Machinery for medical and hygiene application

Used textile machinery for cosmetic, medical and hygiene application 

Gebrauchte Textilmaschinen für Medizin, Kosmetik und Hygiene

3 pcs. cotton bud machines FALU CT 200 + CT 2000 (Ref. No. 2309150).
Year of construction 1989, second-hand. 

1 package of machines for cotton ear buds - cotton swabs FALU
(Ref. No. 2309073). The machinery package for cotton swabs consists of
the following machines: 
1. FALU CT 200. Construction year 1978.
2. FALU CT 200. Construction year 1985.
3. FALU CT 3000. Construction year 1997.
4. Carding machine GRAF R-100.

1 pc. panty shield production line GDM (Ref. No. 2308740).
Year of construction 2001 / reconditioned 2013, used.
Left hand type.
The line is suitable to produce high quality panty shields.
Reconditioned in 2013, new plate with construction year 2013.
Max. design speed 500 pieces / minute.
Max. production speed: 350 pieces / minute. 
Power supply 380 Volts, 50 Hz, 3 Ph + N.
Control voltage: 220 Vac, 110 Vac, 24, 24 Vac.
Installed power 150 kW (preliminary).
Absorbed power 75 kW (preliminary). 
Compressed air required: 1500 Nl/min at 7 bar.

1 pc. production line for pads for babies and animals  
(Ref. No. 2308744). Year of construction 2014.
Maximal speed 200 pieces per minute.

1 pc. production line for thick sanitary towels (Ref. No. 2308745).
Year of construction 1998. Max. capacity 400 pcs. per minute.

1 pc. production line for ultra thin sanitary towels (Ref. No. 2308746).
Year of construction 2001. Max. capacity 500 pieces per minute.

Various cutting tools for sanitary towels and panty shields  
(Ref. No. 2308747). 

1 pc. cutting and folding machine HOBEMA (Ref. No. 5148714).
530 mm max. unfolded width. 2 lanes. Cylinder 340 mm.
Folded width max. approx. 190 mm.
Fold types depending on fold board, the standard is V-fold.
Double shaft rotary unwind with auto stop and manual roll change.
Slit roll diameter max. 1200 mm.
Unfolded length resp. cut off length depending on the size of the
interchangeable folded head, max. 400 mm.
The available folding head is size 340 mm.
The folding head is 3-lane type, bottom lane is not installed.
Cutting by bank knife, adjustable knife speed. 
Folding head weight approx. 1000 kg. 
Sheet count marker: Flag sheet (electronic counter).
Pack count marker: Flag sheet (electronic counter). 
Product handling method: Manual separation and manual take off from
2 output tables. 
Machine web speed max. 240 m/min. The actual web speed is product
related and ranges from 140 to 240 m/min. 
Estimated machine output: approx. 120.000 linear meters in an 8 hours
shift with 2 lanes, but depending on product. 
Machine control and drive system by SIEMENS PLC + control panel, LENZE
drive system. 
The machine is fully serviced and well maintained. 


In this list you find the special equipment, which is solely suitable for cosmetic, medical and hygiene application. We recommend to check also the other links for versatile equipment.

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Used production lines for female hygiene products and baby diapers as well as used nonwoven lines for disposable bed sheets and similar are also listed in the category "Nonwoven lines for special application" if any are offered for sale at present.


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