Machinery for medical and hygiene application

Used textile machinery for cosmetic, medical and hygiene application


Gebrauchte Textilmaschinen für Medizin, Kosmetik und Hygiene

2 pcs. Zig Zag units (Ref. No. 2307244). 

1 pc. dental cotton wool production line (Ref. No. 2127148).
The line is consisting of:
- Cross layer for laying the cotton web as a basic material for the dental
cotton rolls.
- Forming machine for dental cotton rolls of diameter 10 mm and 400 mm
- Cutting machine to cut cotton rolls to the final product length, for
example to 38 mm length at 10 mm diameter. 

4 pcs. gauze balls machines  (Ref. No. 2307143).
3 machines are for preparation balls and 1 machine is suitable for extra
large balls.
The preparation ball machines are suitable for the sizes small, medium
and large. The balls are with a silicon ring which gives an X-ray contrast
effect. Base material is 24-threads gauze, cut from roll and with an X-ray
contrast thread which is thermo bonded. The cut gauze is folded and
connected by means of a silicone ring. The ring is cut from a tube, inner
diameter 4 mm, outside diameter 6 mm.
Small 60 mm x 60 mm.
Medium: 80 mm x 80 mm.
Large: 80 mm x 80 mm plus 60 mm x 80 mm (double layer).
The machines are a development of the third generation.
The machines are of construction year 2003-2005.
The third machine is made in 2005 and in an "as new" condition.
The capacity is 36 balls per minute.
The extra large machine is suitable for normal sling gauze balls. The
silicone tube is 9 mm diameter inside and 11 mm diameter outside.
The base material is 20-threads gauze. The gauze usually is cut to
248 mm length and is normally used as double layer of 240 x 190 mm
size. The capacity of the machine is min. 48 balls per minute.
The year of construction of the extra large machine is 1987. It has been
reconditioned several times, so the condition is good.

1 pc. production line for sanitary napkins Chinese Brand and NORDSON
(Ref. No. 2126455).
Suitable for regular and ultra thin sanitary napkins, for regular and night
napkins with and without wings. Suitable for fluff pulp or airlaid.
Three kind of knives available plus one spare knife for regular napkins
with wings. 
The line is consisting of:
- NORDSON hot melt spray system.
- 3 Spray guns.
- Equipped with system that can apply super absorbent polymer.
380 V, 50 cycles, total power 40 kW.
Overall size: 1300 x 1100 x 2800 mm.
Weight approx. 6,5 tons
Production capacity: 200 to 250 pieces per minute.
The machine has worked twelve years and now it is already dismantled
and stored in a ware house since approx. 2011. The factory stopped
production of these articles and now decided for the sale of the line.

1 pc. nonwoven swab folding machine  VARIO N2 (Ref. No. 2306227).
Year of construction 1994, used, with 3 formats.

1 pc. swab folding machine MABOTEX / MARUANI / MENEGATTI
(Ref. No. 2306226).
Year of construction 1989 + 1987 + 1984, used.
With packing machine and cartoner. 

1 pc. swab folding machine M50U (Ref. No. 2305771).
Year of construction 1996, used. With transfer device and ironing station.

1 pc. swab folding machine with packaging machine
MARUANI / MENEGATTI (Ref. No. 2305778).
Year of construction 1986 / 1993 / 1993.
Swab folding machine M 75 U, swab size 7,5 x 7,5, American folding,
made in 1986.
Packaging machine, 2 tracks, MARUANI RDM-S-ACE-GI-SI-RE, made
in 1993.
Cartoner MENEGATTI AI/MM from 1993.

1 pc. swab folding machine with cartoner M 100 U + AIMM
(Ref. No. 2305779).
Year of construction 1986 + 1992.
Swab folding machine M 100 U, swab size 10 x 10, American folding.
Construction year 1986.
With cartoner MENEGATTI AIMM from 1992.

1 pc. swab folding machine M 50 U (Ref. No. 2305780).
Year of construction 1987.
Swab size 5x5, American folding.

1 pc. vertical form fill and seal machine KOPAS SK 200 F
(Ref. No. 5195782). Year of construction 2002.

1 pc. gauze balls machine MKM (Ref. No. 2305784).
Year of construction 2001.

1 pc. swab folding machine with stacker and cartoner
Year of construction 1999 + 1990.
Swab sizes 5x5, 7,5x7,5 and 10x10 cm. American folding.
With SIEREM stacker. With cartoner MENEGATTI AI/MM.

1 pc. sanitary napkin machine and recycling line
FAMECCANICA / PALLMANN (Ref. No. 2305786).
Year of construction 1988 + 1990.
Incl. packing machine.
With recycling line PALLMANN made in 1990 and with 3 pcs. bale brakers.

1 pc. tampon band production line TRUTZSCHLER + MLH
(Ref. No. 2125787). Year of construction 1975 + 1975 + 1990 + 1971.
The line is onsisting of:
1 filling tower TRÜTZSCHLER.
4 carding machine TRÜTZSCHLER.
1 ribbon forming installation.
1 cotton wool layering unit.

1 pc. tampon packaging machine FÜLLPACK Cartonetta 72
(Ref. No. 5195789). Year of construction 2000.

1  pc. packing machine 3-tracks MARUANI RDM 320 ACC 3P RE GIT
(Ref. No. 5195772). Year of construction 1996, used.

1 pc. folding machine OVERFALZ type A 100 VK (Ref. No. 2305115).
The machine is suitable to produce medical compresses made from


Cutting machines
Carding machines
Packing machines
Bleaching machines

Used production lines for female hygiene products and baby diapers as well as used nonwoven lines for disposable bed sheets and similar are also listed in the category "Nonwoven lines for special application" if any are offered for sale at present.


Used nonwoven lines


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