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1 pc. Jigger GOLLER type JU1400 (Ref. No. 7239390).
3600 mm material width, year of construction 1999, second-hand.
3800 mm roller width. Speed up to 100 m/min.
Winding diameter 1200 mm. Control SETEX 737. 

1 pc. HT Jigger HENRIKSEN 1200-2800 (Ref. No. 7239384).
2600 mm working width, year of construction 2004, second-hand.

1 pc. HT Jigger MCS COMBY (Ref. No. 7239385).
1800 mm working width, year of construction 2015, second-hand. 

1 pc. complete dyeing line (Ref. No. 7239369).
The dyeing line is consisting of:
1. Dyeing machine JAPSER/THIES 200 kg.
2. Dyeing machine JASPER/THIES 50 kg.
3. Dyeing machine JASPER/THIES 50 kg.
4. Sample dyeing machine JASPER/THIES 5 kg.
5. HT beam JASPER with 6 carrier JASPER/THIES.
6. Opener BIANCO.
7. 6 laying units, stainless steel. 

1 pc. small EF HT jet THEN (Ref. No. 7239282).
Suitable for 5-7 kg material. 
- The machine is for 3 kind of water with VA valves (pipe mixing valve).
- Continuous control valve for heating and cooling (SCHUBERT + SALZER).
- One extra tank for back flooding from the machine.
- PH control unit made by HERRIG + RÜTTIGER Germany with dosage unit
  and pumps.
- Lint trap for exchange.
- De-loading reel, electrically driven.
- Reel drive adjustable, various insets with different jets.
- Filling level indication, optically and electrically.
The machine is built on a platform and piped. Just one connection per
water necessary, steam and cooling water.
The switch board is placed separately. It is disconnected already, but well
prepared and marked for easy re-connection.

2 pcs. piece dyeing machines TAMISA BRÜCKNER (Ref. No. 7239103).
Year of construction 1992. 4 vats and 5 vats. 

1 pc. airflow THEN type AFS-225 (Ref. No. 7238703).
Year of construction 1998, second-hand.
With control THEN AMC-E. 

10 pcs. yarn dyeing machines (Ref. No. 7238227).
The offer is composed of:
2 pcs. dyeing machine 1-8 kg, 1-3 bobbins.
1 pc. dyeing machine 1-8 kg, 1-4 bobbins.
1 pc. dyeing machine 2-10 kg, 2-5 bobbins.
3 pcs. dyeing machines 4-18 kg, 3-9 bobbins.
2 pcs. dyeing machines 30-88 kg, 24-36 bobbins.
1 pc. dyeing machine 350-880 kg, 200-440 bobbins. 
The offer includes the preparation and the control. 


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