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1 pc. tumbler (wet and dry) ICBT Madinox BT2-M "Zephyr"
(Ref. No. 7138988). Fabric can be fun wet or dry, heated or not. 

1 pc. air washer HLU (Ref. No. 7139030).
Year of construction ca. 2017.
Vertical system, 2 steps, for outside installation.
The air washer is consisting of:
1 vertical washer for absorption of ammonia and for adsorption of dust.
1 vertical washer for chemistry sorption of phenol and formaldehyde. 
Incl. connection pipes to gas / steam oven. 

1 pc. oven section SELLERS (Ref. No. 7138879).
Year of construction ca. 2015, second-hand.

2 pcs. infrared heaters PROCTOR (Ref. No. 7138880).
Year of construction ca. 2017, used. 

1 pc. HT steam oven SCHOTT + MEISSNER type VapCon
(Ref. No. 7138727). 2500 mm working width, year of construction 2015.
The steam oven is suitable for nonwoven bonding with Phenol powder
or epoxy resin, either for the semi polymerization or for supporting the full
polymerization. Especially suitable for nonwovens from recycled fibers for
the automotive industry. 
The offer is composed of: 
1. Steam heating section. 3000 mm.
Including relevant components to steam the material.
Conveyor system with cleaning station.
Steam heated upper plates and AC drives. 
2. Steam generator. Ca. 400 kW, 12 bar.
With water preparation.
Mechanical speed 1-20 m/min. 
Technical details: 
Heated length: 3000 mm.
Useable material width: Steam jets detachable, manually and individually,
by blind plug.
Gate length: 2 x 600 mm.
Exhaust air volume: Depending on material width, AP 1200 Pa (180C).
Infinitely variable adjustable by frequency converter. 
Exhaust air ventilator can be placed individually, depending on local
Cleanouts incl. safety switches for easy access for cleaning work. 
Steam: 12 bar, 160C. 
Upper heating plates: Motorized height adjustment. Steam heated.
160 C supply temperature. 
Adjustment range: 100 - 270 mm free pass through height max. 
Stainless steel belt. Belt width: Material width 2500 + 100.
Mesh size 12,65 mm. Mesh length ca. 35 x 73,7 mm.
Wire thickness: 2,35 mm. Mechanical band tension.
Band cleaning by brush roller unit, incl. spiker roller for breaking hard dirt.

1 pc. tandem tumble dryer LAVATEX type TT 735 G-U (Ref. No. 7138888).
25 - 40 kg dry weight for each machine, year of construction 1992.
 2 machines are placed in tandem. With automatic controller.
Heated by gas. Drying time approx. 30 minutes. 

1 pc. oven Brazilian brand (Ref. No. 7138857).
3200 mm working width, year of construction after 1995, used.
Together with:
1 pc. wind up unit FAW, 2100 mm working width, construction year 1989. 
The voltage is 220/380 V, 50 Hz. 

1 pc. hot air tunnel (Ref. No. 7138729).
1100 mm band width, year of construction 2016.
Temperature max. 420 C, can be increased to 500 C.
Gas blower burner made by THERMOTEC, 150 kW.
Constant temperature of 400 C is possible.
Circulating air ca. 10.000 qbm/h. Adjustable by frequency converter. 
5000 mm tunnel length. The cooling field is 1200 mm long.
Insulation 300 mm. Piping V2A double pipe. 50 mm insulation.
Exhaust air ca. 2500 qbm, adjustable by frequency converter. 
Air for cooling ca. 4000 qbm, adjustable by frequency converter. 
The machine is in "as new" condition.

1 pc. melting oven ALM  (Ref. No. 7138785)
Year of construction 2008.

5 pcs. oven FOURS  (Ref. No. 7138786). 

2 pcs. infra red fields WEISS TECHNIK (Ref. No. 7138735).
2650 mm working width, year of construction 2015, used.
In the previous production, the IR fields were used to pre heat gel foam
latex. They have been used for approx. 100 working hours only.
Each field has 63 kW. 

1 pc. oven CHIOSSI + CAVAZZUTI (Italy) FAHRENHEIT 8160
(Ref. No. 7138555). 1550 mm belt width.
Gas heated. Power: 8 kW. Production capacity approx. 850 pcs/h. 
Weight: 24.0000 kg.
Length: 8000 mm + 3000 mm (infeed/exit). Total width approx. 2300 mm.
Extra: Cooling unit, gas system and unwinding/winding system. 

1 pc. oven BOMBI type TFP/2N/2,6 (Ref. No. 7138452).
2600 mm working width, year of construction 2000.
The year of construction of the machine is 2000, but it was
taken into production in 2007 for the first time. 
3 Sections, 3300 mm each, plus 1000 mm in and out = total
length 11.000 mm (11 meters).
3 LPG burners, 250 kcal each. 
The production capacity is approx. 1 ton per hour.
Power approx. 100 Hp. 
The machine has double metal belts.
Electric control panel with inverters.
With calender and cooling system, air fans, tubes etc. 

1 pc. 3-floor oven MARIO BOMBI (Ref. No. 7138571).
3400 mm working width, year of construction not known, second-hand.
The machine is heated by gas.
The technical documentation for the oven is not available and the year of
construction unfortunately is not known, but it is an older model. The oven
was reconditioned and installed in a new factory, but finally never taken
into operation because of missing gas supply.
- Calorific power: Approx. 2 x 180 kW.
- Gas consumption: Unfortunately not known.
- Number of burners: 2 burners.

1 pc. HF dryer STRAYFIELD SS0.40T (Ref. No. 7138149).
2100 mm working width, year of construction 1985, used.
Max. high frequency heating capacity: 40 kW.
Max. electr. consumption: 90 kVA.
Nominal max. evaporation capacity: 52 kg/hour.
Air cooling. 

1 pc. finishing line with WUMAG dryer (Ref. No. 2112087).
3500 mm working width, NEW + never used, built in 1998.
The section available for sale is part of a nonwoven line which can work into two directions for different types of products. One side produced regularly but the other production side was never put into operation due to change in production requirements. This part of the nonwoven line is available for sale and is consisting of:
- 1 conveyor made in PVC width 3800 mm, length 1500 mm.
- 1 impregnation foulard with 2 cylinders nickel covered 445 mm diameter,
3600 mm width with a double foam distributor with variable speed.
- 1 conveyor made with non adherent material width 360 mm,
length 3000 mm.
- 1 cylinder dryer with 10 cylinders diameter 800 mm made by
WUMAG heated with steam, width 3500 mm complete with suction.
- 1 curing chamber (polymerization) width 3500 mm, capacity 27 meters,
complete with heating chamber and fan.
- 1 accumulator capacity 28 meters, 3.500 mm width.
- 1 longit. cutting group complete with 4 cutters,
working width pneumatic pressure complete with dancing for
the automat. regulation of the speed + controllable weight
and meter counter, 3500 mm width.
- 1 rolling unit with 2 rollers width 3500 mm + pressure cylinder.
One control cabinet for brushless motors with all accessories
and elements.
All machines are driven by brushless motors.
Speed of the line 0-10 m/min.
All machines are in conformity with CEE norms (of manufacturing year).


Used stenter frames


You will find pyrolysis ovens in the Extrusion lines category (if we have any for sale).


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