Sewing machine

Sewing machines second-hand

1 pc. machinery package for sewing (Ref. No. 5218833).
13 x thread puller.
4 x SIMET roll up units.
4 x NESTEL roll up units.
1 x KALLFASS welding machine with various foils on roll.
3 x sewing machines ORION, RIMOLDI.
1 x BROTHER lockstitch machine (almost new).
1 x JUKI button whole machine (very good model). 
Also available: various needles, plates, plates for Universal machine
MC888, MC740, MC720, STOLL CMS plates etc.

6 pcs. sewing machines RIMOLDI / ADLER / JUKI (Ref. No. 5218913).
1 x RIMOLDI 429-00-2CD-05.
1 x ADLER.
1 x JUKI LUH-521
1 x JUKI DLU-450
2 x SINGER old model. 

1 pc. circle pattern sewing machine for seat cushions
GARUDAN/ANITA GPS-1306 series (Ref. No. 5218837).
Year of construction 2007, second-hand.
In the former production, the machine was used on 50 mm thick seat
cushions. The total number of previous working hours is low.
Sewing area: X:130 mm x Y:60 mm.
Sewing speed max. 2500 stitches per minute at stitch length 3 mm or
Stitch length range 0,1 - 12,7.
Needle bar stroke: 41,2 mm. 

1 pc. sewing machine 4 heads for seat cushions PFAFF
(Ref. No. 5215760). Special machine !, 80 sewing points, which means
the machine is suitable for 20 cushions / minute.

2 pcs. overlock machines JUKI MOJ-2514N-BH6-600
(Ref. No. 5188738).

3 pcs. overlock machines JUKI 6704s (Ref. No. 5218743). 

1 pc. integrated garment bagging and transport system PAVEL
type 680 S / 685 S (Ref. No. 5218635). 

1 pc. seam binding machine PFAFF  (Ref. No. 5218793). 

1 pc. production system GERBERMOVER GM-100 (Ref. No. 5218623).
Year of construction 1998, used. 

1 package of sewing machines for trousers production
JUKI / PFAFF / DÜRKOPP (Ref. No. 5218493).
The machines are older model which have worked fine in regular
production until end of 2017. Also available are compressors, steam
generators, a cutting machine and two manual laying machines.
The reason for selling the machinery package is because of the stop of
the entire trousers production. Besides a button whole machine, all
machinery for the production of trousers are available. 

1 pc. shank button (stem button) sewing machine PFAFF KL 3306
(Ref. No. 5217592).
Head only - the table is no longer available. 

1 pc. material transport system ETON (Ref. No. 5197892).
Year of construction 2006, second-hand.
Totally two ETON systems for sewing department are available:
1.) One system with 20 working stations.
2.) One system with 28 working stations. 
The offer includes:
- The ETON system for sewing.
- Computer and software. 
The lines are in a very good condition. They have been used for two years

1 pc. scallop sewing machine for blankets and similar MERROW 18-E
(Ref. No. 5217603). Year of construction approx. 2000.
The machine has not been used much and is in a very good condition. 

1 pc. double needle sewing machine JUKI LH-3178 (Ref. No. 5217446).
With electronic control.
In the former production the machine was used for sewing hook and loop
tape. The total number of previous working hours is quite low. 

1 pc. ETON line 2002 (Ref. No. 7195636).
Year of construction 1994, second-hand.
Loading station and storage computer controlled.
The line is installed in two buildings at present and connected to
each other.


Sewing machines for shoulder pad production
Machines for pillow seaming and similar machines for bedding industry
Carpet overlocking machines
Used stitchbonding machines
Used quilting machines


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