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1 pc. stenter frame BRÜCKNER (Ref. No. 7128929).
2000 mm working width, year of construction 1997, second-hand.
8 fields. Gas heated with Eclipse burners.
Infeed regulation BIANCO type Guida Compact CE.
MAHLO weft straightener at the infeed type ORTHOMAT RFMC 10P,
at the exit type ORTHOMSCAN MFRC 10P.
Foulard KÜSTERS. 2 rollers type 222.52. 

1 pc. stenter frame line (Ref. No. 7128899).
800 - 1800 mm working width, year of construction 1980, second-hand.
The line is composed of: 
- Switch board.
- Infeed accumulator with 6 upper and 7 lower rolls.
- Band feeding made by ERHARDT + LEIMER.
- Weft control made by ERHARDT + LEIMER.
- Coating line made by ZIMMER with magnet roller.
- Stenter frame infeed section, 5 meters long, with needle chain and
  steaming unit from bottom to top.
  The needle chain has a total length of approx. 35 meters.
- Pump line to pump coating material into the first floor.
- Stenter frame with 3 width adjustment spindles.
  Working width 800 - 1800 mm. 6 hot air blowers.
- Convex roller.
- Cooling blower.
- Control for Convey roller and stenter frame operating unit.
- Cooling roller.
- Accumulator on exit with 6 upper and 7 lower rollers.
- Band feeding before the wind up.
- Wind up unit.
- Control box for the winder. 

1 pc. stenter frame MONFORTS Montex TMSB-0F (Ref. No. 7128396).
2600 mm nominal width, year of construction 1999 / 2007, second-hand.
Production width: 500 - 2400 mm.
Production speed 2,5 m-1 - 100 m-1.
Total length 15,85 m.
Construction year 1999. The machine has a CE-label. 
Together with:
1 pc. dye beam winder SUCHY, type FBW 2200.
Construction year 2007. Up to 2200 mm production width. 
The machine has a CE label. 

1 pc. stentering machine BRUCKNER (Ref. No. 7127640).
4000 mm working width.
The machine is thermal oil heated and equipped with latest electronic.
The machine got a reconditioning recently. 


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Tornado Textilmaschinen GmbH Import-Export is used textile machinery dealer from Germany / Europe. We offer surplus nonwovens equipment and pre-owned textile machinery for sale. We buy and sell second-hand stentering machines, horizontal and vertical stenters and used pin and clip chain stenter frames. Your inquiries would be appreciated. If you like to sell any of your free stenter frames of the manufacturers Bruckner, Monforts, Artos, Stentex or similar, we would be pleased to receive your offer. 


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