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Sewing machines second-hand

1 pc. railway sewing machine DOHLE 622-914 (Ref. No. 5219405).
3150 mm working width.
The machine is suitable to connect ends of fabrics and cloth by over
lapping and sewing.
Length of the frame: 3370 mm.
Type of stitch: chain stitch double stitching.
The machine is ready to use. 

6 pcs. sewing machine JUKI + YAMATO (Ref. No. 5219333).
1 x Juki MF-7823 Coverlock.
1 x Juki MF-7823 Coverlock.
(The machine has a small transport damage.)
2 x Yamato VC 2700 G.
1 x Yamato VCU 2730.
1 x Yamato VF 2503. 

4 pcs. sewing machines (Ref. No. 5219308).
1. DÜRKOPP ADLER eyelet button whole machine type 558-21301.
2. DÜRKOPP bar tacking machine type 570 (also for Jeans bar tacks).
3. MAIER UNITAS blind stitch machine.
4. PFAFF eyelet button machine. 

1 pc. electrical multiple stapling machine POLYTEX type SE
(Ref. No. 8309208)
The machine is suitable for staples 8-10-12-14 mm. 
Dimensions ca.: 790 x 710 x 1120 mm LxWxH. 
Working height ca. 900 mm. 
Weight with 5 heads ca. 75 kg. 

1 pc. electronic hot air band welding machine PFAFF 8303i
(Ref. No. 5219104). 22 mm band width, year of construction 2017.
The machine is suitable for a continuous seam sealing at water resistant,
water tight and breathable materials.  
Roll width 25 mm.
With frame and table plate.
With band cutter up to 25 mm.
Lower conveyor roll steel 25 mm
Upper conveyor roll silicone 25 mm (red).
Hot air jet 22 mm.
LED light 
Wit band reduction to 20 mm.
With seam control unit. 

1 machine package for knitted goods (Ref. No. 5219112).
1 x Overlocking machine VEB 68/3 Klasse 8466/3/100/10.
1 x Overlocking machine VEB.
1 x Overlocking machine Kettma Carrousel.
5 x tables.
1 x Lewis Union Special.
1 x Yamato VC2611-048L UT-A1.
1 x 2-needle Pfaff 242-720/02-6/01 900/56-BS.
1 x Rimoldi 164-16-02. 
The machines are ready to use. 

1 pc. sewing machine EUROMAC (Ref. No. 5219089).
The machine is complete with table and motor. 

1 pc. sewing machine TYPICAL type GK370 (Ref. No. 5219083).

1 package of various sewing machines (Ref. No. 5219084).
3. PFAFF 439-6/01-BS.
4. PFAFF 489 748/26-900/99.
6. [cancelled].
8. JUKI MO-2404.
10. CINSERE DBE-325.
11. BROTHER CB3-B916-1
12. MAUSER SPECIAL C24100-4-6-4.
13. JUKI DDL-555-4.
14. RENOWN DTN-43.
15. JUKI LH-1162-4.
16. PFAFF 192-63.
17. SINGER P371302.
18. LEWIS Model 200-1 Union Special.
20. [cancelled].
21. BROTHER 52800 SBV.
23- MINERVA 01148P11
24. UNION SPECIAL 222Z-103.
25. JUKI MO-2416 FF6-50.
26. BROTHER LZ2-B854-3.
27. JUKI 2000P10338.
28. DÜRKOPP 3337-2/05.
29. PFAFF 3337-2/05.
30. PFAFF.
31. JUKI.
32. CONSEW 221 LWX6T.
33. [cancelled].
34. BROTHER DB2-B790-503.
35. DÜRKOPP 460-4.
36. DÜRKOPP B-68-220.
39. PFAFF DDL-555-2.
40. PFAFF 5642.
43. PFAFF 64628.
44. JUKI MOR-2516 DD4-320.
46. PFAFF 191-6B S.
47. PFAFF 3334-28/8 System 34.
48. PFAFF 138-6/1 BS. 
Fabric unwinding machine, 3 eyelet button hole machines, 2 ironing
tables, 5-6 boiler, fabric laying machine. 
Furthermore: 3 leather machines.

1 pc. high speed sewing machine JUKI 9000 (Ref. No. 5219086).

1 pc. automated cutting and sewing line AKAB (Ref. No. 5219031).
Together with 1 pc. folder made by JENSEN. 
The machine can cut and sew any rectangular pad and is of heavy
construction to make heavy weight pads. 

4 pcs. overlock machines (Ref. No. 5218743). 
1)            Juki MO-2416.
2)            Juki MO-2516.
3)            Brother DB2-B790-603.
4)            Brother EF4-B671-001. 

1 pc. production system GERBERMOVER GM-100 (Ref. No. 5218623).
Year of construction 1998, used. 

1 pc. material transport system ETON (Ref. No. 5197892).
Year of construction 2006, second-hand.
Totally two ETON systems for sewing department are available:
1.) One system with 20 working stations.
2.) One system with 28 working stations. 
The offer includes:
- The ETON system for sewing.
- Computer and software. 
The lines are in a very good condition. They have been used for two years

1 pc. double needle sewing machine JUKI LH-3178 (Ref. No. 5217446).
With electronic control.
In the former production the machine was used for sewing hook and loop
tape. The total number of previous working hours is quite low. 

1 pc. ETON line 2002 (Ref. No. 7195636).
Year of construction 1994, second-hand.
Loading station and storage computer controlled.
The line is installed in two buildings at present and connected to
each other.


Sewing machines for shoulder pad production
Machines for pillow seaming and similar machines for bedding industry
Carpet overlocking machines
Used stitchbonding machines
Used quilting machines


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