Ring spinning machine

Ring spinning machines | Second-hand ring spinners

2 pcs. ring spinning machines GALAN (Ref. No. 3158288).
Year of construction 1996, used. Ring diameter 42 mm.
Step spindles 70 mm. Speed 15000 rev/min.
Titer range: Nm 20/1 - Nm 140/1.
Energy consumption 7,1 kWh. 

1 pc. semi worsted woolen spinning frame HDB MSB 3 114G
(Ref. No. 3158222).
160 spindles, year of construction 1989, second-hand.
Ring diameter 90 mm. Tube 405 mm.
Motor 45 kW DC. 380 V, 50 Hz.
The machine is suitable for titer range 60 - 600 tex. 

1 pc. WinSpin machine SAURER (Ref. No. 3155098)
48 spinning units, year of construction 2004, second-hand.
Cleaner LOEPFE TK 940F.
Lycra unit, filament unit.


Friction spinning machines

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