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1 pc. circular saw for foam FELDER KG type K500 (Ref. No. 5149315).
Year of construction 2015, second-hand.
Circular saw 90° - 45°.
Cutting height 102 mm.
Saw blade D = 250-315 mm with splitting wedge 2,6 mm.
Circular saw bar: D- 30 mm 4800 Rpm.
Adjustable in height and swingable.
Saw blade diameter 400 mm.
Suction connection D - 80 mm. 
Sliding table. Cutting length 1550 mm.
3 x 400 V. 50 Hz. 16 A. 4 kW.
Very good condition.

1 pc. vertical cutting machine / band saw ALBRECHT BÄUMER type IS/M
(Ref. No. 5149316).  1300 mm cutting height, year of construction 1998.
Table right 2435 mm wide.
Max. block width 2200 mm.
Max. block length 2080 mm.
Table left 2435 mm wide.
Max. block width 2200 mm.
Max. block length 2080 mm.
400 V. 32 A. 50 Hz. 5 kW. 
The machine is in good condition.

1 pc. vertical cutting machine / band saw FECKEN-KIRFEL GMBH + CO
MASCHINENFABRIK type V-13 So. (Ref. No. 5149317).
Year of construction 1983, second-hand.
The machine is ideal for cutting PE plates. 
380 V, 16 A. 3 phases. 4,8 kW. 50 Hz., Fuse A. 
Band knife 8000 x 15 x 0,45 mm.
Max. possible block size: 2100 x 2100 x 1300 mm. 
The machine is in a good condition.  

1 pc. guillotine cutting machine OLBRICHT (Ref. No. 5149279).
2200 mm working width. 

1 pc. cutting machine BULLMERWERK LMK 34 (Ref. No. 5149253). 

1 pc. band saw (Ref. No. 5148501).
Previously used in a laboratory to prepare sample material for testing. 

1 pc. cutter for laying machine KURIS SERVO-CUTTER AUTOMATIC
(Ref. No. 5149138). Year of construction ca. 1997, second-hand.
The laying table is no longer available. 

1 pc. slitter/rewinder HSM (Ref. No. 5149111).
2500 mm max. working width, year of construction 2016.
Cutting device 1 for scissor’s cut and cutting device 2 for squeeze cut. 
Material thickness 1 - 50 mm.
Min. material width 1600 mm.
Max. material width 2500 mm. 
Rollers made from alloy, 2600 mm roller width, approx. 120 mm diameter. 
A) Section unwinder:
Roll diameter max. 2000 mm.
Core inner diameter 70/76 mm.
Roll weight max. 100 kg resp. max. 200 kg for nonwovens.
Sleeve material: paper. 
B) Section re-winder:
Roll diameter max. 600 mm.
Core inner diameter 70/76 mm.
Sleeve material: paper. 
C) Section longitudinal cutting:
Scissor’s cut with 15 knives.
Cutting width min. 50 mm. 
D) Section cutting 2:
Squeezing cut with 15 blades.
Cutting width min. 50 mm. 
Machine parameter:
Tension ca. 2 - 30 N.
Machine speed 10-40 m/min resp. max. 100 m/min for nonwovens.
Production speed depending on material.
IP 54.
Voltage 3 Ph N/PE/AC 50 Hz, 230/400V.
Control voltage 230 V AC / 24 V DC.
Air pressure 6 bar. 
1 pneumatic winding bar. 50 mm Diameter. 2500 mm working width.
25 squeezing knives. Pneumatic clamping with mechanical adjustment
cross wise. 

1 pc. sample cutting machine POLAR MOHR ADOLF MOHR type
POLAR 80 HY (Ref. No. 5149094).
800 mm working width, year of construction estimated to be 1970/1975.
The sample cutting machine is in a very good condition. 

1 pc. coupon cutting machine (Ref. No. 5149050).
1750 mm max. material width, year of construction not known.
Space requirement: ca. 2000 x 1750 mm. Table height ca. 870 mm.
Inspection table ca. 700 x 1950 mm. 

1 pc. carpet sample edge bevelling machine ETF 2 type 5522-38
(Ref. No. 5149011). Year of construction 1999, second-hand. 

1 pc. foam block cutting line FECKEN + KIRFEL (Ref. No. 5148983).
Year of construction 1990, second-hand.
The machine is suitable for 3000 mm foam blocks!
The cutting line  has a low number of total working hours only.
It has not been used during the last 10 years. 
Max. dimensions of foam blocks:
2400 mm width x 1300 mm height x 3000 mm length. 

1 pc. band knife cutting machine KURIS model RBMR (Ref. No. 5148897).
Cutting height ca. 1300 mm. 

1 pc. longitudinal cutting machine MATTHYS (Ref. No. 5148651).
4000 mm working width. Construction year 2016.
"Scissor's Cut" principle.
Frame with turning rollers, 5 cutting blades. These are
separately driven by a pneumatic valve.
Scissor's cut. Height adjustment pneumatically.
The knives are approx. 180 mm diameter. The cutting
with is adjustable manually.
Smallest cutting width 300 mm.
Without side control.
With integrated tension roller.
With pressing roller on top, which presses the cloth
against the tension roller.
Light control in front of the cutters.
Cross cutting unit: Scissor's cut.
Max. cutting speed approx. 120 m/min. 

1 pc. stacking unit MATTHYS (Ref. No. 5148652).
Product specification:
Length of the pads: min. 611 mm, max. 900 mm.
Width of the pads: min. 700 mm, max. 3600 mm (max. 3 lines).
Thickness of the pads: min. 6 mm, max. 18 mm. 
Max. height of the stacks: 1500 mm (including the palette).
Modular conveyor for feeding in empty palettes and for releasing the
palettes out of the line.
Manually adjustable Stopp-Palette for correct positioning of the palettes.
Distance regulation for the palettes by photo cells. 
The pad stacker consists of:
- Conveyor.
  Working height approx. 2450 mm.
- Moveable frame beneath the conveyor.
- Modular conveyor with a lifting frame. 

1 pc. guillotine cutter (Ref. No. 5148521).
1040 mm working width.

1 pc. turret winder with longitudinal and cross cutter: Please see
category: Roll winder.

1 pc. cutting machine (Ref. No. 5147949).
With stacking unit made by TECHNIC ONE. 
The guillotine can cut material up to 2000 mm width. In the former
production, the cutting length was up to 2080 mm. The minimum cutting
length is 600 mm. The cutting speed is depending on the cutting length.
At 1450 mm cutting length, the machine was operated at a speed of
approx. 8,5 m/min. 
The max. stacking height incl. palette is approx. 1400 mm.

1 pc. longitudinal cutting machine HERZAU UND SCHMITT
(Ref. No. 5147779). 2900 mm working width, year of construction 1999.
Scissor's cut blades. 7 knives with counter knives installed.
Drive AC 0,55 kW. Without switch board. 

1 pc. cutting machine SCHIRP (Ref. No. 5146796).
2700 mm working width, year of construction 1992.
Squeezing cut with 9 circular blades of 300 mm diameter each.

1 pc. cutting machine SCHIRP  (Ref. No. 5146813)
2700 mm working width, year of construction 1992.
Squeezing cut with 9 circular blades of 300 mm diameter.

1 pc. band saw KM MACK type KS-AUV (Ref. No. 5146776). 

1 pc. toggle cutter (guillotine) MOHR / FLEISSNER  (Ref. No. 5146065).
2400 mm cutting width, year of construction approx. 1980, second-hand.
In 1998 the hydraulic unit was completely renewed. Also the knife bar
system and the counter knife were re-newed. The knife bar system has a
down holder on both sides with knife-guidance, knife and counter knife
are as new. The hydraulic cylinder seal kit is re-newed as well as the
hydraulic oil.
The machine is still in production, functioning well, and can do a test run
during an inspection. The recommended square meter range is for
material up to 2500 gr/sqm. 

1 pc. gauze rolls cutting machine / single blade roll slicer type
MRSM 700-A (Ref. No. 5145769). Year of construction 1985, second-hand.
The gauze roll cutter  is suitable to cut large gauze rolls into smaller rolls,
preparing them for further manufacturing on different kind of producing
machines to gauze swabs. The machine is equipped with an expansion
roller to pick up the gauze roll. This is locked in two bearing caps. The
drive is also fitted with a time delay starter resp. a special clutch for soft
start. A circular blade is rigidly mounted on a slide and is pressed to the
rotating gauze roll, assisted by a pneumatic cylinder. The cutting time,
depending on size and material, is about one minute.
Technical details:
- Max. width of material is 1.600 mm.
- Max. diameter of the gauze roll is 700 mm.
- Diameter of the carton core is 75 mm.
- Cutting operation automatically by a panel.
- Cutting operation manually by a hand wheel.
- Also suitable for a width of material up to 2.000 mm.
The machine has one large blade (circular blade) to cut the roll into stripes
of minimum 120 mm. The edge pieces can be disposed or be recycled by
feeding the material into a milling machine. Also, the widths can be
chosen and adjusted that way that also the edge pieces can be used -
this is mainly done in swab production with folded material edges.

1 pc. guillotine cutter (cross cutter) SCHIRP (Ref. No. 5145615).
4100 mm blade width, year of construction 1982, second-hand.
Pneumatic system.
Speed 3-30 m/min.
Incl. switch board and drives, knives included (upper and lower knives).
Reconditioned in 2007 as follows:
- All attrition parts were replaced.
- Drives and switch board new.
- Installation of security devices.
- New painting.
The machine is in very good condition and the number of working hours
after reconditioning is very low.

3 pcs. trim absorbers (Ref. No. 2302706).
All machines are including all tubes.
2 machines are with sound absorption box and one is without.


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