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1 pc. Flexo printing machine EINSIEDEL A510 (Ref. No. 7178902).
400 mm working width, year of construction ca. 1997, second-hand.
Speed approx. 250 m/min. 
The printing unit is suitable for single color prints. 
CORONA high tension generator to improve print image.
Switch board for CORONA.
Inspection system (stroboscope camera).
PC and switch board.
2 Edge guidance units.
1 longitudinal cutting unit. 
Also included: Various spare parts. 

1 pc. printing and dyeing line for carpets
5000 mm working width, year of construction 1991 / 1994, second-hand.
The line is consisting of:
- Jet-bulker KÜSTERS.
- Vacuum system.
- Padder.
- Printing machine MITTER.
- Dye and gum applicator KÜSTERS.
- Horizontal and vertical cloud control steamer.
- Stenter frame  BRÜCKNER with conveyor belt.
- Shearing machine SELLERS, 3 heads. 
The line has served as a wall-to-wall tufted carpet printing and dyeing
line and is for sale as a whole or in sections. 
The KÜSTERS line type 222.20-5200 is from construction year 1991. The
MITTER printing machine MMB-C is from 1994. The SELLERS 3-head-
shearing machine is eventually from 1996. 

1 pc. plotter WILD TA 500 M (Ref. No. 7178797). 

1 pc. plotter and digitizer GERBER (Ref. No. 5148602).
The plotter GERBER INFINITY and the digitizer are in a very good

2 pcs. plotter MIMAKY JV5-160S (Ref. No. 7178554).
Year of construction 2013.
4 printing heads EPSON Micro-Piezo. 8 ink channels.
180 nozzles per channel. Speed approx. 60 sqm/h.
No. 1 plotter is in a very good condition.
No. 2 plotter needs some spare parts (printing heads).
Both plotters have been set with a special belt that allows to print either
on roll fabric or on a garment. They are suitable for direct print with
reactive or pigment inks.
A dedicated software "Smartprint" is installed together with the color
finder "Smartcolor". 

1 pc. printing machine for cloth STORK TC 131 (Ref. No. 7177211).
1700 mm working width, year of construction 1990. Optional:
Approx. 100.000 m printing paper with different designs, classic and
modern as well as leather imitation.

1 pc. fixing press / thermo transfer paper sampling press LOTUS
Model LTS / 209 (Ref. No. 8306426).
Year of construction 1996.
Bonding / transfer area: 900 x 500 mm.
Heating element 3600 W. Temperature 60-220°C.
Pressing power 0-600 gr/sqm. 220 / 380 V.
Weight approx. 95 kg.  

1 pc. printing press MEYER C-Presse AHV-1690 (Ref. No. 7177000).
Year of construction 1975, second-hand.
The MEYER C-Press is suitable for automatic fixing and cooling of different
textile parts. The machine is a hydraulic vertical fixing press resp. ironing
press with a variable adjustment of temperature, time and pressure.
The cooling station adapted left is also variable as regards to
temperature, time and pressure. The advance is controlled by SPS and by
a programmable frequency controller for variable speed, advance and
stop control. The glue station has an upper heater with adjustable
temperatures. The temperature is measured by temperature control
PT-100. The heating circuit is controlled and gives an alarm if one of the
heating rods is not working correctly. 
Technical data of the gluing station AHV-1490:
380 Volt, 23 kW electrical capacity.
Hydraulic pressure max. 250 bar.
Temperature max. 200°C. 
Cooling station left: FRICO MEC (Legnago, Verona Italy). Modell 120*250.
Gas 12-22-502-134a. 28 bar. Volume 2,3. 
The machine is well maintained and in good function.

1 pc. transfer printing machine KLIEVERIK TTC 151 / 3500
(Ref. No. 7175323).
3500 mm roller width, year of construction 2000, second-hand.
Max. working width 3200 mm, drum diameter 1350 mm.
The mechanical speed is 2-35 m/min.
230/600 V, 3 phases, 50 Hz.

1 pc. transfer printing machine STORK BRABANT TC 131
(Ref. No. 7175325).
1800 mm material width, year of construction 1980, second-hand.
The Stork TC 131 is a thermo-oil heat transfer machine used for the heat
transfer of designs from heat-transfer paper to a large variety of textiles.
The major product specifications are as follows:
Textile width (max) 1800 mm / 71 inches.
Diameter textile roll (max) 300 mm / 12 inches.
Transfer paper width (max) 1820 mm / 71,7 inches.
Machine speed (min) 2 m / 2.2 yards per minute.
Machine speed (max) 7 m / 7.6 yards per minute.
Heated drum temperature (max) 240º C / 464º F.
Electrical connection 380 V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz.
Thermo-oil total capacity 400 litres / 104 gallons (US).
Calender dimension - length 2115 mm / 83 inches.
Calender dimension - width 2860 mm / 112,7 inches.
Calender dimension - height 2105 mm / 83 inches.
Weight of equipment 4000 kg / 8800 pounds.
The Stork Transfer Printing machine is also equipped with a brushing unit
for processing flocked goods and a high volume extractor fan. 

1 pc. textile printing machine / fusing machine KANNEGIESSER
type Starlet Compact CC 500 (Ref. No. 7177642).
500 mm working surface, year of construction 1997, second-hand.
The machine is in good condition.
Electrical drive system, electric power 5,5 kW.
Fusing time 2-8 m/min. Pressing power 1-32 N/cm.
Fusing temperature 0 - 200°C.
Weight of the machine: 470 kg.
Dimensions of the infeed 1300 x 1050 mm. 


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