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1 pc. thermo fusing line (Ref. No. 7148972).
Year of construction 1994.
The thermo fusing line is suitable to connect 3 layers of material of
Polyester and natural fiber or PP and is composed of:
1.) Unwinding section.
2.) Lamination station.
      Construction year 1994. 2000 mm working width.
      6 heater from top, each 4,5 kW.
      6 from bottom side, each 4,5 kW.
      Suction cover.
3.)  Edge trimming and longitudinal cutting machine incl. winder.
      Manufactured by HEUER. 3 cutting blades.
      Construction year 1994. 3000 mm working width.    

1 pc. carpet back coating line ARTOS (Ref. No. 7148967).
5000 mm working width, year of construction ca. 1980 / 2009.
The line is complete with sewing unit at the infeed, foaming, secondary
backing station, KLIEVERIK thermo fixation (yoc ca. 2009), ARTOS stenter
frame (yoc ca. 1980) and exit section with accumulator, cutting device and
roll up. The stenter frame is steam heated. 

1 pc. carpet back coating line with shearing machine
ARTOS / BABCOCK - MENSCHNER (Ref. No. 7148941).
5000 mm working width, year of construction 1993, second-hand.
The carpet back coating line is consisting of the following components: 
- Vertical shearing machine MENSCHNER.
- Unwinder for carpets.
- Sewing station.
- U-Box.
- Steaming unit.
- Latex pre-coat unit.
- Unwinder for secondary backing.
- Lamination station..
- Pre dryer with 4 chambers.
- Latex foaming station.
- Infrared hearing zone.
- Dryer with 4 chambers.
- Pressing station.
- Dryer with 18 + 4 chambers.
- Cooling station.
- Edge trimming unit.
- Accumulator.
- Inspection station.
- Accumulator.
- Re-winder.
- Automatic packing system. 

2 pcs. melting unit MELTEX MX 4411 (Ref. No. 7148903). 

1 pc. Hansa Mixer Compact-Mix 600 (Ref. No. 7148732).
Year of construction 2015, second-hand.
The Hansa mixer is able to work with standard SBR latex and gel foam
latex. The machine has been used for approx. 200 hours only and has a
cooled mixing head. 
Optional: Latex-Tank, 1 qbm, with mixing device.

1 pc. Latex application machine MATTHYS (Ref. No. 7148733).
2650 mm working width, year of construction 2015, second-hand.
The latex applicator is suitable for standard SBR Latex and gel foam latex.
The total number of previous working hours is 200 hours only. 

1 pc. powder scattering machine SCHOTT + MEISSNER
(Ref. No. 7148724). 1800 mm working width, year of construction 2009.
The total number of previous working hours is low. The powder scatterer
is in very good condition. Originally the machine was used for PE for
carpet moulding. 

1 pc. Hotmelt coating line NORDSON Meltex (Ref. No. 7148424).
380 mm working width, year of construction 1995, second-hand.
Application speed max. 300 m/min.
Max. speed 400 m/min.
Application quantity max. 5 grams/sqm.
2 unwinder up to 1000 mm diameter.
1 re-winder up to 1200 mm diameter. 
A MELTEX glue applicator is available as a separate item. 
The machine can also be used as a winder/re-winder machine.

2 pcs. machines of a hotmelt coating system NORDSON Meltex
(Ref. No. 7148423).
The offer is composed of:
1 pc. application head NORDSON type 45-07.
1 pc. melting unit NORDSON MX4411. 

1 pc. lamination line with calender KLIEVERIK LFC 131/2000
(Ref. No. 7148361). 1800 mm max. material width.
Max. temperature: 240°C. Mechanical speed: 1 - 40 m/min. 
Speed at a contact time of 4 seconds: 29,3 m/min.
Speed at a contact time of 15 seconds: 7,8 m/min.
The line is composed of: 
1A) Applicator for powder.
2000 mm working width. 2200 mm roller width.
Powder particle size: 45 - 425 my.
Content of the powder storage: 140 l/m.
Max. application quantity: 2000 grams/min over the width each meter.
At the speed of 50 meter per minute the max. application is 40 grams
per square meter.
Optical powder niveau indicator. Scatterer roller with AC drive.
Brush included. Also with ionization bar to prevent electrostatic charge.
Suitable for powders Co-PES, C0-PA, HDPE and NDPE as well as EVA and
PP powder. 
1B) Frame for powder applicator. 
1C) Infra red unit, 600 mm, to prepare the powder. 
2) Lamination calender LFC 131/2000.
2000 mm roller width. Max. working width 1800 mm.
Drum diameter 760 mm. Mechanical speed 1 - 50 m/min.
The cylinder is heated by electrically heated thermal oil. 

1 pc. back coating line for carpets and artificial grass CAMPEN
(Ref. No. 7148356). 5000 mm working width, year of construction 2008.
The stenter frame is suitable from 3500 to 5000 mm.
The coating line is composed of:
- Unwinding table.
- Buffer storage.
- Preparation to install a steamer.
- SBR rakel coating.
- Foam table prepared, but never taken into operation.
- Two more drying fields could be installed.
- Roller for drainage holes.
- Buffer storage.
- Inspection table.
- Winder.
- Lay down. 

1 pc. lamination line (Ref. No. 7148286).
2200 mm working width, year of construction 2013.
The line is composed of:
1.) Unwinder with pre heat unit KRÖGEL.
2.) neXcal compact thermobonding ANDRITZ.
3.) Roller application system LACOM.
4.) Offset printing unit for one colour EKS.
5.) Automatic turret winder PSA WINDERWORKS.
With inline cutter AUTOWOVEN.
6.) Packing line JÜRGENS.
7.) Thermo oil mixing unit NESS.
All components are made in 2013. 

1 pc. finishing line (Ref. No. 7148317).
2700 mm working width, year of construction not known, used.
Previously used for glass decoration fabric.
The line is composed of:
- Unwinder.
- Accumulator.
- Brake device.
- Pre dryer (electro infra red).
- Main dryer (steam heated drying cylinders).
- Cutting unit.
- Inspection machine.
- Accumulator.
- Winder. 

1 pc. interlinings coating line SCHAETTI (Ref. No. 7148229).
Year of construction 1980, second-hand.
The start up of the line was in 1982. 
The line is suitable for coating a wide range of interlining fabrics in
different methods, e.g. dots, brush, paste and pressing different fabrics
together. The scope of supply includes:
1. Roll frame.
2. Brush and scatter unit to apply coating material.
3. Dots-like scattering unit to apply coating material.
4. Oven, 2 meters long, 7 elements.
5. Hard pressing unit and roll up.
6. Control unit for the entire process, temperature, speed etc.
7. Accessories including compressor installation. 
Electric requirements: 3 phase, 60 A. 

1 pc. Hot melt installation MELTEX (Ref. No. 7148225).
1300 mm max. working width, year of construction 1993, second-hand.
The line is still erected, but stopped from production approx. 2006. 
The unit is composed of:
- Unwinder, tensile frame and winder.
  Some electrical parts of the winder are missing.
- Tank for glue melting. 

1 pc. carpet back coating line for Latex application EAGLE
(Ref. No. 7147976). 1150 mm to 2250 mm working width.
Year of construction 2004. 2 application places.
1 smooth and 1 embossed calender for design.
The machine is steam heated. 
The size of the latex machine is 60 meters in length and 5 meters in
width. The absorption power is 100 kW. 

1 pc. coating line ISOTEX VTX.5.P2 (Ref. No. 7147788).
1600 mm working width, year of construction 1992.
The total number of working hours is relatively low. The line has been
used for a few months only and is in storage since then.
The total length of the line is 18 m. The total width is 3400 mm.
The line is consisting of:
Winder / unwinder model AV, SV.
Tensioner ST.T.
Rakel (knife) model KR.
Cooling unit model RAN3.
Dryer model VTX5, 5 sections each 2 m. 
Electric: 24,5 kW. Heated by steam 0,8 mPa. Steam consumption
approx. 400 kg/h. The dryer is prepared for heating by oil. 
The total weight is approx. 11 tons. 

1 pc. acryl foam lamination line WINDMÖLLER + HÖLSCHER KG / BECK
(Ref. No. 7147752).
550 mm working width, year of construction 1991 / 1992 / 1993, used.
The line is designed for production of paper wall coverings laminated with
acryl foam and is consisting of: 
- Lamination unit type LAMIPRINT, year of construction 1993. 
- Roll collection and packing unit HUGO BECK, type BP 700.
  Year of construction 1991. 
- HUGO BECK unit type SL 712, year of construction 1991. 
- Box packer to pack rolls into a box.
  KARTOMAT-600. Year of construction 1992. 
Output approx. 300 rolls per hour.
Annual capacity approx. 1,8 million rolls per year. 
The line is designed to laminate two layers of paper by glue lamination.
Additional possible processes are: Embossing in synchronization with the
printed pattern, packing into the card boxes and confection. 
The line has one station for printing / acryl coating and an airknife to cover
paper with water-resistant paint. 
The line was in operation at a 5 colour HOLWEG printer dedicated for
paper wall covers. 

1 pc. powder lamination machine VILLARS (Ref. No. 7142971).
1800 mm roller width, year of construction approx. 1992/93.
1.600 mm material width.
With powder scatterer and 3.000 mm infrared heating field.
With calender.
With double band cooling press.
With line control (turning frame).
With 4.000 mm accumulator.
With batching unit type winder.
With cross cutter.
With edge trimmer left and right side.
With roll take-off.
With 2 large accumulators on entry.
With 2 unwinders on entry.
With cooling device and water tank.

1 pc. licking roller MENZEL (Ref. No. 7146795).
2700 mm working width, year of construction 1992.
Completely made from stainless steel.

1 pc. licking machine MENZEL (Ref. No. 7145909).
2700 mm working width, year of construction 1992.
Made from stainless steel.

1 pc. coating machine RIMSLOW PRECOAT W 1600 (Ref. No. 7145114).
Year of construction 2003.
The machine is suitable for preparing textiles with inkjet coating for digital
direct print or to give a flame retardant coating to textiles.


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