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1 pc. rotary printing line ZIMMER / MAHLO / ZIMMER RSD 352
(Ref. No. 7179389).
3000 mm max. printing width, year of construction 1986 + 1989 + 1998.
Including MAHLO FMC-10P weft straightener from construction year 1998.
With dryer ZIMMER type TRIII, heated by thermo oil, HTT type WTO 100 L,
construction year 1989.
10 printing units, magnet rakel system. 

1 pc. sample printing machine with combi dryer ZIMMER Kombiprint K-L
(Ref. No. 7179191).
1800 mm max. printing width, year of construction 1991, second-hand.
The printing machine is suitable for round and flat screen printing.
Max. material width 1850 mm. Useful length 40 meters.
Round screen printing station 2 (expandable to 4).
Colour application by STORK rakel system.
Speed 2 - 25 m/min. 

1 pc. printing machine for yarn OTOMACYON (Ref. No. 7179221).
 Year of construction 2013, second-hand. 

1 pc. printing machine for labels CROON LUCKE ED 1000
(Ref. No. 7179234). Year of construction 2018. 

1 pc. printing line ZIMMER ROTASCREEN (Ref. No. 7179139).
3920 mm machine construction width, year of construction 2002.
With Magnetroll system Plus and APR computer control. 
Machine construction width BB = 3920 mm.
Machine framing GC = 4.
Number of colours c = 4.
Max. printing width Db = 4000 mm.
Take up system STORK.
Print station distance 550 mm.
Repeat possibilities 640 - 120,6 mm.
Drive design 40 m/min. 
Operating side right in fabric running direction.
Colour supply side on the left in fabric running direction.
Squeegee devices and rotary setup side on the left in fabric running
Washing unit pull out side on the left in fabric running direction. 
Switchboard installation on the right side in fabric running direction. 
Fabric qualities: Webs and stable knits one strand. 
The production speed is depending on the sort of fabric, weight of fabric,
amount of application and capacity of dryer. 
Repeat precision: +/- 0,1 mm measured over the whole printing area,
provided same machine adjustments, perfect quality and composition of
the printing blanket. 
Operational data:
3 x 400 V, 50 Hz, with grounded Zero.
Control voltage 230 V, 50 Hz.
Voltage of valves: 24 V, DC.
Protection IP 44.
Isolation B/F.
Allowed voltage deviation +/- 5%. 
Water pressure 2-3 bar.
Water temperature 10 - 25C.
Water consumption approx. 2-3 qbm/h, depending on
contamination of the printing blanket. 
Compressed air pressure min. 7 bar. 

1 pc. double transfer printing machine / transfer press FUCHS
TRANSFERPESSEN Air-Swing 2000 Membran (Ref. No. 7179134).
Year of construction 2017, second-hand.
The machine has not been used and is still packed.

2 pcs. transfer printing machines / transfer presses FUCHS
TRANSFERPRESSEN (Ref. No. 7179135).
The machines have not been used and are still packed. 

1 pc. computerized printing machine ZIMMER Chromojet LT 35
(Ref. No. 7179000).
2150 mm max. printing width, year of construction 2005.
8 colours. 32 jets per colour.
Max. pattern repeat length: 50 m.
Printing definition (dot): 600 pt/m (1666 mm).
Belt ca. 8480 x 2300 mm.
Previous working hours approx. 600 hours.
Max. 6 bar air pressure, max. 3 bar water pressure. 
Machine dimensions approx.  4150 mm x 3820 mm x 1600 mm LxWxH. 

1 pc. CAD system GERBER (Ref. No. 5148731).
The equipment is in good condition and has been used for demonstration
only. The scope of supply is composed of:
1.) Infinity plus inkjet Plotter.
2.) Digitizer. 
DIGITIZER (for digitalization of patterns).
Working dimension 1115 mm x 1520 mm, along with cursor with 16
buttons, 12 meter long cable. Year of production: 2003. 
Printing technology: inkjet plotter with standard 2 x HP cartridges.
Working width: 1810 mm Printing speed: 35 m/h.
Max. diameter of roll: 240 mm (inner core of roll 76 mm)
Year of production: 2003. 

1 pc. plotter WILD TA 500 M (Ref. No. 7178797). 

2 pcs. plotter MIMAKY JV5-160S (Ref. No. 7178554).
Year of construction 2013.
4 printing heads EPSON Micro-Piezo. 8 ink channels.
180 nozzles per channel. Speed approx. 60 sqm/h.
No. 1 plotter is in a very good condition.
No. 2 plotter needs some spare parts (printing heads).
Both plotters have been set with a special belt that allows to print either
on roll fabric or on a garment. They are suitable for direct print with
reactive or pigment inks.
A dedicated software "Smartprint" is installed together with the color
finder "Smartcolor". 

1 pc. fixing press / thermo transfer paper sampling press LOTUS
Model LTS / 209 (Ref. No. 8306426).
Year of construction 1996.
Bonding / transfer area: 900 x 500 mm.
Heating element 3600 W. Temperature 60-220C.
Pressing power 0-600 gr/sqm. 220 / 380 V.
Weight approx. 95 kg.  

1 pc. printing press MEYER C-Presse AHV-1690 (Ref. No. 7177000).
Year of construction 1975, second-hand.
The MEYER C-Press is suitable for automatic fixing and cooling of different
textile parts. The machine is a hydraulic vertical fixing press resp. ironing
press with a variable adjustment of temperature, time and pressure.
The cooling station adapted left is also variable as regards to
temperature, time and pressure. The advance is controlled by SPS and by
a programmable frequency controller for variable speed, advance and
stop control. The glue station has an upper heater with adjustable
temperatures. The temperature is measured by temperature control
PT-100. The heating circuit is controlled and gives an alarm if one of the
heating rods is not working correctly. 
Technical data of the gluing station AHV-1490:
380 Volt, 23 kW electrical capacity.
Hydraulic pressure max. 250 bar.
Temperature max. 200C. 
Cooling station left: FRICO MEC (Legnago, Verona Italy). Modell 120*250.
Gas 12-22-502-134a. 28 bar. Volume 2,3. 
The machine is well maintained and in good function.


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