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1 pc. dyeing machine THIES Mini-Soft TRD Speicher 140/1/3 kg
(Ref. No. 5239404). Year of construction 2004, second-hand.
With electrical heater and heat exchanger.
Capacity approx. 5 kg resp. 30-40 meter depending on material weight.
Content: ca. 230 liters.
Max. temperature 140°C.
The machine was used for lab purposes only. Therefore, the total number
of previous working hours is low.

1 pc. light chamber for grey scale test MCBETH type SpectraLight III
(Ref. No. 5239397). 

1 pc. testing equipment for textiles - determination of avivage
DIN EN ISO 6427 DIN 54278  (Ref. No. 5239396). 

1 pc. testing machine DSC Differential Scanning Calorimetry DIN 51005
THASS JULABO type XP-10, FP40 (Ref. No. 5239358). 

1 pc. fogging tester DIN 75 201 B manufactured by HAAKE type 00-9083
(Ref. No. 5239345).

1 pc. Uster Tester Uster 3 (Ref. No. 5239272).
Together with 1 pc. Uster Tensorapid 3. 

1 pc. Xenon Tester ATLAS type Beta LM (Ref. No. 5239196).
Year of construction not known, second-hand.

1 pc. burning behavior tester EN 13 501 B1 (EN 9239-21)

1 pc. burning behavior tester EN 13 501 B2 (EN 9239-21) FIRE
(Ref. No. 5239198). Software updated end of 2014. 

1 pc. melt flow rate tester KARG INDUSTRIETECHNIK type MeltFlow @on
(3200.000) (Ref. No. 5239181).
Year of construction 2005, second-hand.

1 pc. bending machine ZWICK + CO KG type 1141 (Ref. No. 5239182).
Year of construction 1966, second-hand. 

Various testing machines for fibers, abrasion and tensile strength  
(Ref. No. 5238496).
Actually the following testing machines are available: 
- Determination of linear density EN ISO 1973.
- Determination of breaking force and elongation at break
  DIN EN ISO 5079.
- Determination of curling DIN 53 804 T1.
- Determination of abrasion (Taber-Abraser) DIN 53 754.
- Determination of abrasion (Chopper) DIN 53 863.
- Determination of wear; castor chair test EN 985.
- Abrasion test DIN 53 863.
- Determination of tensile strength and elongation
  DIN EN 29073 / ISO 13 934-1.
- Determination of stress-strain characteristics in compression
  DIN EN ISO 3386.
- Determination of flexural properties DIN EN ISO 178
- Adhesion test DIN 53 357.

1 pc. lab machine for determination of tear force ZWICK-ROELL
(Ref. No. 5239177).
For testing tear properties of fabrics according to DIN EN ISO 13937. 
The machine needs a repair. Costs for repair are estimated to be
ca. EUR 3000,-. 

Various laboratory machines (Ref. No. 5238497).
The following devices are available: 
- Determination of Residue on Ignition DIN 53568.
- Odor.
- Determination of mass per unit DIN EN 12127.
- Determination of burning behaviour DIN 75 200.
- Determination of burning behaviour EN 13 501-1 B1 (EN 9239-21).
- Determination of burning behaviour EN 13 501-1 B2 (EN 9239-21).
- Determination of flexural stiffness VDA 230.209.
- Determination of flexural stiffness DIN 53 350.
- Boardiness.
- Determination of thickness ISO 1765.
- Determination of thickness DIN EN ISO 5084 and 9073-2.
- Devices for determination of thickness and indentation depth.

Various laboratory equipment for colour measurings, climatic testing
and fogging tests (Ref. No. 5238500).
- Light booth colour test acc. to grey scale DIN EN 20105-A03.
- Colour test Datacolor based on DIN 5033.
- Xenon test device for determination of colour fastness and ageing
  to artificial light at high temperatures DIN EN ISO 105-B06,
  DIN EN IOS 12947-1.
- Climatic testing units.
- Determination of the fogging characteristics DIN 75 201 B.
- Ovens for thermo storing for determination of ageing resistance,
  stability and odor.
- Autoclave for  Hydrolyse storing.
- Freezer -40°C.
- Water bath.

1 pc. 3-D coordinate measuring machine for component testing
STIEFELMAYER (Ref. No. 5238503).
Matching mouldings, tools and gauges against CAD data.
Maximum size of test items: 5300 x 1600 x 1500 mm.
Measuring program: METROLOG XG3

Various laboratory equipment (Ref. No. 5238504).
The following lab machines for textile laboratory are for sale: 
- Microscopes for fibers and needle punched materials.
- Slitting machine for determination of use-surface thickness
- Infrared balance for moisture determination
- Lab machine for determination of electrical resistance ISO 10965.
- Lab machine for determination of dimensional changes ISO 2551.

1 pc. Martindale tester (Ref. No. 5238506) TELEDYNE TABER type Abraser
Model 503 Standard Abrasion Tester (Ref. No. 5238506).
Test method DIN 53754. 
Wheel Refacer, vacuum unit.

3 pcs. tension testers ZWICK (Ref. No. 5239039).
Year of construction 1994 / 2001, second-hand.
Machine 1: Type BZ2 5 / TN1S. Construction year 2001.
Machine 2: Type 1120.28. Construction year 1994.
Machine 3: Type BZ1-MMUTS3KN.UT01. 
All 3 tension testers are still in use and are in a very good condition.
Last calibration was done just recently. 

12 pcs. textile laboratory machines SDL/ATLAS / FRMYA / XRITE /
VERIVIDE / ELECTROLUX (Ref. No. 5238940).
Year of construction 1998 and 2000, second-hand.
The various laboratory machines were purchased 1998 and 2000 and the
scope of supply is consisting of: 
1. SDL Atlas Specimen mounting with light source.
Suitable for the determination of pilling and snagging results.
This accessory accommodates pilling and snagging testers, and is
portable and easy to install on a table or wall. 
2. Manual crockmeter from SDL/Atlas.
Suitable for the determination of wet and dry rubbing colour fastness with
3. Fryma Fabric Dual Extensiometer.
To simply and economically determine the stretch and recovery of textile
fabrics, both knitted and woven. The apparatus consists of a loading
frame with clamps and a screw tensioning device, two 3 kg loading
weights and sample cutting templates. 
4. Xrite (former Gretag Macbeth) hand held Spectrophotometer.
Type Color Eye XTH. ColorEye XTH is an instrument for reading both large
and small samples, as well as the most challenging shapes and sizes. The
compact portable offers accurate, flexible measurements, especially on
contoured and textured opaque parts. 
5. SDL Textile moisture meter kit with analogue readings.
Electronic moisture meter to determine the moisture content percentage
of fibre, yarns and fabrics, natural, synthetics and blends. Supplied with 3
probes for fibre, yarn and fabric, blend conversion charts and carrying
case (battery operated). Calibration check kit available. 
6. Ohaus Explorer Precision Balance. 
7. Verivide CAC 60-5 Light Box.
Light Cabinet - 600mm - 5 lights. 
8. SDL Pilling and snagging tester
A universal pilling and snagging tester drive system with 2 positions to
rapidly replicate pilling or snagging on fabrics in a fraction of the time due
to normal wear. 
9. SDL Bursting strength tester P 1000.
For determining the bursting strength of woven or knitted fabrics,
nonwovens, paper and board by application of a pneumatic load under a
rubber diaphragm of a specific area.
10. Atlas Streak Analyzer.
The function is to isolate barré fabrics caused by physical differences
(yarn tension, yarn thickness etc.) against chemical reasons (yarn dye
absorption, dye house problems etc.). 
11. SDL/Atlas Rotawash Colorfastness tester.
To determine color fastness to washing to ISO, BSI AATCC and SDC
12. Electrolux Wascator FOM 71-MP Lab washing machine.
For determination of shrinkage and appearance of fabric after washing. 
It is preferred to sell the machinery as a package, but an individual sale of
single equipment could eventually be considered. 

1 pc. tester (similar to Uster II) KEISOKKI Tester 80 (Ref. No. 5238874).
The machine is in good condition and was used for 100% wool. 

1 pc. Crockmaster JAMES HEAL + CO (Ref. No. 5238522).

1 pc. PH tester HANNA INSTRUMENTS B 417 (Ref. No. 5238523).

2 pcs. HCC  µ-Meter HONIGMANN (Ref. No. 5236917).
Year of construction 2001 + 2000.
Complete system with HONIGMANN Thermo- / Hygrometer.
The units are in good condition. 

1 pc. laboratory dyeing machine UGOLINI Sp 110 (Ref. No. 5236318).
Including AIGI 316 stainless steel tank, capacity 15 l.
Including digital control and dosage unit. The machine is steam heated. 



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