Yarn twisting machine

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2 pcs. fancy twisting machines ALLMA (Ref. No. 3179254).
Year of construction 1979, second-hand.
The machines are in working condition. 

1 pc. draw-twisting machine BARMAG-SPZ (TEXTIMA) type SZ-3010
(Ref. No. 3179052).
120 positions, year of construction 1971, second-hand.
Titer range approx. 22 - 167 dtex.
Speed 216 - 1300 m /min. 
With trolly creel, 3 levels.
Distance between the levels ca. 500 mm.
Housing for climated air. 
Yarn guiding from the creel to the machine by yarn guides.
With yarn cutter. 
Feed unit by nip roller. 
Drawing unit heated godet type ZINSER, heated by diphyl circuit.
Block heater.
Outlet godet.
1st drawing zone 200 mm, 1:1 - 1:8 by change speed gearbox.
2nd drawing zone 500 mm, 1:0,7 - 1:8 by change speed gearbox.
With piping for intermingling and with yarn sensor. 
Winding and twisting by 4-spindle belt drive.
Spindle for cops 420 x 47 x 19.
Spindle distance 170 mm.
Twisting ring dim 145 - 154 / 11,1.
Spindle rpm 4500 - 13000.
Stroke hydraulically controlled by BARMAG SPZ. 
Control unit EBERLE PLS 514 made in 1990/1995. 
Diphyl circuit: open system with tank, pump, heating unit, filter, piping. 
Block heater: Type Diphyl: Block with 6 heaters.
Control unit D3C.
Type only electrical: Control unit DPC. 
Fume exhaust: by external piping / exhausting.
Exhaust central drive unit; By external piping / exhausting. 
One drive for spindles.
One drive for feeding unit and godets.
Hydraulic drive for stroke winding. 
Outside dimensions approx.: 14500 x 5800 x 3200 mm l x w x h.
Electrical cabinet ca. 1700 x 600 mm. 

1 pc. double sided twisting machine Russian brand (Ref. No. 3177484).
10 + 10 bobbins. 20 + 20 elemental yarn holders. 6,25 kW. 

1 pc. twisting machine ARCT (Ref. No. 3176433).
104 positions, year of construction 1969, second-hand.
Double sided 52 positions each side. The machine is in a good condition. 

2 pcs. Tritec twister SAURER HAMEL TT 240 (Ref. No. 3175099).
200 spindles each, year of construction 2004, second-hand.


Two-for-one twisting machines


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