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Ring spinning machines | Second-hand ring spinners

6 pcs. ring spinning machines TEXTIMA type 2113K (Ref. No. 3159335).
816 spindles per machine, year of construction 1986, second-hand.
Spindle gauge 75 mm.
Ring diameter 50 mm.
Tube length 240, 260 mm.
Twist range 175 - 1050.
Draft range 12 - 48. 
The machines are in good condition. 

1 pc. spinning machine SAURER ZINSER 451 (Ref. No. 3159227).
 Year of construction 2018. Dia. 60. 

1 pc. spinning machine COGNETEX FTC (Ref. No. 3158866)
544 spindles, year of construction 1996.
Gauge 75 mm. 48 mm ring.
Automatic doffing.
The machine has been used to process 100% wool.

1 pc. spinning machine COGNETEX FTC (Ref. No. 3158865)
576 spindles, year of construction 1990.
Gauge 82,5 mm. 51 mm ring.
Automatic doffing.
The machine has been used for 100% wool. 

2 pcs. spinning machines COGNETEX FTC 7L (Ref. No. 3157928).
608 spindles, year of construction 1987, used.
Automatic doffing, suitable for elastic yarns and the other
with electronic flamed machinery of Caipo, ring 51 mm, gauge 75. 

1 pc. WinSpin machine SAURER (Ref. No. 3155098)
48 spinning units, year of construction 2004, second-hand.
Cleaner LOEPFE TK 940F.
Lycra unit, filament unit.


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