Weaving accessory machines

Machinery used in weaving industry, second hand knotting machines and warp tying machines

1 pc. portable batch carrier GENKINGER HUBTEX type EE-DKHUM 20/12, 5
AC (Ref. No. 4309026). Year of construction 2015, second-hand.
AC-technic for warp beam and batch transport.
The portable batch carrier is suitable for batch lengths = 2500 mm to take
over the batches from the winder.
Max. load 1000 kg (centric load pick up).
Skip suitable for max. 1250 mm diameter.
Batch length 2400 mm. 

2 pcs. paternoster wagons for cloth beams (Ref. No. 4309016).
8 adjustable take ups for cloth beams each.
Max. weight of each cloth beam ca. 50 kg.
Electro drive for up and down movement 400 V.
4 rubber rollers with stopper. 
Length: approx. 2850 mm. Width approx. 1000 mm.
Height approx. 2400 mm. 

10 + 4 pcs. warp beams (Ref. No. 4308991).
1.) 10 pcs. warp beams.
Disc diameter ca. 1000 mm.
Tube diameter ca. 210 mm.
Total length ca. 2050 mm + 2 x ca. 120 mm pin length. 
2.) 4 pcs. warp beams.
Disc diameter ca. 1400 mm.
Tube diameter ca. 290 mm.
Total length ca. 2050 mm. 

1 pc. warp let-off motion KARL MAYER SBU (Ref. No. 4308943).
Year of construction approx. 2018, second-hand.
Pneumatic brake.
As new condition - low number of total working hours.
The width is adjustable by rails. (The rails are not part of the supply.) 

1 pc. warp beam inlet unit FERBER type ET2001 CC35-10
(Ref. No. 4308930).
3400 mm max. weaving machine width, year of construction 2002. 

1 pc. knoting machine FISHER POEGE model S 10 (Ref. No. 4308890).
 2540 mm width of the frame. 
The year of construction of the machine is not known. It might be 1964. In
any case, the machine got a renovation in the 1990s by the manufacturer

2 pairs of tuck in units for GÜNNE weaving machines (Ref. No. 4308582).
1 pair right/left. 1 pair as spare. 

1 pc. card punching machine for paper cards STÄUBLI 
(Ref. No. 4308411). 

1 pc. knoting machine with frame KNOTEX type X001 A+B
(Ref. No. 4308253). Year of construction 1978.
Frame type 178. Construction year 1987.

3 pcs. dobbies STÄUBLI type 2861 (Ref. No. 4308212).
20 shaft drives, year of construction 2005, second-hand.
Including shaft drives. 

1 pc. lift for warp beams HUBTEX 2,5 TS4D (Ref. No. 4304862).
Year of construction 1998, second-hand.
215 working hours only.


Warping and beaming machines


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