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1 pc. raising machine SUCKER-MÜLLER TRI 30 (Ref. No. 7219398).
 Year of construction 1994, second-hand.

1 pc. raising machine VOLLENWEIDER (Ref. No. 7219399).

1 pc. tandem raising machine FRANZ MÜLLER (Ref. No. 7219400).
The two machines are connected two each other and include a winding

1 pc. shearing machine PEERLESS TSE-1T (Ref. No. 5249297).
Year of construction 1994. 
1 press for the shearing dust made by HÖCKER PPOLYTECHNIK.
Installation year 2007.

1 pc. vertical carpet shearing machine MENSCHNER NTS-T-III
(Ref. No. 5249116). 5000 mm working width, year of construction 1989.
Tower principle to save space. 
Outside dimensions: Length approx. 20 meters (incl. all accumulator).
Width approx. 7800 mm. Height approx. 7000 mm.  

1 pc. carpet shearing machine MENSCHNER (Ref. No. 5249054).
2400 mm cylinder width. Construction year 1973, used for trials only.
Max. material width 2300 mm. Shearing width 2200 mm.
With suction. 2 shearing cylinders incl. pile lifter and incl. filter system.
Cylinder diameter over spirals 220 mm. 24 spirals / cylinder.
1 cylinder wound right, 1 cylinder wound left.
The first head is equipped with new spirals and ledger blade made by
SCHLENTER. Diameter of table: 12,5 mm.
The second head is equipped with HEUSCH spirals. Diameter of table
30 mm.
The machine has a tension control system to measure and maintain fabric
tension during operation process.
The total number of previous working hours is low. The machine was used
for lab purposes for trial and testing only. 

1 pc. shearing machine VOLLENWEIDER (Ref. No. 5248905).
Year of construction estimated to be 1992, second-hand.
With suction WIESSNER type R-630. 

1 pc. shearing machine XETMA type Optima XS 1 (Ref. No. 5248702).
2200 mm working width, year of construction 2005, second-hand.
The shearing machine is in very good condition and actually still in
Technical modification: The brush roller, the beater roller and the sewing
unit are dismantled. 
Installed new: Spreading rollers SCHERLI (set of 3 rollers) and a bow
The software is adapted. Electric drawings, parameter list and material
flow diagram included. 

1 pc. shearing machine A. HUNKEMOLLER MASCHINENBAU Switzerland
(Ref. No. 5246998). The offer includes a lot of accessories such a bars,
a suction line etc.
The machine is suitable for shearing and cleaning of cloth, cotton, silk,
embroidered goods, plush, velvet, jute, carpet, coir mats, skins and furs. 


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