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1 pc. aerodynamic nonwoven line with needle loom HERGETH / TEMAFA /
SCHIRP / DILO / KLEINEWEFERS (Ref. No. 2129344).
The universal airlay line is versatile and suitable for all common natural
and synthetic fibers with a staple fiber length of 50 to 90 mm.
2200 /  2250 mm finished width. The airlay machine is made by SCHIRP,
the needle loom is made by DILO.
The airlay line is suitable for felts made from wool, hemp, sisal and other
natural and synthetic fiber.
Square meter range 500 - 2500 gr/sqm.
The finished materials can be on rolls or plates and stripes. 
Further details are available on request.

1 pc. airlay line LAROCHE (Ref. No. 2228975).
3900 mm working width, year of construction 1999, second-hand.
Feed tower, travelling condenser, hopper feeder, airlay unit and electric
panel included.
Previously used to run shoddy / poly blends in the weight range of 600 to
3500 gr/sqm. It can also run pure polyester and all natural fibers such
like jute, kenaf, cotton, wool etc. 

1 pc. feeder for airlay FEHRER V21 R (Ref. No. 2228871).
4000 mm working width, year of construction 1990, second-hand. 

1 pc. airlay nonwoven line FEHRER V 21 K 12 (Ref. No. 2228852).
2200 mm working width.
Year of construction 1992 - reconditioned in 2015.
The line is consisting of:
1 pc. chute feeder TEMAFA.
1 pc. web forming unit FEHRER V 21. 2200 mm working width.
1 pc. aerodynamic card FEHRER K 12, 2200 mm working width.

1 pc. airlay line FEHRER V21 - K12 (Ref. No. 2228839).
2400 mm working width, year of construction 1978, used.
Together with:
1 pc. down stroke needle loom FEHRER NL 9 S.
5000 needles/m. Stroke 60 mm. 1200 strokes/min.
Construction year 1978. 


Kindly note: Complete airlay lines are also offered in the Nonwoven Lines for special application category of our Web Site, depending on line configuration and provided that suitable equipment is available. Actually a versatile airlay thermobonding line is listed there.


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