Sewing machine

Sewing machines second-hand

9 pcs. overlocking machines KETTMA / RIMOLDI / KMF (Ref. No. 5217528).
Various gauges: 7, 10, 12 and 16.
Also available: 3 single annuli for gauge 10 and 16. 

1 pc. sewing machine PFAFF 483 (Ref. No. 5217494).
With Synchro motor and thread cutter.
220 V. Low energy consumption.
The machine is suitable for seaming table cloth. 

1 pc. double needle sewing machine JUKI LH-3178 (Ref. No. 5217446).
With electronic control.
In the former production the machine was used for sewing hook and loop
tape. The total number of previous working hours is quite low. 

1 pc. electron. band sewing machine ADLER (Ref. No. 5217091).
Including various accessories. 

1 package of 12 sewing machines
The machines are suitable for overlock and flatlock. 

1 pc. sewing machine DOHLE 799 / 924 (Ref. No. 5217048).
The machine is mobile. 

1 lot of sewing machines (Ref. No. 5216997).
The package includes:
7 Dürkopp 212/15155.
1 Lewis Union Spezial Model 150-2 (blind stitch).
1 Singer locking machine.
2 Dürkopp  219/115156.
1 Rimoldi overlocking machine.
1 Juki DLN 415/2 fast sewing machine.
1 Pfaff 280383 / 481-6/01 900 /51- B5.
1 Dürkopp 212 - 24125.
1 Lewis button machine Model 200-2.
1 overlocking machine Global Selektion OV 616-555.
1 Juki Subclass 16 MB 373.
1 Dürkopp button whole machine 5565101 / E55.
1 Mauser Spezial OV overlocking machine 9752-243F.
1 cleaning machine thread cutter Trim Vac.
1 Pfaff locking machine 3334 158/01.
1 Pfaff fast sewing machine Kl 5483-H.
1 Pfaff 442-6/01 900751-BSN.
1 or 2 Pfaff Industrial Class 2024-1 2 Needles.
1 Pfaff 142-131/7 - 274/1B S.
1 Union Spezial EV 900 overlocking machine.
1 Rimoldi overlocking machine. 

1 pc. over edging machine BUSCHE (Ref. No. 5216843).
3-4 threads, with motor.
The machine has not been used in the last 10 years. 

2 pcs. festoon machines SANTONI (Ref. No. 5216489).
Year of construction approx. 2002, second-hand.

1 pc. sewing machine PFAFF 5431 C (Ref. No. 5216257).
Complete with table and motor and various accessories. 

1 pc. Butt-end sewing machine on moveable stand DOHLE RAPID-S
(Ref. No. 5216168).
Year of construction 2000, second-hand.
230 V, 50 Hz, A 1,9, 0,55 kW, A 16.
The machine is in good condition and ready to work.
The machine is suitable for light to medium fabrics. 

1 package of sewing and similar machines (Ref. No. 8115534)
mainly to produce foot-muff for baby buggies, little sunshades, soft belts
and similar.

Several second-hand sewing machines (Ref. No. 5214247)
such as semi automatic machines CHING CHI, BROTHER, SINGER.
Further information is available on request.

1 pc. multi needle sewing machine KSL KL 970 (Ref. No. 5211131).
Year of construction 1995, incl. roller table and conveyor.
Low number of working hours, was used for trials only.
Formerly used to sew thick wool material of 180 mm height.


Sewing machines for shoulder pad production
Machines for pillow seaming and similar machines for bedding industry
Carpet overlocking machines
Used stitchbonding machines
Used quilting machines


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