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Textile machines second hand | Further equipment used in textile industry

3 pcs. ultra sonic welding lines (Ref. No. 8309423).
Year of construction 2018 + 2017 + 2018.
Welding type SONOTRONIC.

4 pcs. ultra sonic welding lines (Ref. No. 8309422).
Year of construction 2014 + 2018 + 2018 + 2019.
Robot type ABB IRB 2400.
Welding type HERRMANN. 

1 pc. shrinking machine for fabric pre shrinking MONFORTS TOPTEX
(Ref. No. 8309407).
1600 mm fabric width, year of construction 2004, used.
Machine for compressive shrinkage of narrow and wide knitted / woven
fabrics. Mechanical shrinking process between rubber belt and heated
Speed 1 - 20 m/min.
Installed power 30 kW.

1 pc. steaming machine CIBITEX easySTEAM II (Ref. No. 5239403).
 Year of construction 2015, used.
The machine is suitable for roll goods and has an integrated steam
Content max. 40 meters.
Including accessories such as water dehardening device etc.
Including 2 perforated stainless steel sleeves for winding the material.
2 ends.
2 Polyester mesh as an intermediate layer. 
The machine was used for lab purposes only and the number of total
previous working hours is low, ca. 20 hours only. 

1 pc. pocket zipper bonding machine MACPI ITALY model 514.37
(Ref. No. 8329388). Year of construction 2012/2013, second-hand.
The machine has been used for trials only. The total number of working
hours is low. The machine has not been used since approx. 2013. 

1 pc. fixation frame ELITEX 4580.3 (Ref. No. 8309386).
Year of construction 2010, used. 

1 pc. pressing device with float station SUCHY (Ref. No. 8329380).
3500 mm working width, year of construction 2017.

3 pcs. stainless steel tanks WANG (Ref. No. 8309381).
13740 l volume each tank, year of construction 2013. 

1 pc. steamer with thermo oil boiler BABCOCK (Ref. No. 8309366).
3200 mm max. material width, year of construction 1990,
generally recondition 2018.
Speed max. 50 m/min. 240 m content.
Line control ERHARDT+LEIMER. 

3 pcs. ironing units SINUS ZEIST HOLLAND (Ref. No. 8309356).
Max. 300C. 

1 pc. steaming machine for yarn BELFAST MINI MILL (Ref. No. 3309274). 

1 pc. high speed mixer SHR 800 (Ref. No. 8309151).
800 l volume. Motor 83 / 110 kW.
Speed 500 / 1000 rpm. Weight ca. 3600 kg. 
Cover pneumatically actuated.
Discharge valve pneumatically actuated.
Control cabinet. (The cable between the cabinet and the motor is not
Material temperature control.
Ampere meter.
Discharge manually or automatic (by means of temperature reached or
time reached). 

1 pc. yarn thermo fixing machine SUESSEN (Ref. No. 8309119).

1 pc. washing and cleaning line for sheep wool (Ref. No. 1309123).
Year of construction ca. 2000, reconditioned.
Different treatments as follows: 
- Wet washing with air drying (low fat 0,4%).
- Cryo dry cleaning.
- Sanitation raw wool. 
Capacity: 100 - 300 kg/h, depending on treatment. 
The line was conditioned in ca. 2017 with new electric and control.

1 pc. shrinking machine / Sanfor plant MONFORTS TOP TEX
(Ref. No. 8309121).
2000 mm working width, year of construction 1997.
Infeed rack: Center winder as a displaceable unwinder, synchronized with
the machine run via a rocker arm.
Rubber band shrinking unit.
Nominal width 2200 mm.
Width of the rubber band 2200 mm.
Mechanical speed range 5-100 m/min.
Supply 400V, 50Hz. 
Crusher unit with rubber blanket and attached grinding device.
Special feature: Possibility of low treatment temperature of  65C.
Steam drum with cooling drum downstream (above the rubber band
Center winder as a mobile unwinding unit is synchronized to the machine
run via a rocker arm.
Work from roll to roll is possible. 

1 pc. injection moulding machine STORK SX 5500-5600
(Ref. No. 8309124). Year of construction 2000.
Actually the injection part is placed on an extra frame, to let the injection
point be higher, but this can be undone again to have everything

1 pc. fixing machine RELIANT model N 625 (Ref. No. 8309087).
The machine is in a very good condition. 

1 pc. eyelet machine for sample catalogs (Ref. No. 8309088). 

1 pc. compressor AIRCRAFT Duo 703 (Ref. No. 8309061). 

1 pc. HF welding machine KIEFEL type G 7000 Sc (Ref. No. 8308824). 

1 pc. laying machine / stacking machine (Ref. No. 8308802).
5200 mm laying width.
Length of the machine = 5830 mm.
Width of the machine = 3500 mm.
Laying width = 5200 mm.
Height = 3520 mm.

1 pc. compactor for tubular material SANTEX type SANTASPREAD TS 120
(Ref. No. 8308705).
1200 mm max. working width, year of construction 2003.
The machine is very well maintained.
19 kW. 

1 pc. drafting unit NSC (web drafter for nonwovens) (Ref. No. 2304749).
Year of construction 2004. 4 trios, not moveable.
The working width is 3000 mm.

1 pc. fusing machine KANNEGIESSER Typ CC 500 (Ref. No. 7177883).
500 mm working width, year of construction approx. 2000.
With infeed table and with cooling table. 2 Teflon belts.
Max. temperature 200C.
Weight of the machine approx. 470 kg.

1 pc. decatizing machine SPEROTTO RIMAR Multidecat
(Ref. No. 7148443). Year of construction 1981, second-hand. 

1 pc. steaming table with integrated steam generator GHIDINI
type GB-MV/V (Ref. No. 8308410).
1800 mm ironing width. Ironing height: 900 mm. 

1 pc. crash machine (Ref. No. 8308219). 

1 pc. laying table KURIS / WASTEMA Shuttle IIC (Ref. No. 8307900).
2130 mm working width. Laying speed 100 m/min.
Max. height of layers: 180 mm. 
1 lifting unit KURIS C-350. Capacity 350 kg. 

(Ref. No. 8307558). Year of construction 2003.
Ironing presses for blazer and jackets for front part and shoulder parts.
1 machine type IPN-SC-03-12A-123.
Steam 5,5 bar, air 6,0 bar, 400 V, 50 Hz.
1 machine type IPT-SG-07-11A-112S. 400 V, 50 Hz, 6 bar. 

1 pc. finishing machine MAGEBA (Ref. No. 7117093).
400 mm working width, year of construction 2000.
The line is consisting of a foulard, a pre-dryer (methane infrared) and a
dryer (methane). The line has been used for Polyester before.
Various spare parts are available.

1 pc. finishing line for cotton MAGEBA  (Ref. No. 8307094)
200 mm width, year of construction 1983.
The line has been used for cotton. It consists of a foulard, a steaming unit
with an internal length of 60 meters (methane), 6 washing tanks and a
roll dryer. Spare parts are available. 

1 pc. welding machine (Ref. No. 8307071). 


Used textile machines: Summary


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