Jacquard weaving machine

Jacquard weaving machines

Second-hand jacquard weaving machines and used jacquard heads

1 pc. weaving machine DORNIER HTV S8 / J (Ref. No. 4139375).
2000 mm nominal width, year of construction 1996, used. 155/10.
Adjusted width 1500 mm. Finished width 1400 mm.
32 threads/cm.
With Jacquard machine GROSSE EJP 2.
Construction year 1998. 4464 threads. 140 maps.
Together with 3 weft feeder and 1 warp beam. 

1 pc. jacquard weaving machine SULZER G 6200 B 190 N4 J
(Ref. No. 4139363). 1500 mm nominal width, year of construction 1997.
Finished width 1400 mm. 32 threads/cm.
Reet 155/10. With:
2 Jacquard machines BOANS BLJ 2 x 2688 hooks.
Construction year 1991. 4464 threads. 
3 warp beams, 4 weft feeder SAVITEC-B.
1 vertical creel. 1 inspection field. 1 winder. 

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Tornado Textilmaschinen GmbH Import-Export is used textile machinery dealer from Germany / Europe. We offer second-hand weaving machines and other pre-owned weaving equipment for sale. We buy and sell used jacquard weaving machines and second-hand jacquard heads for weaving looms and welcome your offers and inquiries.


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