Machinery for mattress and bedding

Used textile machinery for mattress, bedding and quilting industry

Gebrauchte Textilmaschinen für Matratzen- und Bettwaren-Fertigung


1 pc. down feather filling machine ADDS type 200 (Ref. No. 2308445).
Year of construction estimated to be 1990.
The machine has a large automatic weighing cell for down feathers and
feathery downs, min. 60% downs.
The weighing is very accurate: approx. 1 - 2 g tolerance.
Fast "shot" of the filling of duvets, sleeping bags, down jackets and small
parts. The machine is complete with filling pipe and 1 filling table. 
The machine is fully workable and ready to use. A manual is available. 
We can supply a second machine free of charge for the use of the spare

1 pc. down feather filling machine (also suitable for fiber balls)
LORCH J 2342 (Ref. No. 2308370).
The scope of supply comprises the following equipment:
- 2 weighting units.
- 1 computer control.
- 1 feeding ventilator.
- 1 panel for the operator for weight adjustment scale 1 and scale 2.
- 1 filling table (can be reduced in size), suitable for duvets of up to
   2400 x 2600 mm approx., sleeping bags, duvet jackets etc.
- Piping. 
The year of construction is not known. There is a label in the switch board
showing the name of LORCH. It seems that the machine is built BEFORE
2000, the exact year of construction is not known. 
The capacity is approx. 80 duvets in 10 hours. 
The 2 weighting units guarantee a continuous production.
While the first unit blows the material, the second unit is filled again. 
The machine is suitable for feather and similar, but also for fiber balls.
The minimum filling is 2 grams, the max. is 100 grams or even more up to
200 grams. 

1 pc. mattress roll packing machine
Please see: Packing machines.

1 pc. mattress filling machine KSM (Ref. No. 2307933).
1600 mm working width, year of construction 1995, second-hand.
With infeed belt. Max. thickness 250 mm. 
The machine is in good condition. 

1 pc. sewing machine 4 heads for seat cushions PFAFF
(Ref. No. 5215760). Special machine !, 80 sewing points, which means
the machine is suitable for 20 cushions / minute.

2 pcs. pillow filling units NOWO (Ref. No. 2303726).
Year of construction 1989/1990 and 1999/2000.
With 2 filling boxes.
The machines can be delivered with an older carding machine for use as
an opening machine.


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