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Yarn winding machines second hand | Bobbin winder

1 pc. yarn winding machine CORGHI R-I-4-24 (Ref. No. 3199372).
4 winding heads. Incl. 1-2 carton boxes empty sleeves.
The machine is ready to use. 

1 pc. sewing thread winding machine HACOBA TK 1250
(Ref. No. 3199186). 12 spindles, year of construction 1994, used.
Automatic doffing.

1 pc. sewing thread winding machine SSM model PS6 (Ref. No. 3199187).
20 spindles, year of construction 1999, used.
Automatic doffing. Cone 4". 

1 pc. winder BARMAG ATW 300 GTA (Ref. No. 3199105).
Year of construction 2003. 

1 pc. draw winding machine ZINSER type 548-2 (Ref. No. 3199053).
168 / 84 winding / drawing places, year of construction 1999, used.
Sleeve dimensions: Inside diameter 94 mm, length 260 mm. 
Max production speed 1400 m/min.
Titer range max. 33 - 275 dtex. 

2 pcs. winding machines HACOBA KSA (Ref. No. 3199040).
Year of construction 1980, second-hand.
The machines are in good condition and have a relatively low number of
total previous working hours.

1 pc. winding machine HACOBA HSA (Ref. No. 3199041).
Year of construction 1980, used.
The machine is in good working condition and has not been used a lot. 

2 pcs. cross winding machines ALPHA CONVERTING model ALPHASPOOL
(Ref. No. 3198912). Year of construction 2009.
Electrics 230 V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz, 10 A. Air 3-6 bar. 

1 pc. rewinder MURATA Mach Mini (Ref. No. 5118846).
Year of construction 1990, used.
Cones 6". Max. 180 mm. Knots with scissors. 

1 pc. coner for rest yarn KARL MAYER RC 8 R U (Ref. No. 3198644). 

3 - 4 pcs. precision tubeless winders ALFA 2 (Ref. No. 3198608).
Year of construction 2012, second-hand.
Bobbin max. outer diameter 400 mm. Diameter of the spool inside 76 mm.
Speed max. 600 m/min. 

1 pc. winding machine GILBOS (Ref. No. 3198566).

1 pc. winding machine SCHWEITER (Ref. No. 3198569). 

1 pc. winding machine SAVIO ESPERO (Ref. No. 3198243).
56 winding places, year of construction 1990, second-hand.
Cleaner USTER with MKC 15. Splicer MESDAN type 480.
Paraffineur. Winder/rewinder with creel. 

1 pc. bobbin winder for fly shuttles No. 10 / 11 CASATI CARLO
(Ref. No. 3197666). Year of construction 1996, second-hand.
Max. bobbin size 16 x 44 mm. Shuttle size 10/11.
The productivity in a shift of 8 hours at cotton 80/2 is approx. 1,5 kg of
bobbins. Proposed revolutions: 1400 RpM (main shaft).
Power requirement: 0,18 kW.
Dimensions: 49 x 44 x 27. Weight: approx. 56 kg.
Motor: 3-phase electric power with belts and belt pulleys.
220/380 V, 50/60 Hz.
Thread monitor. Right hand rotation. 

2 pcs. winding machines SIMET SR 98/4 (Ref. No. 3197585).
4 winding places per machine, year of construction 1992. 

1 pc. winding machine manufactured in Russia MMM 4
(Ref. No. 3197485). 4 bobbin places, year of construction 1993.
0,37 kW. 

1 pc. manipulator for heavy yarn cones DALMEC (Ref. No. 3197202).
Year of construction 1994, second-hand.
Assistance machine to take heavy yarn cones from a palette to a creel.
The year of construction is 1994, but the machine was almost never used
and is in a very good condition therefore. 


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