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1 pc. handtufting machine HOFFMANN (Ref. No. 6119133).
Together with
1 pc. contour shearing machine HOFFMANN, with guide plate,
and with a larger package of spare parts and accessories. 
Also available: Suction unit for the contour shearing machine, base parts
and corner connections for a frame (the frame is not included) as well as a
creel (yarn holder). 

2 pcs. table tufting machines (Ref. No. 6119014).
12 needles.
1st machine made by TABLE TUFTING TECHNOLOGY.
2nd machine made by MMB. 

1 pc. embroidery tufting machine (Ref. No. 6119025).
Special machine, so called "Tefzet embroidery technic" to produce fine
carpet. The machine is complete with frame. 
Date of availability: February 2021. 

1 pc. handtufting machine HOFMANN VML 16 (Ref. No. 6118832).
The handtufting machine is suitable for cut pile.
Yarn d=6 mm, pile height 18 mm. 
The scope of supply includes the following accessories: 
- 1 Change box VML (d= 6 mm for 16-45 mm).
- 1 Spare part set for VML (knife, yarn d=6 mm).
- 1 Balancer.
- 1 Rail set for a 3000 mm frame. Frame fixing.
- 1 Yarn creel for 6 cones.
- Ca. 100 m nail bars.
- ESTEX handtuft backing material (100% PES grey, 30 m x 4,2 m).
- LENOTEX PAN 78 handtuft secondary backing (PP and Acrylic,
  45 m x 4,2 m). 
The machine and the material was either not used or just little used in the
year 2015. It is in "as new" condition. 

10 pcs. table tufting machines VENOR (Ref. No. 6118795).
16 needles. 3/16" gauge, cut-pile.
The machines are complete with tables, motors and creels.
They are still in use and can be demonstrated during an inspection. 

1 pc. connection machine for bath sets (Ref. No. 6118796).
6 heads. 

1 pc. handtufting machine (Ref. No. 6118363). 

1 pc. table tufting machine MMB (Ref. No. 6118078).
12 needles. 3/8" gauge.

1 pc. handtufting machine package HOFMANN (Ref. No. 6117891).
The package for handtuft carpets consists of the following: 
1 pc. handtufting machine HOFMANN with various accessories and
1 pc. tufting frame made from wood, own solid construction. With welded
   holder for a balancer. Inner width: approx. 2800 x 1600 mm.
1 package pins for the frame (never used - for spare).
1 package backing material, approx. 30 - 40 sqm.
1 pc. compressor, 50 l. 


Second-hand tufting machines up to 3.999 mm working width
Second-hand carpet tufting machines (wide width)
Second-hand pass tufting machines and table tufting machines


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