Machinery for mattress and bedding

Used textile machinery for mattress, bedding and quilting industry

Gebrauchte Textilmaschinen für Matratzen- und Bettwaren-Fertigung

1 pc. pillow case machine MERELLO INGENIEROS S.L. type ME320
(Ref. No. 5219360). Year of construction 2015, second-hand.
With PEGASUS sewing machines.
The machine has been used for two years only between 2015 and 2017. 

1 pc. automatic fiber opening and pillow filling machine ZHENGZHOU
HEZE MACHINERY type HZ-560 (Ref. No. 2309341).
Year of construction 2020, second-hand.
The total number of previous working hours is low.
Weight of the machine: approx. 600 kg. 
Declaration of conformity and CE label is available. 

2 pcs. filling machines for feather and downs L. H. LORCH
Model FMS A-200-2-P + FZ-R-15-20 (Ref. No. 2309175).
Year of construction 2002.
Approx. dimensions:
7500 mm length. 4500 mm width. 5200 mm height. 

1 pc. filling machine for mattresses FILLMATIC type Iromatic
(Ref. No. 2308976). 1600 mm working width, year of construction 1975.
6,5 kW. 380 V. 50 Hz. 3 Ph. 13 Ampere. 

1 pc. mattress filling machine KSM (Ref. No. 2307933).
1600 mm working width, year of construction 1995, second-hand.
With infeed belt. Max. thickness 250 mm. 
The machine is in good condition. 


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