiber chamber / fiber silo (Ref. No. 1138938).
Year of construction 1988, second-hand.
Without electric panel. 
Dimensions ca. 11.000 x 3.650 x 4.000 mm LxWxH. 

1 pc. fiber chamber with bin emptier STUMMER (Ref. No. 1138934).
Year of construction 1991. With roller door.
Dimensions of the fiber chamber ca.:
6000 mm x 3500 mm x 5500 mm L x W x H. 

1 pc. volumetric Syncro-Feeder blending line (bale opener)
FIBER CONTROLS M - 10 x 60" (Ref. No. 1138911).
The machine has not been used a lot and is therefore in a good condition.
The machine was produced in North Carolina. 

1 pc. Multimixer TRÜTZSCHLER MCM 6/1600 (Ref. No. 1138873).
Year of construction 1996, used machine.
The maximal production is depending on subsequent machine.
Material infeed max. 1000 kg/h. 

1 pc. multi mixer / blender with fine opener
TRÜTZSCHLER MCM 8-fold mixer (Ref. No. 1138335).
1600 mm working width, year of construction 1997. 1200 kg/h.
Together with:
1 pc. fine opener TRÜTZSCHLER Tuftomat TFV.
Year of construction 1997, 4 rollers incl. infeed.
The space requirement for installation is:
Approx. 800 x 2260 x 4400 mm L x W x H. 
A user manual and a technical manual are available. 

1 pc. bin emptier with 3 fibre chambers TEMAFA (Ref. No. 1135430).
2900 mm working width of bin emptier, year of construction 1979.
Motor details:
Bin emptier 380 V, 50 cycles, 2,2 kW.
Beater roller 380 V, 50 cycles, 1,1 kW.
Conveyor 380 V, 50 cycles, 0,75 kW.
Drive 380 V, 50 cycles, 0,75 kW.
3 chambers of 1000 kg PES made from sheet metal.
The front exit has a motor driven alloy roll door.
Feeding by cyclones, discharge by above mentioned bin emptier.
Accessories: electrical closed door and Plexi glass window.
Dimensions of chamber: 3.000 x 5.100 x 4.500 mm LxWxH.

1 pc. flock blending machine BL-FC (Ref. No. 1135337).
Year of construction 2005, second-hand.
With blending conveyor BL-FC belt from 2005.


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