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1 pc. waste opener LAROCHE (Ref. No. 1128202). 

1 pc. edge trim opener + fan JORBA (Ref. No. 1118043).
400 mm working width, year of construction 1998.
The electric panel is included.

1 pc. edge trimmer with fan JORBA (Ref. No. 1118044).
400 mm working width, year of construction 2000.
The electric panel is included. 

1 pc. edge trim opener HERGETH HOLLINGSWORTH Shredmaster
(Ref. No. 1117950). 1140 mm (45 inches) working width.
With inverter drives and fibre fan. With re-newed electric control panel.
The Hergeth Hollingsworth Shredmaster machine is equipped with an
inverter controlled high speed shredding roller/drum which is covered with
very high quality metallic wire that is specifically designed to maximize
fibre opening whilst minimizing fibre shortening. The machine has a low
number of total working hours and is in excellent condition.

(Ref. No. 1117890).
Year of construction 1978 / 1985 / 2003.
The capacity of the tearing line is approx. 1000 kg per hour.
The line is consisting of:
- Cutting machine FRANCO PUGGELLI.
- Charger BECHERINI.
- Control.
- Tearing machine BECHERINI.
- Suction BECHERINI.
- Compactor.
- Bale press ITALIAPRESSE.
Tubes, filter, various spare parts and motors. 

1 pc. recycling line for film and hard plastic SOREMA (Ref. No. 1117875). 

1 pc. recycling line DELL'ORCO + VILLANI (Ref. No. 1117777).
1500 mm working width, second-hand.
The line is consisting of:
- Rotary cutting machine 1000 mm.
- Rotary cutting machine 1500 mm.
- Fiber chamber, 2 cyclones
- Volumetric feeder 1500 mm.
- Tearing machine, 5 tambours, 1500 mm working width.
- Bale press ITALIANA PRESSE, 30 tons pressing power.
  With hydraulic and condenser as well as electric panel.
Capacity approx. 800 kg/h. 

1 pc. tearing machine MASIAS (Ref. No. 1117723).
Year of construction 2005, used.
Roller infeed. Tambour with clothing. 

1 pc. PET bottle recycling line SOREMA (Ref. No. 1117686).
 The nominal capacity is approx. 1300 kg/h. 

1 pc. edge trim opener SCOLERI Apricimosse ACH.200 (Ref. No. 1117664).
200 mm working width, year of construction 1989.

1 pc. edge trim opener SCOLERI APRICIMOSSE H.200 (Ref. No. 1117665).
200 mm working width, year of construction 1992, second-hand. 

1 pc. plastic washing line and extruder KIA / ZERMA / ENVIROTEC
(Ref. No. 1117644). 

1 pc. milling line for natural fibers (Ref. No. 1117529).
The capacity is approx. 250 kg per hour at sieve size 1,5 mm.
Total number of previous working hours: approx. 950 hours only.
The line is complete with dosage, conveyor, fine mill PALLMANN PS 5-12,
de-dusting unit with filter and ventilator, cyclone, bale press etc. 

1 pc. edge trim opener ERKO (Ref. No. 1117452).
New clothing on the infeed roller. 
Right now the machine is without a switch board, but we can build a
switch board for the edge trim opener and the ventilator if requested. 

1 pc. tearing line (Ref. No. 1117420).
The line is consisting of:
- 1 pc. tearing machine OFFICINE VERGNASCO CHIAVAZZA.
  Year of construction 1997. 5 drums of 2000 mm width.
  1 spare drum. The capacity is approx. 1000 to 1100 kg/h.
  Year of construction 1999. 1600 mm width.
- 1 pc. PUGELLI cutter. Year of construction 2001.
  Bale opener and rotary cutter, 1350 mm width.
- 2 pcs. boxes OMT, construction year 2002.
  Metallic belt translating box a) 3 x 8 x 4 m, b) 3 x 10 x 4 m.
- 1 pc. aspiration KENYA.
- 1 pc. bale press ITALIANAPRESSA to produce bales of max. 350 kg
  and min. 220 kg. Double box revolving system. 

1 pc. hard plastic recycling line GREYHOUND (Ref. No. 1117389).
The line is suitable to recycle hard plastics and also bottles.
The line is consisting of the infeed conveyor, drum, picking line, shredder,
dust extractor and non ferrous magnet separator, granulator HERBOLD,
storage silo, floatation tank, column dryer, wind system / cyclone, Ti Tech
optical separator, end material silo, centrifugal dewaterer, granulator 2
HERBOLD, sink float tank 2, centrifugal dryer, fan system and hot air dryer,
1 ton bagging system, screw conveyors, the control panels and

1 pc. cutting mill DREHER type S 26 / 26 VS (Ref. No. 1117317).
Year of construction 1999.
Including sound protection for the mill ad the blower.
Drive 5,5 kW. 3 rotor blades. 2 stator blades.
Sieve with drilling 8 mm diameter. Suction unit with blower.
Pipes, cyclone with frame and sacking unit.
Exhaust air filter tube for the cyclone. Switch board. 

1 pc. tearing machine DELL ORCO E VILLANI (Ref. No. 1117207).
1500 mm working width. 4 tambours.
The machine is with automatic charger, blending box, bale cutter and with
guillotine GAMBA. 

1 pc. rag tearing unit for textile recycling MARGASA
model MASTER MCM-1500-DD (Ref. No. 1117155).
1500 mm working width, year of construction 2012.
The line is with 4 tambours and has a capacity of up to 1000 kg per hour,
depending on the material. It was previously used for the recycling of
Polyester, cotton and Polypropylene.
Depending on material, the capacity is in a range of 800 to 1200 kg/h.
The line is consisting of:
- 1 pc. rotary cutter CMT 900.
900 mm working width. Cutting length 10 - 100 mm.
- 1 pc. metal detector.
- 1 pc. pneumatic transport system.
- 1 pc. magnet duct.
- 1 pc. big storage boxes.
- 1 pc. feeding machine CCS 1500.
- 1 pc. rag tearing machine. 4 tambours.
- 1 pc. feeding conveyor.
- 1 pc. beater to eliminate foreign parts.
- 1 pc. back feeding lattice.
- Electric cabinets. 

1 pc. 4-cylinder tearing line BECHERINI (Ref. No. 1116654).
Year of construction 1983. The scope of supply includes the following:
- Picker.
- BECHERINI tearing machine with 4 tambours.
- Feed box with 12 foot long reserve storage. 

1 pc. pulverizer (grinder) SCHUTZ-O'NEIL (REYNOLDS ENGINEERING)
(Ref. No. 1116348). Remanufactured machine.
Capacity approx. 200-250 lbs. / hr.
"S"-style beater plates. New corrugated liner, internal paddle fans,
bearings, belts. New 20 HP TEFC motor. 

1 pc. tearing machine ROLANDO (Ref. No. 1114191).
1000 mm working width, year of construction approx. 1978.
Incl. 1 spare tambour, feeding table also included.
Motor 45 kW, without suction ventilator.

1 pc. rag tearing line DELL'ORCO (Ref. No. 1113769).
2000 mm working width, year of construction 1997.
6 sections (cylinders), consisting of:
One feed box feeding section 1&2 followed by a cleaner (material can
be diverted around the cleaner if desired).
One feed box feeding sections 3,4,5&6 + another cleaner (material can
be diverted around the cleaner and fed directly into baler).
One bale press. The press is automatic with the exception of tying
the wire.
One Timtex filter with fan driven by 300 HP motor (capacity 75,000 cfm).
Also included is one air lock assembly, plus conveyors to service a
dust baler.
Two storage boxes in warehouse storage.
Two Dell'Orco 4 blade rotary cutters each providing 1000 cuts per min.
Also included are spare parts of which are 4 spare cylinders 3 spare feed
rolls, one spare condenser drum, one set of new flat sword pin lags (still
in the original case) + 2 sets of mixed used & new lags.
This machine is on the floor of the plant and is operational and can
be inspected at any time.

1 pc. small tearing machine SCHIRP (Ref. No. 1113613).
1000 mm working width, year of construction 1974.
Single tambour.

1 pc. recycling line for waste material STARLINGER (Ref. No. 1116656).
Year of construction 1994.
The machine is designed for reprocessing waste of PET, PA, PS or other polyolefin, also mixed materials, e.g. PET-PP in one continuous operation.
The waste material - ground synthetic resin bottles, filaments (also stretched or unstretched multifilament), tapes, film, cloth etc. - is directly fed to the unit and comes out as clean and dry granulate suitable for re-utilization. Feeding is effected by a movement-controlled conveyor with hot cutting device to the shredder cylinder in which the material is cut into small pieces, automatically drawn in by the extruder screw, plasticized and homogenized.

1 pc. recycling line to recycle carpet waste PALLMAN (Ref. No. 1112871).
Year of construction 1992. The line is consisting of:
Hacker, agglomerator, hot granulator, screw, intermediate tank, fine mill.
The recycling line is suitable to recycle coated carpet waste to produce
a granulate which will be used as an additive in the new carpet coating


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