Fiber preparation machines

Fiber preparation machinery and second-hand fiber opening machines

1 pc. pilot hemp processing line (Ref. No. 1309035).
The line has operated for 1,5 years.
The line could either be installed as a fix installation on factory floor, or
be installed on 3 semitrailers to operate as a mobile unit. 
The capacity with quality biomass is approx. 2 tons per hour. With lowest
quality biomass the capacity is in the range of approx. 1 ton per hour. 
The line includes bale opener/crusher for hemp, 3 shakers, flat screen
sieve, hammer mill modified for hemp, fiber baler, dosing opener, belt
conveyors, cyclones as dust collecting system and PLC system designed
for hemp processing. 
The length of the line is approx. 40 meters in the current setup. 
The shives are collected and packed in 2 qbm bags. 

1 pc. drum filter unit (Ref. No. 1308863).
The drum filter unit is suitable to filter dusty air and to feed the dust into a
bale press for waste. 
Volume flow approx. 60.000 cbm/h.
Motor main ventilator 30 kW.
Motor fiber dust ventilator 5,5 kW.
Motor vacuum pump 5,5 kW.
Gear motor / drum drive: 0.25 kW.
Gear motor / suction jet drive 0,015 kW.
380 V, 50 Hz.
 Dimensions ca. 9 m x 3,5 m x 3,5 m LxWxH. 

1 pc. metal detector TEMAFA MSG 4.1 DLS (Ref. No. 1308560).
2000 mm working width.
The machine is an electronic all-metal detection unit for flock conveyor,
wadding, non-woven, felt etc. 
The working height is 400 mm. With mounted support.
Multiple setting available through electronic control unit. 
Metal detection unit is in working condition and in very good shape

Ca. 20 pcs. pipe switches for fiber transport pipes (Ref. No. 1308538).
Connection 300 mm. 

1 pc. avivage and drum condenser (Ref. No. 1308303). 

1 pc. rotary drum condenser LAROCHE (Ref. No. 1308294).
Year of construction ca. 1985, second-hand.
Rotary drum type. Capacity approx. 500 kg per hour.
The machine is in good working order. 

Various condenser VAN DOMMELE (Ref. No. 1308266).

1 pc. shaker VAN DOMMELE (Ref. No. 1308267).
The machine is suitable for shaking hemp fiber separating shives

12 pcs. fiber transport ventilators (Ref. No. 1137775).

1 pc. heavy part separator TRÜTZSCHLER ASTA 800 (Ref. No. 1307720).
Year of construction 1998.

1 pc. heavy part separator TRÜTZSCHLER ASTA 800 (Ref. No. 1307721).
Year of construction 2000, second-hand. 

1 pc. Flax scutching line (Ref. No. 1307482).
Year of construction ca. 1996, second-hand.
The line is consisting of:
- Self-made unroller / feed table.
- Breaker with 6 pairs of rolls, 720 mm width, 4 kW.
  Russian model type MLKU-6A, construction year 1996.
- Scutching drums, 7000 mm diameter, approx. 700 mm.
  Length 1800 mm foot side and 1800 top side. 7,5 kW.
  Russian model type TL-40A, construction year 1996. 

5 pcs. sack filter units (Ref. No. 1137301).
Year of construction 2004.
Dimensions of the steel frame: 2300 mm x 550 mm x 4500 mm LxWxH.
4 Filter tubes for each filter frame.
The tubes are made of PES fabric.
Connection for pipes: 300 mm diameter.
The sack filter machines are available for immediate sale. 

1 pc. heavy part separator TRÜTZSCHLER ASTA 800
(Ref. No. 1134721). Year of construction 2005.

Various fibre transport ventilators KIEFER MK 50 (Ref. No. 1133820).
Year of construction : approx. 5 to 20 years old.
Partially including motor, 15 - 37 kW, suitable for 8000 - 25000 qbm. 

1 pc. rotary filter / de-dusting line SCHIRP (Ref. No. 1304588).
Year of construction 1994, second-hand.
Including switch board.
The machine has been reconditioned in 2005 and has a low number
of working hours.
Dimensions: 2,7 x 4,0 x 2,6 m LxWxH.
Drum filter with internal suction, various ventilators.
De-dusting cyclone, dust box, coarse dust compactor, fine filter,
dust box and pipes are included.


Bale opener
Fiber opening machines
Fiber blending machines
Fiber cleaning lines, dust filter, ventilators, condenser, switches etc.


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