Weaving accessory machines

Machinery used in weaving industry, second hand knotting machines and warp tying machines

10 units creel JACOB MÜLLER AG (Ref. No. 4309167).
50 spool places each field and side.
Year of construction 2001, second-hand.
Each unit = 100 spool places.
Max. 220 mm spool diameter, max. 310 mm spool length.
Incl. disc brakes and ceramic thread guidance made by MÜLLER. 

1 package accessories for weaving machines JAKOB MÜLLER
(Ref. No. 4309142).
1. Creel 2 x 100 spools, DIN 355, made by JAKOB MÜLLER.
2. Thread control JAKOB MÜLLER.
3. Roll frame JAKOB MÜLLER.
4. Reeds, 4 pieces, 1 spare. Made by JAKOB MÜLLER.
5. Warp beams JAKOB MÜLLER. 
The parts are in a very good condition. 

Various weaving beams SCHOLZE (Ref. No. 4309147). 

4 pcs. warp beams for DORNIER weaving looms (Ref. No. 4309065).
2420 mm total pipe length. Flange diameter 800 mm.
Diameter of pipe 150 mm. Square 45 mm. 

1 pc. portable batch carrier GENKINGER HUBTEX type EE-DKHUM 20/12, 5
AC (Ref. No. 4309026). Year of construction 2015, second-hand.
AC-technic for warp beam and batch transport.
The portable batch carrier is suitable for batch lengths = 2500 mm to take
over the batches from the winder.
Max. load 1000 kg (centric load pick up).
Skip suitable for max. 1250 mm diameter.
Batch length 2400 mm. 

10 + 4 pcs. warp beams (Ref. No. 4308991).
1.) 10 pcs. warp beams.
Disc diameter ca. 1000 mm.
Tube diameter ca. 210 mm.
Total length ca. 2050 mm + 2 x ca. 120 mm pin length. 
2.) 4 pcs. warp beams.
Disc diameter ca. 1400 mm.
Tube diameter ca. 290 mm.
Total length ca. 2050 mm. 

1 pc. warp let-off motion KARL MAYER SBU (Ref. No. 4308943).
Year of construction approx. 2018, second-hand.
Pneumatic brake.
As new condition - low number of total working hours.
The width is adjustable by rails. (The rails are not part of the supply.) 

1 pc. knoting machine FISCHER POEGE model S 10 (Ref. No. 4308890).
2540 mm width of the frame. 
The year of construction of the machine is not known. It might be 1964. In
any case, the machine got a renovation in the 1990s by the manufacturer.

2 pairs of tuck in units for GÜNNE weaving machines (Ref. No. 4308582).
1 pair right/left. 1 pair as spare. 

1 pc. card punching machine for paper cards STÄUBLI 
(Ref. No. 4308411). 

1 pc. knoting machine with frame KNOTEX type X001 A+B
(Ref. No. 4308253). Year of construction 1978.
Frame type 178. Construction year 1987.

1 pc. lift for warp beams HUBTEX 2,5 TS4D (Ref. No. 4304862).
Year of construction 1998, second-hand.
215 working hours only.


Warping and beaming machines


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