Machinery for mattress and bedding

Used textile machinery for mattress, bedding and quilting industry

Gebrauchte Textilmaschinen für Matratzen- und Bettwaren-Fertigung

1 pc. mattress border machine EMIG (Ref. No. 5217637).
170 to 180 mm border width, year of construction approx. 2000.
The line is consisting of:
- Sewing head UNION (double chain stitch).
- Automatic settlement device.
- Unwinding rolls. Also automatic.
- Special equipment: Adjustable device for edges -
  flipping the textiles automatically. 

1 pc. quilt edge sewing line KSL Kl. 222 (Ref. No. 5217627).
Year of construction 2002. Length of the machine 11000 mm.
Width of the machine 7000 mm. Height 2700 mm.
AC 3 x 400 V. 50 Hz. 20 A. Air pressure max. 6 bar. 

1 pc. gluing line specially for pocket springs LAMIT (Ref. No. 7147587).
Year of construction 2002, second-hand.
The gluing line is consisting of the following components:
- Conveyor.
- Glue applicator with 4 application heads.
- Exit conveyor.
- Assembly station.
- Mattress press.
- Exit roller conveyor.
The conveyors are relatively new, installed in 2013. 

1 pc. down filling machine LORCH type FMS A 200 (Ref. No. 2307525).
Year of construction 2001.
The machine is a so-called "4 pipe double table down filling line".
A silo is not included. 

1 pc. fiber filling machine for cushions NOWO (Ref. No. 8307460).
Year of construction 2000, second-hand.
The line is suitable for filling cushions with short fibers, polyester, fiber
balls, foam flakes etc. The capacity is depending on material, approx.
65 kg/h raw fiber. The filling line is consisting of:
- Feeding unit type NOWO-PA-1000.
- Fine opener type RK-1000.
- Fan.
- Ball fiber machine NOWO ROL.
- Anti static treatment unit.
- Fan inverter.
- Hopper type NOWO VAC.
- Vacuum Filler NOWO VAC. 

1 pc. down feather filling line LORCH J 2342 (Ref. No. 2307286).
The scope of supply comprises the following equipment:
- 2 weighting units.
- 1 computer control.
- 1 feeding ventilator.
- 1 panel for the operator for weight adjustment scale 1 and scale 2.
- 1 filling table (can be reduced in size), suitable for duvets of up to
     2400 x 2600 mm approx., sleeping bags, duvet jackets etc.
- Piping. 
The year of construction is not known. There is a label in the switch board
showing the name of LORCH. The year of construction is before 2000.

1 pc. Bonell spring manufacturing machine SPÜHL AG F-65a together
with AM 115/SW (Ref. No. 2307168).
The machine is suitable for manufacturing Bonell springs for the mattress
industry. The scope of supply consists of the spring winding machine
model F-65a together with the connector AM 115/SW. 

1 pc. closing machine TEXPA (B) type BBN 12 (Ref. No. 5216744).
Year of construction 1982. Required space approx. 7500 x 4200 mm.
7A, 230/400 V, 50 cycles. Fuse 20A.
The machine is suitable for the following widths and lengths:
135 x 200, 155 x 200/220.

1 pc. pillow closing machine (single side) (Ref. No. 5216739).
300 to max. 950 mm working width, second-hand.
With automatic lay down.

1 pc. pillow closing machine RUTTGERS type 265/3 (Ref. No. 5216740).
Year of construction 1987.
Required space for installation: approx. 4800 x 3300 mm.
4A 230/400 V, 50 cycles. Fuse 16A.
Suitable for sizes: 40x60, 40x80, 65x100, 70x90, 80x80.
With automatic label feeder.

1 pc. sewing machine 4 heads for seat cushions PFAFF
(Ref. No. 5215760). Special machine !, 80 sewing points, which means
the machine is suitable for 20 cushions / minute.

1 pc. pillow seaming machine SCHMALE (Ref. No. 5214672).

1 pc. pillow seaming machine PFAFF (Ref. No. 5214674).

1 pc. seaming machine AKAB (Ref. No. 5214679).
The machine was mainly used for pillows. Seam widths of 10 mm,
20 mm and 30 mm are possible.
Previously used for approx. 4000 pillows seaming both sides in one
day shift.
The machine is approx. 16 years old.
One spare sewing head Union Spezial 56300 as well as one DOHLE
machine model 799 can be delivered with the machine.
The machine is simple in operation, of solid construction and ready to use.
We are informed the machine is in a very good condition and ready to
be used at once.

1 pc. pillow seaming machine PFAFF (Ref. No. 5214680).

2 pcs. pillow filling units NOWO (Ref. No. 2303726).
Year of construction 1989/1990 and 1999/2000.
With 2 filling boxes.
The machines can be delivered with an older carding machine for use as
an opening machine.


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